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Deadlands (7.2.5)
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WinterQueen's Survey Banker
Version: 0.2.0
by: Irniben [More]
- When you enter a new zone (open world), the addon will remind you if you have surveys or treasure maps for this zone in your bank (via chat).
- Use /wqsb at a bank to transfer the correct surveys and treasure maps for the current region.
- You also can configure the addon to automatically transfer surveys and treasure maps whenever you open the bank (works both directions).

Both features can be turned on/off via the addon's settings.

If you are using PersonalAssistant: you can set PA up to deposit all surveys and treasure maps if you want. WQSB will wait till PA is finished before it calls any of the automatic transfers.

The locations of the maps/surveys are not hard coded but handled via the name. For some locations the name of a survey is not the same as the name of the location in the game. If you find a location the addon doesn't work for, feel free to tell me which one and in which language the problem occurs.
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