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Master Merchant  Updated less than 3 days ago!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2.3.8
by: Philgo68, Sharlikran
I think my donation page is now working if you'd like to buy me a beer.

Master Merchant is an upgraded version of Shopkeeper that offers additional features for the Traders and Trading Guilds. Finally, you can see who your Guild’s top sellers are and what they are selling! Your total Guild Sales and Sales Tax income are at your fingertips – any time you’d like to see them! And that’s just the start. Master Merchant also helps you find GREAT DEALS and provides many other trade-related enhancements! Join the many already using Master Merchant.



Mod Details

Try "/mm clean" if you are having data issues.
Or "/mm dups" to look for duplicate sales in your data.
"/mm missing" will rescan the most recent 10 days worth of data.
"/mm help" list some more commands....

If you wish to lighten the load MM puts on your system explore the 'Simple Guild History Scanning' and 'Minimal Indexing' options. These will sacrifice some MM functionality for memory savings.

Simple Guild History will just scan back into guild history as far as it can, immediately writing records to your sales database as it finds them. This will get data saved faster, but you may end up with holes in your data as there is not way to tell if you've scanned far enough back. This will also always scan back as far a possible, even if those records have already been retrieved.

Minimal Indexing will limit the speed / functionality of searching on the MM window, but saves a large chunk of memory needed to store the indexing.

In the past several months, ZOS has severely restricted the frequency at which addons can access guild history. Because of this, the length of time required for Master Merchant to FULLY SCAN your guild sales history has greatly increased. Where it was once possible to pull down sales information in mere minutes, it now can take several hours. This is exacerbated during periods of high population and after extended periods of absence from the game.

Before you post here about Master Merchant not working for you, please be sure you’ve performed the following steps:
Make sure you’re running the most recent version of Master Merchant. Master Merchant comes packaged with the required libs, so you do not need to download these manually. The libs ARE required, however; Master Merchant will not work if they are turned off. The most current version of Master Merchant is 2.2.1.
Make sure you don’t have multiple versions of Master Merchant installed. Check your addon directories and check inside of each addon, as well. If you’re getting error messages that reference MasterMerchant_UI, the most likely culprit is multiple versions of Master Merchant.
Turn your verbose message setting to 4. This can be done in the addon settings or by typing /mm verbose 4 in chat. This will allow you to see how far into the history Master Merchant has scanned.
Wait. Keep waiting. Probably wait some more for good measure. Because of the limitations to how frequently an addon can access guild history, it is entirely possible that your first scan upon log-in could take SEVERAL HOURS. Again, this is exacerbated in periods of high server traffic and/or extended periods of absence from the game. For best results, we suggest logging in daily.
You can increase the loading speed of sales data by manually engaging ZOS’s guild history interface. Pull up your guild menu, navigate to Guild History > Sales > All, and press ‘E’ to manually load more sales. NOTE: pushing ‘E’ more frequently than once every ~1 second could crash your game for “spamming”. Once the history is loaded, run /mm missing to pick up those sales. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TURN OFF MM TO DO THIS, BUT YOU DO NEED TO DO IT IN EACH GUILD INDIVIDUALLY.

The history isn't ACTUALLY turned off; it just can't be accessed if you have an addon enabled that interfaces with the guild history. HOWEVER, if you turn those addons off, you can manually load your data (thanks to @john98837 for the steps provided below).

Disable MM and any other addon you have that is reading guild history.
Log all the way out to the login screen (not just the character screen), and log back in.
Go to Guild History > Sales > All.
Press 'E' to load in sales history. From this screen, you can press 'E' about once every 2 seconds. YOU'LL NEED TO DO THIS FOR EVERY GUILD THAT HAS DATA YOU'D LIKE TO CAPTURE.
Once you've loaded the data as far back as you need, enable MM and any other addon you disabled that you'd like to have on and reloadui.
MM can now scan and index all of the sales history you've loaded.

PLEASE NOTE: The scan % is dependant on the volume of sales per guild. It is entirely possible for these numbers to differ from guild to guild. Your PvE guild with a kiosk in the middle of nowhere will most likely scan much quicker than your hardcore trading guild in a top-tier spot. THIS IS TOTALLY NORMAL.

Master Merchant remembers the last sale it recorded in each and every one of your guilds. This is how it calculates the % scanned. If you’ve joined a guild for the first time, Master Merchant doesn’t have a “last sale recorded”. This means that you will not see a % complete during your initial scan. THIS IS TOTALLY NORMAL.

If you’re still having trouble after following the above steps, you can post your issue here. Please provide us with as much detail as possible about the issue you’re having; what specifically the issue is, how it’s presenting itself, what you’re doing when the error happens, and a screenshot of the error message. The more information we’re given, the easier it is for us to find solutions. We will do our best to respond to and solve all issues where we have sufficient information to work from. “Master Merchant doesn’t work for me” is not sufficient for us to solve an issue.

Early feedback:
tttosbt999: "This add-on has totally changed the market for me. What use(d) to take me forever now is a breeze. I actually have time to play the game instead of being consumed by trading. Thanks so much Philgo!"

Karraxx: "nice work on this addon, makes selling things a thousand times easier"

Recent feedback:
Deltia: "Great Addon"

Dr._Funkenstein: "Thanks! I don't know how I survived without this!"

Many: "What the hell are all these dots, Braille?!?!?"

FreakyFreak: "The sales chart you added is so <censor> beautiful I was near tears. Not about how it looks, I could care less, but in design. Seriously brilliant. A very nice surprise to see you satisfy a need without letting obvious limitations stop you. Well done."

Focus your pricing to see recent sales in more detail - check the Settings page for details.

Sales History Scatter Chart is now available as part of the tooltip.
All the dots are a graph of all the sales you've seen, colored to match the guild that made the sale. Price on the left, timeframe on the bottom. Each dot is a unit price of a sale.

Blacklist - Ask MM to ignore guilds/players when calculating prices and graphing sales.

Now with Deal Rating Filtering in Guild Stores with Awesome Guild Store Integration. Install both MM and Awesome Guild Store to get this killer feature!!!

Custom Deal Percent/Color Calculators are now available for purchase. Email me in game or at [email protected] for info.

Introducing DealFinder:

- When you are browsing a Guild Store (including Kiosks), Master Merchant will identify and flag “great deals” and specify how much gold you could potentially make if you buy the items and re-sell it at the average list price in your guild(s). The system uses color coding to rate how good the deal is. White, Green, Blue, Purple Gold. Gold=the BEST deal. Buy it right now!
The same flag existing on your listings page so you can easily see if you've offered the deal you want to.
How to use: Just visit any Guild Store (Bank NPC or Kiosks) and you’ll see a new column in the item listings that will highlight Deals and potential profit!

Trade Guild Tools:

- See your Total Guild Sales, Taxes Collected and Number of transactions based on selectable timeframes!
(Today, Last 3 Days, This Week (starting Monday at Kiosk turnover), Last Week, Prior Week)
How to use: Open Master Merchant and toggle the “Seller Info/Item Info icon to “Seller Info”
You’ll see total sales info for each of your guilds + all of their members.
You can sort on any column by clicking the column header (click to change between high to low and low to high)

- Find out who the top sellers and BUYERS are (and aren't). You can generate a ranked report that lists each guild member, sorted by Sales, Tax, number of transactions, or percentage of overall guild sales, based on selectable Timeframes.
How to use: Type a guild name into the search box and you’ll see Guild Total plus a ranked list of every member.
You can sort on any column by clicking the column header (click to change between high to low and low to high)

- View all guild Transactions, with toggle to view by Buyer Name or Seller Name. See what the best sellers are making their money on!

More enhancements:

- Price Check: With “Stats to Chat”, you can right-click on any item posted in chat and Master Merchant will post sales data into your chat box for you to provide a Price Check to someone!
How to Use: Right click any item posted in chat and select “Stats to Chat”. The stats will be posted in your chat box, you just need to hit <Enter>. Thanks to Mattmillus for some of the Stats to Chat code.

- Automatic Pricing. Master Merchant will remember the price you've listed an item at and automatically insert when you place an item up for sale. (If you haven’t listed the item previously, the average sale price will be inserted instead) It also creates a system message for every listing so you can easily review what you've just put up for sale.

- Enhanced Filtering: When searching for items on the Item info screen, you can narrow items by quality, level, description and set name. For instance “RR45 Blue” would return all blue items for Level 45. “VR12 Blue Ring” would show you sales history for all VR12 Blue quality rings.
How to Use: <Level> <Color> <part of item name> Regular levels=RR, VR Levels=VR. Must add zero for single digit levels.
Syntax: VR01, VR12, RR04, RR45. Colors=White, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold.
Examples: “RR45 Blue”, “VR02 Blue Sword”, “Gold Motif”

- Multi buff potions now price correctly instead of mixing sales numbers.

- Sales Notification Audio: Choose from over 30 sounds for your “Item Sold” notification!

How to Use: Open Settings->Addons->Master Merchant and select the sound from the drop down list. While you're there you can see the other configurable option available.

- Completely reworked data storage to avoid corruption with large volumes / long histories.

For GSA users: After downloading Master Merchant please go to http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info822-GSA.html for IMPORTANT upgrade instructions!!

Install Instructions:

Disable all versions of the Shopkeeper add-on and anything that uses LibGuildHistory. (GSA support IS COMPLETE)
Remove Old Shopkeeper code.
This installs like any other add-on, but it will actually install Master Merchant plus 16 other mule add-ons (MM##Data) to carry the data. Master Merchant depends on these additional add-ons, so they mus be enabled along with Master Merchant. This should hopefully allow you to store just about all the sales history you would like, even in the in busiest of trading guilds.

In the Addon directory, you should end up with a MasterMerchant directory and at that same level MM##Data (00-15) directories for the mules.

If you have one, you can try renaming your SavedVariables/Shopkeeper.lua file to MasterMerchant.lua to start with your old Shopkeeper data. I’d give this about a 75% chance of working. If you run into problems just delete the Shopkeeper.lua, MasterMerchant.lua and the 16 MM##Data.lua files from the SavedVariables directory to start over.

Special thanks for their code, help and support:

This is based on the original Shopkeeper code. Original by Khaibit, kept alive by dOpiate & Garkin and continued here.
Those developers deserve many thanks for their previous work on this code, and it’s my privilege to stand on their shoulders.

Khaibit, dOpiate & Garkin
sirinsidiator For Awesome Guild Store and the help with integration between MM and AGS.
Mattmillus/Deome - Some Stats to Chat and Posted Items code from Millus Roster

Ethereal Traders Union
Iron Bank of Bravos

Thanks for downloading and trying out my work. I hope you enjoy it. A little gold in my inbox is always nice...

God Bless,

ChangeLog for 2.3.8

- Added debug framework for odd reported errors

ChangeLog for 2.3.7

- First adjustment for 9 day week, then regular 7 day weeks.
- More updates as information is confirmed.

ChangeLog for 2.3.6

- Adjusted position of UI element 'Hide Offline' when viewing guild sales from guild roster

ChangeLog for 2.3.5

- Adjusted routine to account for when the guild store is offline and we are waiting for Zenimax to resolve the issue

ChangeLog for 2.3.4

- Use Zenimax API function GetGuildKioskCycleTimes() instead of previous method

ChangeLog for 2.3.3

- Removed left over debug routines for mouse over controls when verbose was set to 5

ChangeLog for 2.3.2

- Fix for MasterMerchant_Util.lua:466
- More refactoring for how Libraries load

ChangeLog for 2.3.1

Switched Guild cut-over time.
Added new recipes for Craft Cost calculations.
Added 'Simple Guild History Scanning' setting which makes guild scanning much simpler, but may leave gaps in your historical data.
Added 'Minimal Indexing' setting option to conserve memory at the expense of search flexibility and speed in the MM window.
Reworked Libraries

ChangeLog for 2.2.1
Turbo Mode removed at ZOS's request.

ChangeLog for 2.2.0
Turbo Mode
- '/mm turbo' will toggle Guild Scanning Turbo Mode on/off.
- Speeds sales history loading by a factor of 20.
- Please use Turbo mode sparingly, think of the poor servers!
- Turbo mode is not available from 1 hour before trader flip until 1 hour after trader flip.
- Turbo mode status is NOT remembered across reloads/logins and must be manually activated.
When you join a new guild, MM scans back only 3 days to get you started. You can manually load more with the '/mm missing' command.
Added new recipes to Craft Cost calculations.
Please visit tinyurl.com/MMIssueGuide if you are having any issues with MM.
'/mm help' gives some details on MM options and functions.

ChangeLog for 2.1.0a
Updated for LibExecutionQueue for Scalebreaker / 100028
Change guild history call to try to avoid getting kicked on slow machines. Should not affect data loading times.

ChangeLog for 2.1.0
Update for Scalebreaker / 100028
Adjusted sales history API calls.

ChangeLog for 2.0.8b
Adjusted Chat and Center screen announcements timing.

ChangeLog for 2.0.8a
Eliminated error when /mm missing tries to scan a guild with no sales.

ChangeLog for 2.0.8
Changed guild history scanning to happen in parallel.
Adjusted "verbose" setting, creating different levels of messages MM will provide: 0 - Nearly Silent to 5 - Debugging Level Messages.
Added scan status (in %) for each guild, if your "verbose" setting is 4 or higher.
Scanning for the first time after install or after doing a reset will now go back only 3 days. (You can use /mm missing to scan back further if you would like.)
(Note: /reloadui or switching characters retains the downloaded guild sales history, and MM will pick up from there.)
(Note: If you are getting FPS pauses when scanning, make sure the Guild History tab is not on the SALES Category.)

ChangeLog for 2.0.7
Update for Elsweyr / 100027
Indexing speed adjustments (with sirnsidiator.) Indexing now 5 times faster, and takes less memory.
Changed /mm missing to allow for guild and time designation.
Fixed MM Statistics Window.
Adjusted scanning for new ZOS API limitations.

ChangeLog for 2.0.6
Added some protection around Guild Store listing screen to avoid "user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant_UI.lua:1454: attempt to index a nil value"
Adjusted "In Combat" scan pausing a bit more (Please let me know if this help in dungeons/Cyrodiil for those few that were having issues.)
Fixed some odd item links that did not show craft costs
Added MM info to housing storage chest item popups
Added MM info to recipe/furniture crafting item popups
Added some protection around TRADING_HOUSE use to help gamepad mode users

ChangeLog for 2.0.5
Reworked the Awesome Guild Store integration for Wrathstone version (Thanks sirinsidiator for this Awesome addon)
- The MM Deal and Profit filters will be available when AGS updates to Wrathstone
Fixed "In Combat" scan pausing (thanks mubcrabs)

ChangeLog for 2.0.4a
Restore sales data on guild store listings
Fix typo in the item right click menu
(Some other addons may cause the menu items to double up (ex. Furniture Preview))

ChangeLog for 2.0.4
Update for Wrathstone / 100026
Adjusted for new Guild Store layout/features
Adjusted Scan Frequency setting to wait up to 1 hour
Adjusted right click menus for AssemblerManiac
Paused guild store scanning/processing while in combat (thanks mubcrabs)
Updated recipe/glyph list for Crafting Cost calculations
Added depends on LibExecutionQueue
Added protection code around customTimeframe / customTimeframeType

Changelog for 2.0.3b
Fixed GuildSalesAssistant call.

Changelog for 2.0.3a
Made explicit dependency on LibExecutionQueue
Added protection to avoid "operator * is not supported for nil * number" error in AddRosterStats
Updated the APIVersion in the LibExecutionQueue library

Changelog for 2.0.3
Update for Murkmire / 100025
Completed smoothing of loading and scanning code to avoid choppiness while loading
Adjusted History and Cleaning routines to be more accurate/pick up more data
Added "verbose" setting, to adjust MM feedback during processing (defaults to "ON")
Added "/mm slide" function for kindred
Added translation BR for Brazilian Portuguese, provided by mlsevero
Updated recipe/glyph list for Crafting Cost calculations

Changelog for 2.0.2
Update for Wolfhunter / 100024
Enhanced "/mm clean" to re-index recipes that had irrelevant level information, making each level recipe price out as a different item
Smoothed out loading code to try to avoid choppiness while loading (More to come)
Updated recipe/glyph list for Crafting Cost calculations
*** Run "/mm clean" to fix Alinor Patterns ***

Changelog for 2.0.1
Update for Summerset / 100023
Made Delay Initialization Startup Standard (Should help those having login issue with MM on and large data sets)
Updated recipe/glyph list for Crafting Cost calculations
Updated Ranges for History Depth, Min Item Count
Enhanced "/mm clean" to remove more bad data
Enhanced TruncateHistory to properly remove some old data that was missed
Kept the scroll thumb selector in the MM window from getting so small you can't see it
Fixed error that would abort indexing early in some circumstances (Your MM Initialization will be back up to the time it needs to be, and filtering will be fast and accurate)

Changelog for 2.0.0
Update for Dragon Bones / 100022
Adjusted /mm clean and /mm dups to catch and remove more types of bad data
Updated recipe/glyph list for Crafting Cost calculations

Changelog for 1.9.9
Update for Clockwork City / 100021
Fixed overrides of TradingHouse functions so you can buy from guild stores again!!

Changelog for 1.9.8
Update for Horn of the Reach / 3.1.x / 100020
Added protection code around custom timeframe selection.
Update to latest LibAddonMenu Library
Added MM Options to Craft Bag Right Click Menu (For Sylvie)
Corrected the Gear Creation Link to Chat (Thanks AssemblerManiac)

Changelog for 1.9.7
Update to new Awesome Guild Store filtering interface (Thanks sirnsidiator)
Added Setting to turn Crafting Costs On/Off (Still need translations for SK_SHOW_CRAFT_COST_NAME and SK_SHOW_CRAFT_COST_TIP)
Enhanced mouse over text on graph (for AssemblerManiac)
Added support for MM info in Inventory Insight listings (for AssemblerManiac)
Made /MM functions case insensitive (For Sylvie)

Changelog for 1.9.6
Update for Morrowind / 3.0.x / 100019
Fixed Center Screen Announcements
Added Crafting Costs for Recipes, Patterns, etc. and Glyphs
Slight Adjustment to Trim Decimal processing
Added more checks in the "/mm clean" function
Fixed Sales Time Ordering
Added protection around links that are not Items (Books, Achievements, etc..)

Changelog for 1.9.5
Update for Homestead / 2.7.x / 100018
One small change to ignore some potential bad data

Changelog for 1.9.4
Update for Guild Trader change over time change.
Inserted updated Russian translation.

Changelog for 1.9.3
Update for One Tamriel / 2.6.x / 100017
Added Sort by Guild to MM windows.
Added User defined time range to the MM windows and the Guild Roster. Check MM addon settings under deal and calculation options.

Changelog for 1.9.2
Update for Shadows of the Hist / 2.5.x / 100016
Some protection code in DealCalc function to avoid DealCalc.lua:65: operator < is not supported for number < nil type errors.
Japanese translation by k0ta0uchi
Experimental export function

Changelog for 1.9.1
Adjustments/fixes to information displayed on guild roster.

Changelog for 1.9.0
Dark Brotherhood compatibility - changed filtering from VR to CP (ex. VR15 = CP150)
Added total line to offline sales report
Fixed odd error when holding down <ctrl><shift>
Changed % change column on the roster to Generated Gold for the Guild (The portion of the sales tax that goes to the guild)
Added EU Megaserver calc for Guild Trader switch over time
Added prefix (b,s) to player name for additional filtering (EX. [email protected] will just show Phil's sales, [email protected] will show records where Phil is the buyer)
Easy MM turn off - Made all Master Merchant addon files dependant on MM00Data, so you just have to unselect MM00Data and all of MM with turn off

Changelog for 1.8.6
Got rid of the odd number at the end of Stats to Chat messages

Changelog for 1.8.5
Added some protection code around the new item description

Changelog for 1.8.4
Updated LibAddonMenu and LibStub libraries to try to resolve crashing issues.

Changelog for 1.8.3
Fix for searching in MM windows.
Adjusted method for adding description to saved data hoping to help resolve startup issue some are having.

Changelog for 1.8.2
Updated for Thieves Guild 2.3.5 100014
Adjusted item description in saved data
Handle some more Items when changing Level/Quality
Beginnings of listings features. Coming Soon (tm)

Changelog for 1.8.1
Added sales information text tips to sales chart. (Setting: Tips on Graph Points)
Added item sales info/quality/level selector in tooltip. (Setting: Level/Quality Selectors)
Added a "deal" setting for items with no sales history, to replace the hardcoded green deal for items with no sales data. (Setting: No Data Deal Rating)
Added item right click option to show item info in the popup tooltip.
Added item popup right click option to send item/sales stats to chat.
Added "/mm invisible" to reset window locations in case they get positioned off the screen. Try this if your MM windows are not showing up.

Changelog for 1.8.0
Update compatibility to API version 100013 (Orsinium)
Added new GetGuildEventId instead of having to rely on timestamp system
Adjusted matching code to handle changes in ItemLink format

Changelog for 1.7.2
Added an option to turn on/off the Display Listings chat message.
Adjusted Standard Deviation calculation for stacked items. (Thanks @croachroach)
Added a % change column on the guild roster. Today, This Week and Last Week timeframes now calculate a % change from the period before. (sponsored by @mjromeo and ETU)
Slight adjustment in anticipation of new AGS fix.

Changelog for 1.7.1
Added support for Imperial City/1.7 release.
Added Min/Max Item Sale count to better manage fast selling and slow selling items. MM will only purge sales records by date if you have more than the min, and will not keep more than the max number of sales for one item.
Added an option to put the MM value of items on your inventory and deconstruction item lists.
Added a "/mm clean" option to scan for and remove malformed sales records.
Created an Execution Queue library for long running/sequential operations.

Changelog for 1.6.21/1.6.21a
** Dedicated to Amy and her puppies!! Please say a prayer for them. **
Adjusted tooltips to show item count for stackable items.
Adjusted Auto Advance to Next Page to handle going backward to previous pages. Fixed in 1.6.21a.
Fixed Buyer blacklist checking.
Adjusted Outlier price checking.
Removed Outlier transactions from scatter chart also.
Added additional duplication checking and added /mm dups command to check for and remove duplicate records if they exist.
Russian translation from KirX - let me know if this works and is correct please. I'm not sure the file came through properly.

Changelog for 1.6.20
SPEED - Initialization is now 3 times faster and filtering the guild item summary list is at least 15 times faster.

Changelog for 1.6.19
Adjusted Guild Item to summarize better and show count of both transactions and items. Ex. 4 sales totaling 400 items. (Per @eg0b0y's specs - IBoB auction)
Buyers are now checked against the blacklist (You can blacklist yourself to keep your great finds from pulling down the average.)
Added some new filters to the item list. (Trait, type, quality. see /mm help)
Made Item list only display your default number of days worth of sales. Loading 380k records was too slow...

Changelog for 1.6.18a
Fix for user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant_Util.lua:383: attempt to index a nil value

Changelog for 1.6.18
Added Auto Next Page Option: If all items are filtered out on a guild store page, auto advance to the next page.
Fixed UI error on <ctrl-shift>.
Fixed Average cost not getting into price box when listing stackable items.
Fix crash when trying to filter MM Item Sales Summary info (I think.)

Changelog for 1.6.17
Changed the Guild Item list to have a personal view as well as the guilds wide view.
Removed "0" lines from the MM to make them cleaner since you can see members with no sales/purchases on the guild tab now.
Adjusted Items and People in the MM windows to have right click menus.
Added grid lines to the scatter chart. Looks much cleaner.
Adjusted tip text slightly
Saucy features
-Added Profit/Margin % switch for the guild store listings
-Added a Potential Profit Filter to the AGS integration - (Thanks to sirinsidiator for AGS and the Price Filter I used as a starting point.)

Changelog for 1.6.16
Fix for Guild Rankings Bug
Scatter Chart dots are now colored to match your guild chat color. Easily see where things are selling!!

New Calculation and Tip Options:
- Focus: Set days ranges to focus on recent sales, and assign them to Ctrl / Shift keys.
- Blacklist: List player(s) and/or guild(s) you would like to have excluded from pricing calculations.

Guild Ranking View by Items - See what Items are hot in your guilds!!

Changelog for 1.6.15a
Added a little protection code in a few places where people were getting odd errors.
Added a notice around some lines of code from Millus Roster - Thanks Matthew where ever you are...!!

Changelog for 1.6.15
Integration with new Awesome Guild Store. - Thanks sirinsidiator!!

Changelog for 1.6.14
Roster display improvements including sorting and better compatibility with other roster addons.
Improved German translation - Thanks Balver

Changelog for 1.6.13
Happy Easter!!!
Added a Pricing History Graph - enable it in the Settings/Addon Settings/Master Merchant options page.
All the dots are a graph of all the sales you've seen. Price on the left, timeframe on the bottom. Each dot is a unit price of a sale.
This release is dedicated to @freakyfreak for his awesome support with testing and gold!!

Changelog for 1.6.12
Added a settings option for The Guild Roster Info.
Removed a debug line I forgot to remove.
Honors Price Tracker "Show only if key is pressed" option if it is installed

Changelog for 1.6.11
Significantly improved the initialization after character load.
Moved Sales and Scanning related storage to the system level, so all accounts on the machine will share sales history data.
Added the pricing tooltips onto a few more windows.
Added enhanced duplication checking code to help capture all sales without duplicates. (Thanks Arkadius for the beginnings of this.)
Added "/mm help"
Added "/mm missing" feature to scan for sales that may have been missed.
Added "/mm clearprices" to remove your listings price history.
Made adjustments to the timeframes on the MM guild page.
Show Purchases/Sales on the guild tab also.
Upgrades to the latest LibMediaProvider library.

Changelog for 1.6.10
Moved initialization code back to before character display and reduced init time greatly.
Added settings option to move the initialization to after character load for those that have problems logging in.

Changelog for 1.6.9
Removed the chat messages during scanning, except for the initial scan or after a complete reset.

Changelog for 1.6.8
This build should fix login and rescan issues with large histories.
Adjusted initial scan logic to be smoother and not timeout for large initial 10 day scan.
Adjust initialization to login faster to avoid timeout, but NOTE: The screen will hang for up to 20 seconds on initial setup.
Fixed mini stats window for large number of sales.
Icons will update as new sales are seen.
Added options to ignore outlier prices and to round prices to the near gold piece.

Changelog for 1.6.7
Went to Europe for a while, or at least to the EU server...
Fix for guild that would not return history correctly, would just scan forever.
Another fix for Stat window slider errors.
Adjusted special characters in the translation files.

Changelog for 1.6.6
Additional fix for UI issue when you filter out all items on the page with the Deal Range
Adjusted sorting and added sort by name on guild list
Disconnected Buyer/Seller toggle so item list and guild list are independent
Possible fix for Stat window slider errors.

Changelog for 1.6.4
Fix for issue when turning Show Full Price Off
Fix for UI issue when you filter out all items on the page with the Deal Range

Changelog for 1.6.3
Awesome Guild Store Integration
Adjusted White Deal Range to include slightly above market value listings
Added Feedback Window

Changelog for 1.6.2
Updated Libraries
Stopped /reloadui in ESO 1.6 if it's a fresh install

Changelog for 1.6.1
Added custom Deal Calculation for @freakyfreak
Added row numbers to grids
Adjusted listings notification format
Clarified ESO 1.6 conversion message

Changelog for 1.6.0
Changed the guild history scanning code a little to try to avoid drops/dupes
Updated to 1.6 API (100011)
**Please note the first time, and only the first time, you run 1.6 your history must be converted to the new item format. The app will automatically /reloadui 16 times and then you will be converted.

Changelog for 1.0.3
Added Buyer listing to guild window (just click the column header to switch back and forth, like the item window)
Added Custom Deal Calculations for @Causa - If you would like one also, e-mail me in game or at [email protected] for details.

Changelog for 1.0.2
GSA support (with dopiates help)
Set name searching on Item Window (ex. Vr14 leech)
Broke out deal calculation code into MasterMerchant_DealCalc.lua if anyone wants to play with that code
Minor formatting adjustments

Changelog 1.0.1
Added Missing MM00Data sub addon

Changelog for 1.0.0
Fixed Right click menu to avoid protection error
Added 60 day history (adjustable in Addon Settings)
Added a 28 Day Ranking chart
Added support for upcoming GSA update - MM will be the Data collection UI for GSA offline application

Changelog for 0.9.9
Added deal tip to your listings page so you can easily check your listings against the market.
Added "Stats to Chat" to the right click menu in a number of places.

Changelog for 0.9.8a
Fixed typo.

Changelog for 0.9.8
First version by @Philgo68
A bunch of new features
Update for patch 1.5; updated API version

--Shopkeeper changelog:

Changelog for 0.9.7(a)
Update for patch 1.4; updated API version
Modified stats slider so "Using all data" is at the right-most limit instead of left-most.
0.9.7a filters out the guild trader hiring events that are now apparently included in purchases.

Changelog for 0.9.6
Big re-write of how data is stored, searched, and sorted to improve memory usage
(for the morbidly curious: implemented an inverted index for searching, replaced Lua's default quicksort implementation for
tables with Shellshort, and reduced redundant copies of sale event info in tables.)
Added new option to disable on-screen alerts while in Cyrodiil. (Chat alerts still show, if enabled.)
Moved the item quantities in the sales history window to more closely match the default UI presentation.
Increased maximum history size since memory usage has been reduced.

Changelog for 0.9.5
Bug fix to handle other addons requesting sales events (leading to dupes in Shopkeeper)
0.9.5a is a re-release to fix an unfortunate typo

Changelog for 0.9.4
Offline sales report (optional report in chat of what you sold while offline)
Reset button now has a confirmation dialog associated with it
Reset and Refresh buttons will now be disabled (dimmed out) and a 'wait' animation will play when a scan is in progress
Fixed bugs related to me making a typo in the sorting functions
Fixed bugs related to the search box, updating the slider range, and correctly carrying over your search between full and mini windows
Further refined the store searching - login search will be faster again now, and better handle the upcoming changes in Update 4
Increased maximum history size to 15000 - if you use several other memory intensive addons this may cause issues!
Optimized searching and sorting routines to be a little more efficient with large sales histories
French localization updates (thanks jupi!)

Changelog for 0.9.3
Fix for statistics window throwing an error if you have sales events in your history from guilds you're no longer in
(Possible) fix for the "occasional item duplication upon login" bug
Internationalization tweaks

Changelog for 0.9.2
Fix to event-based scanning to (hopefully) stop the dupes people are seeing
Fix to alerts to (hopefully!) stop the stuck on screen alerts people would see when alt-tabbing
French localization is now live! Merci bien to jupiter126/Otxics on the EU Server for the translation work!
New option in the addon settings to make all your settings account-wide, rather than character-specific.
Statistics window resized slightly to accomodate...per-guild filters!
The day range slider is also smarter and will hide entirely if you have less than 2 days' worth of your sales to work with.
Some UI tweaks to make all languages fit better

Changelog for 0.9.1
Nothing major here, but either I or esoui.com may have borked 0.9b's files so uploading a new release with some minor tweaks here and there to get a version that doesn't seem to intermittently be missing bindings.xml and LibAddonMenu

Changelog for 0.9b
Further rewrite of part of the scanning routines to be more accurate
Some small tweaks to the time display routines (will go up to 90 seconds before saying 1 minute, 90 minutes before 1 hour, etc.)
Fixes to on-screen alerts to avoid 'missing' multiple identical alerts
GUILD TRADER SUPPORT! Buyer names now have a gold bag icon next to them if they are not in the guild (i.e. bought at your guild's trader kiosk)
Stats Window now also shows you percentage of sales made at the guild trader
Other minor tweaks and optimizations as we push towards a fully-translated, fully-functional 1.0 release!

Changelog for 0.9a
Rewrite of part of the scanning routines to be more accurate
Fixes for odd behavior in the stats window
Fixes for the "Alert flood" issue if you sell multiple items between scans
Misc. other small bugfixes

Changelog for 0.9 (version jump due to being nearly feature-complete):
Added a new smaller view mode for the main window
Added sales stats! Click on the "list" icon at the top of the main window to toggle.
Search field now searches item names
Fixes for one case where items bought close together don't all trigger alerts; there are still some odd cases I'm working on

Changelog for 0.3:
Added ability to toggle between gross/total sales price and per-unit price displays
Better support for multiple accounts that use the same computer
Further improvements to store scanning
UI improvements - Shopkeeper closes along with most other UI scenes now (bank, crafting station, etc.)

Changelog for 0.2a:
German localization updated/fixed (Credit to Urbs of the EU Server for his hard work on this!)

Changelog for 0.2:
German localization is complete!
Fixed missing localizations on Reset/Refresh buttons.
Fixed a minor license issue.
Sound options added for alerts.
On-screen and chat alert options separated.
Shopkeeper button on guild store screen moved down slightly.
Fixed alert swarm after resetting listings.
Main window now has X to close button and a hotkey binding.
Main window now closes when you open the game menu.
Eliminated cases where slider could get confused as to number of items in the list.
LibAddonMenu updated to version 2.0r9 (thanks Seerah!)

This Add-on is not created by, affiliated with or sponsored by ZeniMax Media
Inc. or its affiliates. The Elder Scrolls and related logos are registered
trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the United States and/or
other countries. All rights reserved.
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04/04/15 12:59 AM
03/22/15 08:45 PM
03/18/15 07:33 PM
03/17/15 08:25 PM
03/07/15 05:41 PM
03/06/15 07:56 PM
03/04/15 04:52 PM
03/02/15 10:51 PM
03/01/15 10:48 AM
02/28/15 01:21 PM
02/23/15 06:17 PM
02/21/15 12:50 AM
02/18/15 10:48 PM
02/15/15 07:53 PM
02/15/15 07:28 PM
02/15/15 06:42 PM
02/14/15 12:38 AM
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Unread 05/20/20, 02:14 AM  
SteveS's Avatar

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I guess I found the refresh time for the guilds but not sure in this line: local timeLimit = timeStamp - 29
I guess it does the same like we manually, every 29s it pushes "E" to refresh data?
Tho I still don't get it how can it check the sales by minute.
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Unread 05/21/20, 12:18 AM  
SteveS's Avatar

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Window size change

How can I change the Window size?
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Unread 05/23/20, 10:24 AM  

Forum posts: 2
File comments: 13
Uploads: 0
Got a major problem I have no idea how to resolve.

I was using the outdated addon "Shopping List", it was using the MM's main window to display history of purchases.
But the plugin recently broke the window. When I let it display the purchases, window dissapeared and I am unable to show it again.

The key "Show/hide main window" just releases cursor, there is basically no way to show it. The stats window works though, all plugin also works properly beside this window.

Ofc, I uninstalled the "Shopping list", but it didn't help.
Last edited by Cordylus : 05/23/20 at 10:24 AM.
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Unread 05/28/20, 01:30 PM  

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Uploads: 0
Any chance of getting a rewrite to no longer make use of LibStub; it's been depreciated, and isn't going to be maintained?

So far everything still works, but I'm sure one day Zenimax will break how LibStub functions. And then a host of addons will stop functioning.
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Unread 06/02/20, 11:04 AM  

Forum posts: 194
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Uploads: 0
Originally Posted by Octopuss
So where is the update?
Damn addon doesn't even update the sales anymore, it scans from the beginning after each login even if I hit 100% before.
lol, really?

will use TTC only
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Unread 06/02/20, 02:33 PM  
Octopuss's Avatar

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Originally Posted by Marazota
Originally Posted by Octopuss
So where is the update?
Damn addon doesn't even update the sales anymore, it scans from the beginning after each login even if I hit 100% before.
lol, really?

will use TTC only
Not entirely, but it's really behaving weirdly.
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Unread 06/11/20, 05:30 AM  

Forum posts: 1
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Uploads: 0

Having similiar issues. I reset my data on a monthly basis and, when I do, I always have a hard time getting one of my guilds to show up (which unfortunately is the one with their trader in a major hub and where I do most of my sales). The others pull up fine. I try to do an /mm missing but the guild still won't show up, even when I manually scroll over sales through the guild interface history.

Originally Posted by Karigar

I hope you can help me to solve this issue.

I've just installed Master Merchant. (v2.2.0) I belong to 2 guilds, the second one (g2) being a commercial guild.
However I only have data from my main guild (g1). And I don't see the 2 guilds in the drop down menus of MM, or in any other MM menus.

Could/should I configure something so that MM can scan my 2 guilds ?

Many thanks
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Unread 06/11/20, 09:32 PM  

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This works for me :)

Been having strange issues as well.

Items that were posted at the same time and of the same type selling to the same person but only 1 of them showing.

They even show as sold in the onscreen message but don't appear on MM.

The following worked for me.

1. Wait until all items have the guild data.
2. Log to another char (this char needs to have MM disabled otherwise you will get the same issue).
3. Log back onto main and viola data should appear.

Hope this works for you guys as well
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Unread 06/19/20, 07:50 AM  

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Guys, 3 days now, Master Merchant isn't parsing any sales. I have all History of sales fetched ingame, sitting there. Nothing happening. Something changed?
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Unread 06/19/20, 08:06 AM  

Forum posts: 0
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Originally Posted by Gelmir
Guys, 3 days now, Master Merchant isn't parsing any sales. I have all History of sales fetched ingame, sitting there. Nothing happening. Something changed?
Had to do "/mm missing X Y" command to force parsing. MM isn't doing it automatically. Will report tomorrow if something improves/fixes-itself.
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Unread 06/19/20, 03:06 PM  

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Whenever I visit any guild store, I get the following type of error when using my controller (gamepad mode). Occasionally it gets me perma-stuck in ESO menus as well, requiring ctrl-alt-delete to escape.

user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:2680: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:2680: in function 'MasterMerchant:initBuyingAdvice'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:1]{isScanning = F, version = "2.2.0", requestTimestamp = 1592600240, PlayerSpecialText = "hfdkkdfunlajjamdhsiwsuwj", name = "MasterMerchant", veryFirstScan = F, totalRecords = 50196, isFirstScan = F, viewMode = "self", locale = "en"} </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:3614: in function '(anonymous)'
|caaaaaa<Locals> _ = 131565, responseType = 14, result = 0 </Locals>|r

In fact, the only feature I really need is to have my trading guild be able to see my sales. Is there something I could turn off to make this error go away?

Thanks so much!
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Unread 06/20/20, 08:31 AM  

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Re: Gamepad

same for me - (not using a gamepad)

Originally Posted by Lyelu
Whenever I visit any guild store, I get the following type of error when using my controller (gamepad mode). Occasionally it gets me perma-stuck in ESO menus as well, requiring ctrl-alt-delete to escape.

user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:2680: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:2680: in function 'MasterMerchant:initBuyingAdvice'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:1]{isScanning = F, version = "2.2.0", requestTimestamp = 1592600240, PlayerSpecialText = "hfdkkdfunlajjamdhsiwsuwj", name = "MasterMerchant", veryFirstScan = F, totalRecords = 50196, isFirstScan = F, viewMode = "self", locale = "en"} </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:3614: in function '(anonymous)'
|caaaaaa<Locals> _ = 131565, responseType = 14, result = 0 </Locals>|r

In fact, the only feature I really need is to have my trading guild be able to see my sales. Is there something I could turn off to make this error go away?

Thanks so much!
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Unread 06/29/20, 05:08 PM  

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Nevermind, my darling husband was testing VPN software on my pc =D
Last edited by loverat : 06/30/20 at 09:22 AM.
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Unread 06/29/20, 05:38 PM  

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Hey I'm sure this answer is in the the list of comments But Missing a new guild

Just switch a guild for the 1st time in a year and the new guild isn't showing in the MM list.
Didn't know if there was a quick fix of if I should save all my data files and delete MM and reinstall and then restore data files, Please advise
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Unread 07/01/20, 11:36 AM  

Forum posts: 0
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Regularly getting this error:

user:/SavedVariables/MM10Data.lua:117950: unexpected symbol near '<eof>'
Deleted that file once, it got recreated, but problem still repeats itself.
Last edited by Gelmir : 07/01/20 at 11:37 AM.
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