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Arkadius Guild Roster Update Block
Version: 1.0
by: Verbalinkontinenz, Arkadius
Patchnotes from 15.01.2019:

  • Fixed a performance-related issue that was triggered when a friend, group member, or guildmate would log in, log out, or change zones. This fix will result in slightly higher FPS, particularly if you are a member of a larger guild.
    • Note: If you were searching for your own name inside the guild screen for the performance benefit, you no longer need to do this.

This will make this addon most likely outdated.

Inspired by a forum thread, claiming that entering the own account name into the guild roster search would reduce lags in PvP and PvE on PSA, we came to the idea, to make a tiny script, which blocks guild roster information updating all the time, as long as you're not in the guild roster window. Depending on system this can be a performance improvement.

We do not claim this addon will improve your ingame experience or your performance, also it's more of a test. It should also block laggs, when the weekly trade guild kicking of your active guild happens. Does it work for you, do you feel performance improvements, are you running into any problems. Feedback is much appreciated.

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First Thoughts

Thanks for this add-on! I have a pretty decent machine, but I do play from overseas with already a lot of performance reduction from latency. It's impossible to say quantitatively, but subjectively I really did feel like there was a noticeable improvement in PvP after installing this add-on. Less FPS drops, less hang ups on abilities, steadier performance in big battles, just general all around smoother performance. It seemed like the issues I did continue experience were simply down to high latency as apposed to chunky gameplay. Can't believe this has flown under ZOS' radar for so long. Is it possible some similar issues are caused by the mail system?
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Thank You

Much appreciation for doing this ,so much easier than doing the Manual Block every time I change characters or need to use the roster.

I have let my Guilds know about this as well. Not prime time yet for PCNA but initial results works as good or slightly better than the manual fix.

When running the game and I open a browser, not getting the stutter on the browser that I was with the manual and before it was greatly delayed. Anecdotal but visually speaking I'm happy.

Bonus is that server traffic will go down as more people use this. Definitely needed until permanent fix comes out. I encourage those that think they don't need it for performance so that it reduces overall server traffic which will be a benefit to all players.
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According to : https://github.com/esoui/esoui/blob/...shared.lua#L44

Is it not better to UnregisterForEvent ? And "OnOpen" -> registerForEvent ? Instead check everytime if it is hidden or not.

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