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Version: 3.1
by: homeopatix [More]
== Description ==

This is a kind of little swiss army knife addon

I was boring of opening my bag every 10 min to find out how many DeadricEmbers i had, so i decided to write this little addon

1 - It display a bar on top right of your screen that display, The deadricEmbers that you have (inventory + bank), you can move it if you want, it's draggable, you can hide it too (when you have 60 of them text turn green and key becomes red)

2 - Deposite automatically your money and Tel Var stones when you open your bank (to be sure to not walk around with your pockets full)

3 - Slashes command to set up you own parameters
- ex.. To set hidden or not, by default it shows up only in Imperial City
- ex.. To set a display in the chat every time you loot a deadricCembers
- ex.. To leave a group

4 - Display the durability/charge and the quality of Armor and Weapon
- You can set the threshold of the durability of armor
- You can set the threshold of the charge of weapon
- When armor or weapon are broken, change the color of the border in red
- Display the repair's cost of the armor

5 - Show An Icon if you are Vampire or werewolf
- Display your vampire level
6 - Show An Icon of your class, your race and your pvp rank

7 - Display All the money and the Tel Var stones you have in bag and bank

8 - Display the current XP and the Needed XP for the next level

9 - Slash - Command to send PreSaved message to group, friends or Guild
- Ex.. /kh = Say Hello to group
- Ex.. /kh Hola = Save new text and Say Hola to group
- Ex.. /kg1 = Say Hello everyones to guild1
- Ex.. /kg1 Cheers mate = Save new text and Say Cheers mate to guild 1
10 - Display your total time played, the time played for the session, and the gold you make per hour

11 - Fast travel to main House 100% free and cost of the next fast travel from house

== Slash command ==

/khelp : display help
/klanghelp : display help for language
/khide : hide the panel
/kshow : show the panel
/kall : display all the looted cembers in the chat
/knone : display nothing in the chat ( default)
/ksetgold : define how much gold you will kept on you
/ksetstones : define how much Tel Var stone you will kept on you
/kfs : Show the setting panel
/kgl : Leave group
/krep : Define the repair Threshold
/krepa : Define the charge Threshold
/kreset : Reset the gold per hour timer
/kj : fast travel to main house

== language ==

- fr
- en
- de (sorry but my german is really bad)

== Thanks ==

special thanks to lepemetus for is code to save auto money and Tel Var stones to the bank in this little addon Automatic Bank Savings

special thanks to Scootworks for is work on the extended addon of lepemetus, that is Automatic bank saving extended

special thanks to quantinlamamy He give me the idea of writing this little addon with his addon Imperial City Tracker

== Contact ==

if you want to contact me, to leave a msg, to reporte bugs or even to send me some in game gold do not hesitate to contact me here or online @homeopatix on EU server
Version 3.1
- Travel to home is free so
- Added the cost of the fast travel from home

Version 3.0
- Added slashCommand and keybinding for fast travel to main house

Version 2.5.6
- Homestead Ready

Version 2.5.5
- Added the level of the vampire buffs
- Added the PVP rank ( icon ) and level

Version 2.5.4
- Corrected a little bug for displaying text in german and english

Version 2.5.3
- Added a slash command to reset the timer
- Corrected a little bug
- Make the addon ready for HomeStead
- Remake the settings panel

Version 2.5.2
- Does not use the money from mail in the gold per hour stats anymore

Version 2.5.1
- Display the total time you played with the character
- Display the time played for the current session
- Display how much gold you are making per hour

Version 2.4.1
- Added the text options to be configure in the settings menu
- Making the setting menu more clear

Version 2.4
- Added Slashes command to send pre writted message to group, friends or guild
- Preparing the Addon for Homestead

Version 2.3
- Display the current XP and XP needed to reach next level
- Display an icon of the Veteran rank
- Display if enlightened or not
- Hide auto the addon while menus are open (any menus)

Version 2.2.3
- Clearing a little bug

Version 2.2.2
- Clearing some bugs
- Setting the threshold for money saving at 25 000 max
- Hide addon when crafting

Version 2.2.1
- Clearing some little bug
- Add more options in the setting menu
- hide cost repair text when no repair

Version 2.2
- Cleaning some code, and correcting a display bug of moving the addon
- Add a parameter to set your own color for the text of durability threshold
- Add a parameter to set the color of the border of the broken armor
- Hide durability text when no repair needed

Version 2.1.1
- Corrected a bug with the keybindings options
- Cleaning some code (again) and improving it (We can always do it ;))

Version 2.1
- Corrected a bug that could not show the addon outside imperialCity

Version 2.0
- Display the durability of armor
- Display the charges of weapon
- Display the quality of armor and weapon
- Display the armor repair's cost

Version 1.3.3
- Corrected a bug (I forgot to switch off a debug helper)

Version 1.3.2
- Correcting a bug that was displaying the wrong Alliance Icon
- Correcting a bug that was crashing the addon when not vampire or werewolf
- Cutting down the name of the player if it is longer then 18 chars
- Added Display of the race
- Added display of the Classe
- Added display of the Sigil of Imperial Retreat you have in your bag

Version 1.3.1
- Cleaning some code and improving it (We can always do it ;))
- Correcting a bug (Addon was not displaying correctly in Imperial City)
- Added a Slash Command for group leave (/kgl)

Version 1.3
- Added the options in the setting panel
- Added key binding for quick showing the Addon

Version 1.2.3
- Displaying the amount of cash and Tel var Stones in bank and in bag

Version 1.2.2
- Corrected some bugs where the /kall command was not displaying correctly the Deadric embers

Version 1.1
- Added hide in combat function

Version 1.0
- Initial release
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Unread 01/30/17, 05:13 PM  
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I checked and every things seems to be fine in every language that i am testing, please try to delete the KeyFragement.lua file from the SavedVariables folder and relunch the game should be working fine then

thanks for you feedback I apreciate
Last edited by homeopatix : 01/31/17 at 02:49 AM.
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Unread 01/29/17, 04:01 PM  

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Installed your addon few minutes ago and got this error:

Lua Error: user:/AddOns/KeyFragement/Add/KFSettings.lua:38: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
	user:/AddOns/KeyFragement/Add/KFSettings.lua:38: in function 'CreateMenu'
	user:/AddOns/KeyFragement/KeyFragement.lua:121: in function 'OnLoaded'|r
I've other addons installed and don't know if it's a compatibilty issue, but seems to be something in the code. BTW I'm not an experienced lua coder
Last edited by BrezzaTM : 01/29/17 at 04:05 PM.
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Unread 01/07/17, 05:09 AM  
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Thank you for the advice, it is done now
Last edited by homeopatix : 01/07/17 at 05:25 AM.
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Unread 01/06/17, 06:08 PM  
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I'm not using your addon but you are able to activate a changelog as you update your addon.
This way ppl are able to see it on first sight, even in the Minion addon update tool.

I think it's easier to see changes this way instead of having to read all text in the description.
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