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File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter01/12/17
My one and only disappointment with...
Posted By: Didz
My one and only disappointment with this AddOn at present (ignoring the fact that it doesn't do alchemy, which i understand) is that there is not an option to tell it to make the highest level gear possible with the mats and skills available. At present it seems to always make Level 1 gear by default, and I cannot see any option t...
File: WritGrabber01/07/17
I'm using CookeryWiz at the minute...
Posted By: Didz
I'm using CookeryWiz at the minute and so I thought I would DL this as it seemed a useful extension. But so far it doesn't seem to be doing anything and I'm not sure why. Do I need to turn it on somehow?
File: ThiefHelper01/07/17
Would it be possible to change it s...
Posted By: Didz
Would it be possible to change it so that the box is oonly displayed when the number of stolen items exceeds zero? That would make it much more useful as it would act as a visual warning that your character is carrying stolen goods, as well as a summary of what they are carrying.
File: CookeryWiz12/27/16
Re: Re: New Release
Posted By: Didz
1.0.50: When doing daily cooking writ, CookeryWiz keeps making the first recipe until either you cancel orders, or run out of ingredients. Oops! :) I'm having the same problem. Even if you cancel the orders and add them again manually e.g. 1 x Chicken Breast. The cookery wizard keeps cooking that item until you either cancel the...
File: Harven's Potions Alert10/24/16
Potions NOT being Saved
Posted By: Didz
Since the update Harvens has stopped storing the potions I have selected. It lets me choose them as usual, but as soon as I close the menu it forgets them. This might be the result of the confusion the update caused with the game libraries LIVE and LIVEEU. I play on the EU server and so everything used to be in LIVEEU. But...
File: AUI - Advanced UI05/21/16
I really liked this AddOnn but I ha...
I really liked this AddOnn but I had to remove it after the recent patch because it started generating an error and causing my UI to lock up. Hopefully it will be sorted so I can start using it again.
File: Harven's Potions Alert05/20/16
Thought this was a great idea, but...
Thought this was a great idea, but i can't get it to work. I've assigned the potions, set the trigger to 30% and set the size and location of the alert button. But sprinting around town to drain my stamina produced no alert at all even when my chars stamina was completely drained. What am i doing wrong?