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Gold Road (10.0.0)
Scions of Ithelia (9.3.0)
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Black Book Browser  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 4.0.0
by: sirinsidiator [More]
A windows program to browse and extract files from the ESO game data archives (only works for the new format introduced in Update 5.3). May or may not contain bugs. Use this program at your own risk.

Simply start bbb.exe, click the big blue plus button on the bottom left and select the game install directory (containing the depot, game and vo_* folders).
The arrow keys can be used to quickly navigate file trees and search results, space can be used to toggle checkboxes in the extract dialog, ctrl+1/2/3 switches tabs in the main navigation and ctrl+f also goes to the search tab.

Short History:
v1 - An unreleased node.js program called "esoextract" written between the last beta and early access in 2014.
v2 - Still unreleased, but switched to nwjs in 2017 for better ease of use.
v3 - Rewrote it in TypeScript and implemented a proper UI. First public release under the name "Black Book Browser" in 2020.
v4 - Rewrote pretty much everything again using ionic-svelte and tauri, after v3 was broken beyond repair and could no longer extract files from eso.mnf starting with live version 9.3.9 and pts version 10.0.1.
- switched to tauri as runtime and ionic-svelte as UI framework
- implemented new layout and design
- optimized performance in all parts of the app
- fixed some (valid) dds files not being supported for preview
- updated patron list

- fixed compatibility with game update 39

- added file search
- added file list display and save button to archives and folders
- added button to save texture preview as png
- improved extract dialog path input to allow direct modification
- improved layout
- updated patron list
- updated dependencies

- added tooltip to "Add Game" button to explain which folder to select
- changed filenames for unmapped files without an id to use hex notation for the offset
- fixed some files not getting decompressed correctly (or rather not at all)
- fixed extracting a single file without preserving the parent folders
- updated dependencies

v3.0.0 - initial release
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Unread 05/13/24, 04:14 PM  
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Thanks for the update!
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Unread 05/13/24, 12:25 PM  
Lykeion's Avatar
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I was just bothered by the eso.mnf not being extracted, thanks for the update! The new UI looks great too
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Unread 01/09/24, 04:01 AM  

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Good morning,
Extraction does not work.
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Unread 07/31/23, 11:23 AM  

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No longer works

Hello! I'm assuming this isn't supported anymore, but I prefer this over other datamining tools and I'd love if a fix could be made.
As of this recent PTS cycle, trying to scan the depot\eso.mnf of the PTS results in the following error:

"The value of "offset" is out of range. It must be > = 0 and < = 26961360. Received 285217326"

I understand if this isn't in your to-do list, but I'd really appreciate being able to use this great tool still!
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