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ESO Theatre II  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2.1.0
by: AnotherFoxGuy [More]
ESO Theatre II

GitHub project: https://github.com/AnotherFoxGuy/ESOTheatreII

Original ESO Theatre created by Halja: http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info59-ESOTheatre.html
This is a new version of the addon because the original hasn't been updated since 10/22/16.

New features
  • Emotes are now loaded from the API
  • Fixed attempt to index a nil value
  • Repositioned and updated the favourite edit buttons

Original Readme from ESO Theatre

This is a simple add-on for playing your favourite character emotes. The game at the release had over 170 emote animation commands to choose from. There was no built-in GUI to display them for game launch. They are access via slash commands .i.e. /torch, /drink, and etc. This add-on allows you to configure a few favourites. It displays them in a window which you can click a button for the emote. If you use a gamepad, ESO did create a quick wheel for emotes starting with the Orsinium DCL late 2015.

I hope you find the add-on useful. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Key Features:
  • Configure 10 emotes buttons on moveable window
  • Thirteen bind key options
  • One for toggling the favourites window
  • One for toggling a condensed list of all the available emotes to blast through to entertain yourself and friends
  • Up to ten for quick keyboard access to favourites
  • One quick keyboard access to play random emote
  • Both windows can be moved separately and the last position is saved
  • Transparency option to fade the add-on to less intrusive while displayed
  • Favorites window collapses out of the way and speed buttons appear to access your first five favourites emotes
  • Lots of command options for access emotes without the add-on windows visible
  • Filtering options on the full emote list window
  • Option to save favourites at the account level or by character

Slash Commands and optional parameters:
/esotheater Displays emote window
/et Alias to display emote window
/et -help Prints the slash commands to the main chat window
/et -reload Reloads Add-on defaults
/et -v Verbose mode which sends extra messages to the chat window
/et -repin Reset main window position to top left corner
/et #### Plays the games emote id
/et Plays the emote based on the name.
/et -f## Plays the emote based on the favorite's button number i.e. /et -f9 plays the emote you assigned to button 9.
V2.0.1: Fixed packaging issue

V2.0: Initial release
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Is there any way to have the emotes displayed in the main window be in alphabetical order?
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