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ggFrames  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 0.9.4
by: gamegenius86, Corodius
ggFrames is a lightweight fully customizable add-on that replaces the default unit frames provided by Elder Scrolls Online. ggFrames currently supports: Player, Group, Raid, and Target Frames.

Language support: English, French, & German

  • Player Unit Frame
    • Info: Name, Level, Class, Group Leader Icon
    • Bars: Health, Magicka, Stamina, Experience, Mount
    • Features:
      • Buff / Debuffs Icons (Long Term Buff Tracking)
      • Shield Indicator
      • Optionally Hide Experience Bar
      • Optionally Hide Player Information
      • Optionally Attach / Detache Mount Stamina Bar
      • Health, Magicka, and Stamina Heal/Damage over Time Animated Textures
      • Fade when Out of Combat
  • Group Unit Frames
    • Info: Name, Level, Class, Group Leader Icon
    • Bars: Health
    • Features:
      • Shield Indicator
      • Members fade out when no within support range
      • Health Heal/Damage over Time Animated Textures
      • Optionally Include/Exclude Player from Group
  • Large Group Unit Frames
    • Info: Name, Group Leader Icon
    • Bars: Health
    • Features:
      • Shield Indicator
      • Custom Number of members per group
      • Health Heal/Damage over Time Animated Textures
  • Target Unit Frame
    • Info: Name, Level, Class Icon, Caption / Title, Alliance Rank & Level
    • Bars: Health
    • Features:
      • Buff / Debuffs Icons (Long Term Buff Tracking)
      • Shield Indicator
      • Unit Name Reaction Colors (Friendly, Hostile, Interactable, Default)
      • Monster Difficulty (Display Stars to show difficulty: Easy = 0, Normal = 1, Hard = 2, Deadly = 3)
      • Health Heal/Damage over Time Animated Textures
  • Global Frame Settings:
    • Localization (French & German)
    • All Bars:
      • Over 15 Additonal Fonts (And use fonts shared by other addons)
      • 6 Font Styles (normal, outline, shadow, etc)
      • Two Customizable Numerical Representation of Values on Bars
        • Values: "nothing", "current", "max", "percent", "current / max", and "current / max (percentage)"
        • Healthbar Labels can also contain shield value (aka: "Current + Shield")
        • Locations: Left, Right, and Center
    • Over 100 Customizable Settings
    • Movable Frames (Type '/ggf' or unlock/lock from menu)
    • All Frames have a standard opacity value (setting) by default and transition to full
    • All Frames Hide whenever in Menus (Backpack, Friends, Guild, etc)
    • Optionally Hide All Addon Frames: Player / Group / Raid / Target
    • Optionally Hide All Default Frames: Player / Group / Raid / Target

Coming Soon / Planned Updates
  • Buff / Debuffs Alternative View: List Views
  • Sound Alerts when player / group members are low on life (Optional, default off, 50% 30% dead)
  • Massive overhaul on settings, preview frames while editing (provide fake data and allow frame to always be visible)
  • Optionally Set RGBA of Bar Backdrops
  • Health Bar Color Options: Reaction Color / Health Color (80/60/40/20)
  • Low Health Alert (Player / Target)
  • Right Click on Player / Group Frame to "Leave Party", "Add / Remove Friend", etc
  • Rethink and find a better way to display the targets difficulty
  • Display Friend / Guildmate Status
  • Not Supported By Event API: Display Combat State Icon on Raid Frame (No Event Exists ~ Rather event doesn't include other units, only self)
  • Not Supported By API: Display Castbar for Player and Target (provide textual feedback telling you when to block, interupt, etc)
  • Not Supported By API: Display Group Members Magicka and Stamina

Community Suggestions
  • Build Raid from Left to Right / Right to Left ..and.. Top to Bottom / Bottom to Top[Suggested By: FourOne]
  • Option to place labels on any status bar[Suggested By: Tonyleila]
  • Option to Remove class icon and use class colors instead. [Suggested By: Tonyleila]
  • Option to Unstack Players Health / Magicka / Stamina and instead display side by side [Suggest By: pinstripesc]
  • Reorder the Bars within Player Frame
  • Placement of Absorb Shield

I love feedback! Tell Me via Addon Comments!

Feature Request?
Have a feature you want but dont see it listed above? Add a Feature Request

Known Bugs:
  • No Known Bugs

The Error Too Many Anchors Process is not due to ggFrames however its a bug within the ESO Game whenever too many addons that draw on the screen are active at one time. Until ZeniMax gets around to fixing it, you can use Zolan's Anchors Away add-on to suppress this error.

Found a Bug?
If you notice any wrong translations, please send me a private message with what the text should say. Thanks
Report Bugs Here


This Addon, and all code contained Here-in, is under an All Rights Reserved License.

This means no code, nor licensed assets, from this Addon may be re-used, modified, or re-uploaded under *ANY* Condition.

Donations are NOT required, just greatly appreciated. If you are generous enough to do so, I will list the amount and your name below.
  • $10.00 Travin A.
  • $5.00 Rashaverik
  • $1.00 Michal R.

- Fixed Mouseover Tooltip for Buffs
- Changed Default Font to Univers 67, to avoid issues with Removed Fonts on First Use.
- Removed Font Registers for Removed Fonts. To use the old fonts, please see LMP Removed Fonts by Garkin.

- Updated API Version to 100010
- Updated LibMediaProvider to 1.0r7
- Updated LibAddonMenu1.0 to 10r10
- Re-Registered Fonts Removed by Zenimax
- Small Bugfixes

- Updated API Version to 100007

- Fixed Title and Difficulty Target Display
- First Update by Corodius

- Added Long Term Buff Tracking

- Removed debug states accidently left in
- Updated API Version to work with new v1.1 patch

- Improved functionality for displaying Addon Loaded Message
- Improved functionality for deciding when to Show and Hide Frames
- Updated French Localization
- Added ability to adjust the out of combat transparency of player and target frames
- Fix enabling / disabling of add-on frames
- Fix bug where target frame doesn't work without player

- Fix German Translation (Still Need Help with French)
- Fix Add-on Loaded Message from displaying after every loading screen. Now only displays upon first game load.

- Display Stealth State Icon on Raid Frame
- Add Optional Padding to Raid Frame [Feature Req #316]
- Add More Layout Customizations to Raid Frame. You can now pick exactly how many members you want per group (column)
- Add Heal-Over-Time and Damage-Over-Time Animations to Raid Frame
- Optionally Include / Exclude full Resources in Out of Combat State [Bug #680]
- Optionally Add Player to Group Frame
- Added chat message saying addon was successfully loaded
- Added new /ggf help command
- Optionally display Heal over Time and Damage over Time Animations

- Add New Veteran / Normal Level Textures to display next to level
- Add Health, Magicka, and Stamina Heal over Time Animated Texture ( >>> )
- Add Health, Magicka, and Stamina Damage over Time Animated Texture ( <<< )

- Fix Group Member Issue (When leaving or joining)
- Fix Player stats from no updating when reticle is hidden.
- Fix Shields persisting through death.

- Added Shield Indicator to Large Group Frames
- Added New Bar Labels for "+ Shield". (Example: "Current + Shield" allows you to see your life and the value left on your shield, "2345 + 734")

- Added a few new German Translations

- Added optional ability to show or hide all default frames and frames added by this addon
- Added additional length to the Player, Group, and Target names. Longer names now appear.
- Added condensed group setting (display raid view while in smaller group)
- Update default settings to what appears to be the most popular configurations
- Note: Lacking Translations for New Settings. If you can translate and comment i will quickly patch it.

- Fixed Player frame shows dead after revival
- Hide Bars when talking to NPCs
- Player & Target Frames now show "In Combat Opacity" whenever stats aren't 100%
- Group Frames are no longer affected by Out of Combat Transparency, however now have a Master Transparency Setting

- Fix error for mount / experience position when one or both is off

- Fix error on reloading ui for certain mount configurations

- Fix Experience Bug where sometimes the experience bar went to 0
- Fix Class Icon Localization
- Damage Shield
- Mount frame can optionally now be attached to the player frame
- Lowered Minimum Out of Combat Opacity to 0

- Fix wording within German Localization
- Added Localization to Raid Layout Types (EN, FR, DE)
- Fix bug where target could have leader icon

- Localization
- Optional padding between bars [Suggested By: shudaoxin]
- Optionally Set X & Y Coordinates for Frames (Instead of Drag and Drop)
- Optionally Configure Raid Frame Layout (1x6 & 2x3)
- Add Alliance Rank / Level (Title isn't necessary)
- Enemy Difficulty Added on Target Frame and is visualized by the number of stars that appear in the top right corner (Normal, Hard, Deadly)

- Option to Hide Players Info (Name, Level, Class) [Suggest By: pinstripesc]
- Combative Alpha [Suggested by Many]
- Bug Fix: Raid Frame Name / Status Positions
- Target Title & Captions
- Player Name Length: Issues with smaller frames
- All NPC Allys now appear "friendly" and Captions show appropriately

- Add support for addition labels of various types to statusbars
- Add ability to position label for status bar
- Add Font Styles (outline, shadow, etc)
- Consolidated Textures / Fonts in Settings

- Fix Frame Moving Usability Issues
- /ggf -> Toggle Lock / Unlock. [Suggested By: SkyfireTESO]

- Fix for clearing anchors

- Added Target Unit Frame
- Target Frames: Name, Level, Class Icon, Health Bar, and Caption
- Target Frames: Reaction Colors (Friendly, Hostile, Interactable, Default)
- Fix Setting Reset Defaults

- Added Option to display experience numbers (current/max) to experience bar

- Added Reset Default Functionality

- Customizable Setting Menu
- Moveable Frames
- Option to Disable Player Experience Bar. [Suggested By: Tonyleila]

- Fix Removing leader from player frame whenever group is disbanded

- Added Group Frames
- Added Raid Frames
- Hide Horse Stamina Bar
- Hide Frames whenever in menus

- Minion Client Compatible

- Fix Random Experience Errors (For real this time!)

- Fix Random Experience Errors
- Fix Experience Bar for Non-Veteran Level Characters

- Fix API Version. No longer get "This add-on is out of date"
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Unread 02/13/20, 06:07 PM  

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not working

I thought this addon would be perfect for what I need, but it does not show up visibly. I maybe get one glimpse but as soon as I adjust a setting it goes invisible, the unit frame is still there because it will block anything underneath it that is clickable. I don't get any errors when this happens and the lock frame function makes all unit frames invisible. Im not sure why it is not working for me.
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Unread 05/24/17, 11:46 AM  

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Nevermind, figured it out myself. For those interested replace the line;

GGF.classTextures = {
[1] = "/esoui/art/contacts/social_classicon_dragonknight.dds",
[2] = "/esoui/art/contacts/social_classicon_sorcerer.dds",
[3] = "/esoui/art/contacts/social_classicon_nightblade.dds",
[6] = "/esoui/art/contacts/social_classicon_templar.dds"



GGF.classTextures = {
[1] = "/esoui/art/contacts/social_classicon_dragonknight.dds",
[2] = "/esoui/art/contacts/social_classicon_sorcerer.dds",
[3] = "/esoui/art/contacts/social_classicon_nightblade.dds",
[4] = "/esoui/art/contacts/social_classicon_warden.dds",
[6] = "/esoui/art/contacts/social_classicon_templar.dds"


in the file ggFrames\unit\Controls.lua
Last edited by Rylan : 05/24/17 at 11:48 AM.
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Unread 05/23/17, 12:37 PM  

Forum posts: 0
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Uploads: 0
I realise that this mod is long since discontinued but, until today, it has continued to work for those of us who simply ticked the "Allow out of date addons" box.

The issue is that the Warden class has been introduced today and, when you target a Warden, there is a white box over the bar. This is in the area where the class icon normally resides and, in fact, where the class icon still resides if you target one of the 4 original classes.

Can anyone find a way to make the change required to fix this issue? This is a great little addon and I think, for a skilled LUA modder, this wouldn't take much work.

Many thanks!
Last edited by Rylan : 05/23/17 at 12:38 PM.
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Unread 08/31/15, 08:03 PM  

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The addon doesn't seem to register vr levels in the target frame.
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Unread 07/20/15, 10:22 AM  

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I'm making the jump to Lui Extended. Creator says he was partly inspired by ggFrames and the look is very similar. It's also updated regularly.
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Unread 07/01/15, 05:04 PM  
DeanGrey's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 16
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Corodius has not logged on to esoui since April and even before then he delivered very little in the way of updates. Check out some of the other addons and if it ever does get an update then take a look. Don't be this guy.

Last edited by DeanGrey : 07/01/15 at 05:05 PM.
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Unread 06/01/15, 11:15 AM  

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Small update to my problem...

The group frame now doesn't work on the EU server, either. The only other addon I'm using that could cause this is Foundry Tactical Combat but I've been using both FTC and GGFrames for about half a year and haven't had problems on the EU server before.
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Unread 05/31/15, 03:57 AM  
pepperpep's Avatar

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update soon?

first..this is one of the best add ons
but, since 1.6.5 there are some issues
so I really really hope an update is coming soon.
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Unread 05/02/15, 01:12 PM  

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 4
Uploads: 0
Group frame trouble

So, I use this addon on the EU server and it works amazing, haven't had any problems. However, I recently downloaded the NA server so I could play with some friends and put this mod on there and the group frame just doesn't work. If I try to edit the settings of the group frame, it just vanishes altogether and if I don't edit it at all, it doesn't have the look I want.
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Unread 04/21/15, 07:43 AM  
javish's Avatar

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Uploads: 0
Is this addon dead or still being updated?
Last edited by javish : 04/21/15 at 11:48 AM.
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Unread 04/15/15, 09:21 PM  

Forum posts: 0
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Uploads: 0
Is there a way to make the heath bars of my Teammates and my Target longer? It appears that the sliders are stuck at 0 when attempting to move/drag them.
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Unread 04/05/15, 10:10 PM  
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 59
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Uploads: 1
Can I request a thousands seperator for all overlay...

It just helps to break up the larger numbers.

Also have you considered adding health overlays to raid frame at all?
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Unread 03/31/15, 04:50 AM  

Forum posts: 4
File comments: 160
Uploads: 0
I'm curious. Will this include LibAddonMenu compatibility so it shows up under "Settings > Addon Settings" instead of under Settings in general?
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Unread 03/29/15, 01:37 PM  

Forum posts: 9
File comments: 70
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Originally Posted by pppontus
Originally Posted by Corodius
Originally Posted by Melt
thx for the addon

I have a bug, I dont know if only in cyrodil, each time I died, when I release the addon see me dead, except that, nothing else
Originally Posted by Tankqull
juhu an update thx alot!

sth that is bugged for ages (at least in cyrodiil) is the refreshment of the group/raid-frame after some one has released or was rezzed after he died, his healthbar remains empty wich for me as a healer is horrible it is fixed by /reloadui untill someone else has to cease to be (wich can be quite often and then starts to be anoying).

what i would like as well would be the option to move the other HUD elements like synergy notification, action-key notification (for rezzes etc) or the compass aswell. currently i have to use azurahs addon to be able to do so wich creates alot of redundant hud calculation and error notifications
Ok guys, While I have stated I do believe, due to previous and current testing, that this is a Zenimax UI Issue. However, I am trying to track it down, but I am going to need a bit more information to try to do so, As I cannot reproduce this issue at all. I have attempted in Cyrodill a few times, and elsewhere, so any more information you can provide will be immensely useful.

Is it the Group Frame aswell or Only the Raid Frame having the Issues? Do these issues occur when NOT using ggFrames aswell? (I know it sucks to test with default UI, but I kind of need to know that, as I cannot reproduce myself). Have you got any other unit frames addons installed and active?

As for the whole UI Moving thing, that is definitely well outside the scope of ggFrames itself, if I *was* to do this it would be as a separate addon. However, I believe Azurah does this extremely well and anything I did would be simply reinventing the wheel. Make sure that all Unit Frame affecting parts of Azurah are Disabled in the options menu if you are using ggFrames however, as this could possibly cause issues.

Thanks for the reports guys, and any help tracking this down will be greatly appreciated.

Originally Posted by SpellBuilder
Hey Corodius,
I can confirm, that rarely players health bar got desynced. I cannot say how can one reproduce it, but it happens for me approximately once per two or three weeks. Symptoms are as described below - the bar shows rather high value for HP, but then suddenly you are dead. Also very rarely you can see, that the ggFrames continue to show the shield over healthbar, when there is no shield left anymore. This can happen after very intense fight in pvp. So my guess, that some events that are send by game are not processed by addon, or they come at the same time, and some variables got mixed up, or the events are simply lost by api (when there is a huge queue of them). Anyway, I have looked into the structure of addon, and I cannot say that I see any logical flaws - everything should work, but sometimes (very rarely) it does not.

As for short-time buffs - I have stripped this portion of code from FTC addon and implemented it into my own lightweight Lui Extended addon with some code simplifications and additions. And I prefer the combination of ggFrames with Lui Extended together, so I can completely disable FTC for myself. The idea is that ggFrames shows me long-term buffs provided my game API, while my Lui Extended addon tracks user clicking skills and according to internal skill list table I create icons with timers for short-time effects - same thing FTC does in that part.
Again any help tracking this down will be extremely appreciated, and if you can attempt to reproduce it with 0 unit frame addons active that would be excellent aswell. It is frustrating that I cannot reproduce this myself, with quite active gameplay.

Originally Posted by StarSky210
Can we work in adding short buffs and debuffs onto the bar? (example are all the hots, dots, utilities such as siphon, ele drain etc. Havnt tested yet if the timer for summoners on dsa round 10 shows in gg yet. I know srendarr and ftc do.


edit: also another bug that has been around since the beginning is the random grayed out frame like the person is out of range, but they actually aren't. I have tried to see what causes this, but havn't been able to pinpoint. typically a reloadui fixes it everytime.
G'day Star! I have been meaning to get in contact with you, I have just been rather busy between Thanksgiving and squeezing in time for Addon and Gameplay when I can. Send me a PM if you can, I'll have a chat with you. As for the bug, as mentioned I cannot reproduce this and some testers managed to reliably reproduce it with default UI, suggesting a Zenimax UI bug, but I am looking into it again to see if we can track this down. I thought it was fixed on Zeni's end as Neither myself or My Wife have been able to reproduce it at all, but the bug reports here are suggesting otherwise obviously.

I can tell you how to reproduce it actually! This happens ONLY when both you and your group members die and resurrect at a wayshrine and/or a castle in Cyrodiil. For example it happens to me when dying in Cyro or DSA only as these are the times the "group wipes" and revives somewhere. I believe it's related to someone resurrecting while you are loading in due to yourself resurrecting etc. Basically, if you want to reproduce it try to grab a few people and die and resurrect together it should happen. If this is fixed I will love ggFrames forever, I absolutely love the addon but have had to switch when I'm in Cyrodiil as I can't be the healer and not know my group memebrs health.

If you need any further help I'm happy to try anything as I experience it constantly every day. ^^
Been running in Cyrodiil with the default group frames since launch and at least since update 5 I'm confident that the default group frames show correctly when someone is dead vs. rezzed. After using ggFrames group frames I'm super spoiled and cannot imagine going back to default, but the update issue is a pain in the butt xD. Reload-ui always corrects it though. Happy to be a tester for you if needed.
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Unread 03/26/15, 04:23 AM  

Forum posts: 2
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Re: Bugs and Fixes, update 1.6

Originally Posted by Corodius
[Plans and explainations]
Ah, cool beans. I just came here cause of the setting sliders. Glad to see they're already being worked on.
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