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ExoYs Mundus Reminder
Version: 1.3
by: ExoY [More]
With this Addon, you never use the wrong mundus stone, as it provides a simple reminder of your current mundus stone at various situations. Sadly you still have to go change your Mundus manually.

This is especially helpful, when a character is used for different rolls or often switches between PvP and PvE.

The reminder duration and design is fully customizable to suit your individual User Interface design.

Available options for the reminder to be activated:
  • entering a normal instance*
  • entering a veteran instance*
  • entering Cyrodiil or Imperial City
  • entering queue for dungeon or battleground
  • entering queue for Cyrodiil or Imperial City
  • duel invitation (sent or received)
  • duel start (set duration to 2 seconds)

*Instances refer to dungeon and raids.

Planned Features
  • hotkey: port to a specific house
    A lot of guilds and players have houses with many mundus stones. You can save such a house to fast travel to it, without having to look for the person in your friendlist or guild rooster. This will also work, if the house of interest is not their primary resident.
  • location overview
    A list of the locations for each mundus stone throughout Tamriel.
  • bonus overview
    Showing how strong each bonus is to help you choose the right mundus stone.
  • divine calculator
    This is an addition to the bonus overview. It will show the actuall bonus used by the game depending on the amount of divine gear worn. This feature will rely on empirical data.
    A little investigation of mine has shown that some bonuses use decimal places, while others just cut them off. For example, when using the "ritual-mundus", with a basic value of 8%, in the current Patch (Stonethorn) there is no difference in your healing, whether you wear three (10,2%) or four (10,9%) divine pieces.

Known Bugs and Typos
  • cyrodiil missing an "i" (will be fixed with next update)
  • displaying the mundus repeatedly while in a queue, when the "show when entering queue" option is enabled
Version 1.3
*Without an active Mundus it displays now "No Mundus!" instead of a blank notification
*added an option to show reminder when joining a group

Version 1.2
*fixed a typo (shadow is spelled correctly now)
*while in an instance, a loading screen does not cause the addon to display the mundus again

Version 1.1
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