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Deadlands (7.2.5)
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Kyoma's Repair 'n Recharge - Updated
Version: 1.3
by: Tarkasion [More]
This is an updated version of Kyoma's Repair 'n Recharge addon, with added keybindings.

NEW : Keybindings for the /repair and /recharge commands (trigger both manually with 1 key)
1.3 Added Keybindings for the /repair and /recharge commands to manually trigger them both or individually.
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Unread 01/31/22, 01:14 PM  

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LibStub Begone

LibStub is in use and should be removed, removal instructions are here:


Now, besides all that, thank you for the update. I'll test it out.
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Unread 01/07/22, 09:29 AM  
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if you want to update addon inofficially please check BEFORE creating new addons if the optional patch/optional addon is enabled at the addon in question:

This way you "connect" your patch/addon to this exisitng addon and it's easier to find via the "other files" of that addon.
The name should be different to the original one, like you have added "Updated" correctly, in order to let Minion differ it properly.
Future Minion versions might show the "other files" and patches better, so this totally makes sense to connect the files for the tools and for the users who search for updates.

Thank you
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