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Ascending Tide (7.3.5)
Updated:03/26/22 04:14 PM
Created:03/26/22 04:14 PM
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Version: 1.3Pre
by: Graham [More]
I developed this addon some time ago to display the most necessary buffs and debuffs as clearly as possible in status bars. The bars can only be distinguished by their colour. There are no icons or labels (except for the windows). However, it is possible to add a timer.

The bars are triggered by the status effect IDs of the respective buffs or debuffs. In the menu, there is also a search function that can be used to find many, but not all, IDs on the basis of the effect name. In addition, the IDs of the status effects that affect the player can also be displayed via /bad_me as command. It is possible to assign several IDs to a bar, e.g. for different morphs of a skill. And the filter functions can be used to set who triggered the effect and who is affected by it so that the bar triggers.

The status bars are displayed in movable windows, of which any number can be created in the menu, along with profiles that are available to all players.

By default, there is a PvP profile for the warden that contains the essential buffs for playing in the ball group.

Note: Since I originally developed the addon only for myself and then later also for our guild [RDK], it does not claim to be addressed by a wide range of users. The menu is not very intuitive; ReloadUi has to be executed for the settings to take effect.
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