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Dragon Bones (3.3)
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by: AlbinoPython [More]
Added an arrow that continuously points to the group leader to Provision's Team Formation.

Provision's Team Formation
If I could only run one mod in ESO it would be Provision's Team Formation. It makes it super easy to know what is going on with your group. You can easily see who is injured or dead and easily find out where the rest of your team is.

Currently, most of the code belongs to Provinatus and his/her original mod is hosted here on ESOUI below is an excerpt from the description.

TeamFormation is a user Interface for The Elder Scrolls Online, designed to show the positions and health of your teammates, like a radar. I'm happy to share my addon with you, but please don't make a fork of this addon without my authorization.

I looking for German translation, and english checking for correct grammar and spelling of TeamFormation's settings. See this post.

You can easily see the positions and health of your teammates :

- Healers : See the position of damaged teammates so you can easily heal them.
- Leader : See the position of your teammates so you can easily decide what orders to give.
- Dps : See the position of teammates so you can stay near them.
- Tank : See the position of Healers & Dps who take damage so you can regain agro.
- All : See the position of dead teammates and their resurrection status.
If I could only run 2 mods, it would be Team Formation and Exterminatus Group Leader. However, Group Leader stopped working for me and inspired me to delve into Lua and ESO modding by recreating some of the features I loved most about Exterminatus Group Leader.

In the below screenshots, the part I created is the big arrow in the center of the screen. The rest of the HUD is Provision's work.
Note: Provision has given his/her blessing to modify their code as long as I provide a link to the original mod and specify that I have modified their work. Provision has created a great mod and I only aim to build off of his/her work.

Finding a downed crown has never been easier.(The mini map is Votan's Minimap)

Arrow turns green as you face crown so you can stay on them while they rush to the next objective

You can watch your flanks while crown zig zags all over the place. (Not responsible for you jumping off a cliff)

Source code is located on my GitHub page. Now accepting pull requests. If you have any problems with this mod or how to make it better, please raise an issue here.
3 March 2018
Settings were still showing Provision's Team Formation. Set it to match this mod's name. Don't want to confuse people and make them think there is a rogue mod installed.
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Oh sweet! Exterminatus is a great mod. Glad to see someone carrying the torch.
Originally Posted by Marazota
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However, Group Leader stopped working

this one works
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