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Disable Prologue Quests
Version: 1.0.0
by: SSM24 [More]
This is a simple addon that prevents you from accepting DLC prologue quests. This gives you an easy way to avoid these quests, if you'd rather focus on the sidequests that actually belong to the zone you're in.


Whenever a prologue quest is added to your journal, the current conversation will immediately end, and the quest will automatically be abandoned. This will also print a message in the chat telling you that a quest has been abandoned.

This will not affect quests already in your journal. So if you've already started one of these quests, you don't need to worry about your progress being erased. It also means you can temporarily disable the addon if you do wish to accept one of these quests.


No other mods are required. However, if LibChatMessage is installed, the message printed in chat will be tagged according to your settings for that mod.


This addon won't prevent the "quest started" announcement from playing, so you'll still get all the fanfare of starting a quest even though you've already abandoned it. This is definitely a bit strange, but removing it seems to require some hacky stuff that would almost certainly break compatibility with other mods, so I'm leaving it since it's not that important.

I also wish I had a way to detect these quests sooner (say, by hiding these specific quest markers, or entirely preventing dialogue with the NPCs) but the API doesn't seem to allow accessing info about a quest until it's actually in your journal, so this is the best I can do.
  • Initial release.
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lovely addon!

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