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Blackwood (7.0.5)
Updated:06/07/21 08:47 PM
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Provisioning Crafting Stations: Sort by Level
Version: 1.0.0
by: code65536 [More]
Prior to Update 30 (Blackwood), recipes at a provisioning crafting station were sorted by index, which resulted in the original recipes being grouped by level; level 1 recipes at the top of each category and CP 150 recipes at the bottom. In Update 30, they are now sorted by name.

I consider this change to be a usability regression. The names of the food and drinks in this game are just decorative fluff that don't tell you anything about the item itself. The most important piece of information is the level.
  • When I want to craft a food or drink for use, within each category, the only thing that I really care about is the level, since all recipes within a category at the same level share the same stats. I don't think, "I need to craft a Melon-Baked Parmesan Pork"; I instead think, "I need a craft a max-level Health/Magicka food". So I open the category for blue Health/Magicka foods and scroll to the bottom for the max level ones and pick one: I really don't care about which of the three foods with identical stats I craft, nor do I remember off the top of my head what their names are.

That's where this addon comes in. This addon changes the sort order, so that it sorts primarily by the level of the food or drink, using the name only as a tie-breaker for items that share the same level.
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Unread 11/06/23, 07:37 AM  
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would you consider implementing a *reverse* sort, so that the highest level items are at the top, rather than the bottom, of the list? that'd save scrolling at all, most of the time.
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Unread 06/08/21, 01:51 AM  
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Thank you very much, this is a real time saver
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