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Ascending Tide (7.3.5)
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Caro's Loot List  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2.9
by: Irniben [More]
Disclaimer: All addons are used at your own risk. I try to test everything I upload extensively, but I am not responsible for any mats, items or gold you lose because something doesn't work as you thought it would.

Version 2.4 works as you know it but brings many new features. If you want to use them you need the following libraries (optional dependencies):
When both libs are installed you will find a new CLL entry in the settings menu where you can activate the new multifunctional CLL button and attach it to your chat window. Use the second option to move it (in horizontal direction) if it overlaps with other addons.

The new multifunctinal CLL button and what it can do:
This button is the new way to quickly access everything related to sharing and handling your loot.
Try a right-click to see what it can do!
The button will give you different options depending on the situation you're in:
  • Standard options
    • Post all set-items that have not been collected (and variations of this option via the context menu)
    • Bind all set items in your inventory that have not been collected (and optional: post the others afterwards)
    • Post other items to your group (either from inventory, bank or if InventoryInsight is installed from your other chars):
      • Recipes
      • Motifs
      • Furnishing plans
      • Style pages
      • Master writs
    • Note: when posting any of these categories you propably have a lot of items. Make sure not to post them too quickly so you don't get kicked for spamming.
  • Deconstructing options when interacting with a crafting station
    • Deconstruct every item (smithing/clothing/woodworking or jewelry) except the following
      • legendary items
      • ornated items
      • crafted items
      • nirnhoned items
      • jewelry with any trait other than arcane, robust or healthy
      • intricate items
      • items that are player-locked or protected from deconstruction by FCOIS
    • CLL offers a second decon-option to also include intricate items in the list of deconstructed items
    • After deconstruction the addon will tell you how many items have been deconstructed. That number is a link - click on it to see a detailed list.
  • Depositing/retrieving options when interacting with a bank
    • Deposit all gear that's not player-locked
    • Deposit only group content set items that are stil tradeable
    • Only deposit everything else
    • (Only with WritWorthy installed: Retrieve all writs below the pre-defined gold/voucher-ratio.)
    • (Only with CraftStore installed: Retrieve every recipe, furniture plan and motif that your main crafter (the char tracked by CraftStore) already knows but the current char doesn't. If you have LibPrice installed you can also set a price limit in the settings (recommended if you want to use the auto-learn function).

CLL will remember the options you choose so the next time you need them just do a left-click to use the last option again (options for bank/crafting/other are saved separately).

When trading with another player just left-click the button once to put every tradable item from group content into the trading window.
SPECIAL FEATURE: If both you and the other player are using the current version of CLL try holding CTRL when clicking the button in this situation. If both players do this the addon will automatically put every tradable group-content item in the window and tell the other player what is needed and what not (via the gold trade entry - make sure to have at least 2.345 gold in your inventory when using this option, otherwise it won't work).

New features that rely on other additional addons:
  • Inventory Insight
    • If you also have Inventory Insight installed CLL will have a new option: whenever you post loot (set items, motifs, recipes, etc.) you can choose to post the same item category again but this time not from the current inventory but from any other char or house bank (depending on the data from Inventory Insight).
  • WritWorthy
    • CLL has a new options to post all Master Writs in your inventory/bank. If WritWorthy is installed you will be able to filter them further. You can either post writs your current char isn't able to craft or you define a gold limit and post only writs that have a higher gold/voucher ratio than that number (in the addon's settings).

Original features (still active and usable without the libs or optional dependencies):

Automatically post the items from your inventory that aren't bound but already collected to group chat.
You can either define key binds in the controls or use the following slash commands:

/caroloot - posts all items from group content, that aren't yet bound to your account and which you already have collected into groupchat (press enter till everything is posted)

/carolootall - posts all items from your inventory that are already collected but not bound (including overland etc.) into groupchat (press enter till everything is posted)

/carolootw - like carolootall, but doesn't switch to group chat - you have to already be in whisper mode for this function to work

/caroloot batman - are you the selfless knight that we need but don't deserve? Post every unbound set item you got, even if you haven't collected it yet

/caroloot mawa - post only perfected items if you're in a group where no one needs the normal pieces anymore

/caroloot wife - you are playing eso with your better half? whisper her/him everything you got, we both know, you will give it away anyway...

/caroloot bank - will post all items from your inventory and your bank to the group chat, if they are already collected

/caroloot furniture
/caroloot recipe
/caroloot motif
/caroloot crafting
-- These will post all your recipes, motifs or furniture plans to group chat (from inventory and bank). Use 'crafting' to post all of the three at once.

/carobank - Use at a bank to deposit every item that's not player-locked and does belong to a set.
/carobankall - The same as above but including gear that doesn't belong to a set.

/carodecon - Use this at a crafting station to deconstruct every item exept ornated, intricate, legendary, crafted and jewelry that has any trait aside from the usual three.
/carodeconall - Same as above but also including intricates.
When using carodecon the addon will tell you how many items have been deconstructed. Click on the number to post a detailed list of the deconstructed items to chat.

I reccomend to combine this addon with the folllowing two addons:
(marks uncollected set items in chat)
(marks unknown recipes, motifs, etc. in chat)
- v. 2.9:
-- added the option to automatically refine all mats at a crafting station
-- added more retrieve/deposit options via a separate dialog
-- added the option to retrieve/deposit all items belonging to a specific item set
-- added third/fourth standard-options to the CLL-button (holding CTRL or CTRL+SHIFT)
-- added two filters to the auto-deconstruction (a price filter and a filter for Caro's Collection Mail Group)
-- added the option to retrieve a specified number of mats from your crafting bag (multiple filters/sortings in the options menu)
- v. 2.8:
-- added the option to list the items in chat that are bound by the addon
- v. 2.7:
-- added the option to post only weapons and jewelry via context menu or /carolootnoarmor
- v. 2.6:
-- added a second standard-function for the CLL-button: hold shift while accessing a function via context-menu to save it as the second standard-function for the current mode. you can quickly access it via shift + leftclick the next time you need it.
-- added the option to mass-deconstruct glyphs (only non-crafted)
-- added a new banking option that requires CraftStore and LibPrice: retrieve (and optional: learn) every recipe, furnitureplan and motif from bank, that your current character still needs to learn but your main crafter doesn't (optional: filter by price)
- v. 2.5:
-- added the option to have a personal message after posting loot from group content
-- fixed an issue where the addon would sometimes try to post messages that were longer than the char limit and would break the last item link in them
-- the addon now longer tries to deposit stolen items and items that are character-bound
- v. 2.4:
-- new CLL button
-- addon settings
-- writ posting
-- posting from other chars (via Inventory Insight)
-- auto trade
-- more options (see description page for full details)
- v. 2.1:
-- added a new slash command "/carobankall" that will also deposit gear that doesn't belong to any set
-- added a new slash command "/carodecon" and "/carodeconall". you can use both at any crafting station to deconstruct all items except legendary items, jewelry with traits that aren't the usual three and ornamented. the first (carodecon) is without intricates, the second one also deconstructs those.
- v. 2.0:
-- added a new slash command "/carobank" that you can use at any bank to deposit all the set items that are not player-locked
-- added a new slash command "/carobp" that will bind every uncollected set item in your inventory, wait for half a second and then start to post all dungeon set items to chat (so it's basically "carobind" and "caroloot" called one after the other)
- v. 1.9:
-- fixed a small issue that came with v.1.8 that broke the keybinds
- v. 1.8:
-- loot lists are now sorted alphabetically and duplicates are counted instead of listing them multiple times. In trials perfected items will be posted before normal items (thanks to Mawa for the suggestion!). If your group doesn't need normal items anymore you can use "/caroloot mawa" to only post the perfected items you got.
- v. 1.6:
-- fixed an issue that came with v. 1.5 (motif mode wasn't switched off after using it once)
- v. 1.5:
-- added four new modes
- v. 1.4:
-- api version update
- v. 1.3:
-- added one new mode
- v. 1.2:
--- added two new modes
- v. 1.1:
--- added key binds
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Unread 03/22/22, 05:47 AM  
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Hi Irniben,

I got a hint about your deconstruction and refine functions.
Currently you do not check if the deconstruction or refine panels are shown as the slash commands are used. You only check if the crafting tables are open, that's all. But we could be at the refine tab and decon stuff or be at the research tab and refine stuff.
That "works" as the API is not really in need of the UI controls BUT it will ignore some other addons that way which e.g. use LibFilters3 to filter out items shown at the refine/decon panels, AND it will ignore the "Include banked" filters at the deconstruction panel e.g. (which your code currently manually reads manually again for that reason).

Imo you should better not rebuild the code of ESO all again but simply force to open the correct panel first, which will then apply all filters etc. by vanilla code + other addons (AdvancedFilters e.g., plugins, FCOItemSaver, FCOCraftFilter, all other LibFilters3 addons + IsJustaDecon* addons and so on!) and then decon all the "currently shown inventory slots" there so that all filters are recognized properly.
-> The addOn DoItAll e.g. got a slot class which will iterate the "shown slots" properly, so you can spy that code.

This is only my experience so far so feel free to ignore this and just build your own code that just ignores the other filter addons but you should definately describe that at the description page then so that noone blames your addon to destroy stuff which was not even visible at the UI, but taken into account by your addon in the background by just checking the available items in all bags.
FCOIS is alreayd supported so if the users use that they are protected. But there are several other addons around like AutoCategory and so on which also provide filter methods (not sure about the crafting UI but I think this example addon does add the categories there too).

Another hint: Check the functions of craftingutils.lua, they may help to detect open panels and crafting tables without the need to do special checks:
-> Includes alchemy so this needs to be excluded if not supported

And if you check for multiple (more than 1) same result variables like
if var1=="hello world" or var1 == "blubb" then
you should use a local table for that:
local tabCheck = { ["hello world"] = true, ["blubb"] = true}
if tabCheck[var1] then
-> Your GetCraftingInteractionType checks
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Unread 01/18/21, 10:31 AM  
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Originally Posted by Irniben
Originally Posted by Baertram
If '@AccountNameToWhisperTo' is left nil it will use the last whisper receiver.
I just tried that ingame via /script - it didn't work for me there. I got into whisper mode but without a recipient. But I think it should be an option to say "/carolootw @..." and just tell the addon who to whisper to. Will try that later this evening.
Hm, maybe it was working for me as I also had the pChat addon activated. Forgot to turn it off.
Will try again, but normally it should re-use the last used whisper recipient. There also is the "Reply to whisper" keybinding which does the same, just uses the function ChatReplyToLastWhisper().

You could use this instead then, if no @accountName or charName was given as parameter after /carolootw <@accountOrCharName>

Here is a function to get the options of the arguments you enter after a /slashCommand <args> into a table "options".
Lua Code:
  1. --Args: the arguments String which was typed behind the /slashCommand <argumenst String>
  2. --Will be split at space into the options table.
  3. --slashCommand is the /slashCommand used
  4. local function parseSlashCommandArguments(args, slashCommand)
  5.     --Parse the arguments string
  6.     local options = {}
  7.     --local searchResult = {} --old: searchResult = { string.match(args, "^(%S*)%s*(.-)$") }
  8.     for param in string.gmatch(args, "([^%s]+)%s*") do
  9.         if (param ~= nil and param ~= "") then
  10.             options[#options+1] = string.lower(param)
  11.         end
  12.     end
  13.     --Should a dice be thrown= Chekc for the 2nd argument ONLY and validate as number
  14.     if slashCommand == "/mySlashCommand" then
  15.         if options[1] ~= nil then
  16.             local intVal = tonumber(options[1])
  17.             if type(intVal) == "number" then
  18.                 return intVal
  19.             end
  20.         else
  21.             --Default integer value
  22.             return 10
  23.         end
  25.     elseif slashCommand == "/guildname" then
  26.         --guildId
  27.         local guildIndex
  28.         guildIndex = options[1]
  29.         if guildIndex ~= nil then
  30.             local intVal = tonumber(guildIndex)
  31.             if type(intVal) == "number" then
  32.                 guildIndex = intVal
  33.                 if not guildIndex or guildIndex <= 0 or guildIndex > MAX_GUILDS then
  34.                     guildIndex = nil
  35.                 else
  36.                     return ZO_CachedStrFormat(SI_UNIT_NAME, GetGuildName(GetGuildId(guildIndex)))
  37.                 end
  38.             else
  39.                 guildIndex = nil
  40.             end
  41.         end
  42.         return nil
  43.     end
  44. end
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Unread 01/18/21, 07:37 AM  
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Originally Posted by Baertram
If '@AccountNameToWhisperTo' is left nil it will use the last whisper receiver.
I just tried that ingame via /script - it didn't work for me there. I got into whisper mode but without a recipient. But I think it should be an option to say "/carolootw @..." and just tell the addon who to whisper to. Will try that later this evening.
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Unread 01/17/21, 04:52 PM  
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Uploads: 71
Thanks for the addon!

A hint about the "You already have to be in whisper mode" restrictions:
I think you are able to circumvent this by using the chat channel parameter of the function "StartChatInput"

Lua Code:
  1. StartChatInput("Hello world", CHAT_CHANNEL_WHISPER, '@AccountNameToWhisperTo')
If '@AccountNameToWhisperTo' is left nil it will use the last whisper receiver.

This should also be used to output the message to the CHAT_CHANNEL_PARTY

Last edited by Baertram : 01/17/21 at 04:54 PM.
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