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Dragon Bones (3.3)
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ESO Audio Control
Version: 1.04
by: Phinix [More]
ESO Audio Control

Ever been annoyed by all the trolls bringing out the most obnoxious sounding pets possible whenever they go to a bank? Wish you could set a key bind to shut them the hell up? Well, now you can!

ESO Audio Control lets you set individual keybinds to toggle Music, Ambient, Effects, Footsteps, Dialogue, and Interface sounds. Or, you can set one keybind that toggles ALL sound except for the music. Hitting the keybind for one of these sets the volume level to 0, and hitting it again sets the level back to where it was.

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- API bump for Dragon Bones.

- API bump

- Updated API to One Tamriel (Update 12)
- Updated libraries to latest.

Version 1.01:
- Updated API to latest.
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combat music...

Is it possible to disable combat music somehow?

edit: seems like i found something http://www.esoui.com/downloads/download457-HarvensIn-CombatAudioVolume
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