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Stonethorn (6.1.5)
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Pocket Adeptus Red Trial CP - Updated
Version: 1.0
by: EternalSessions6 [More]
Originally made by: init3

Updated for Greymore/Stonethorn with Kynes Aegis

This addon was created to make it easier to save and share red CP allocations with other people. The CP is completely editable in-game to allow for people to save their own personalized CP configurations since not everyone uses the same CP



/pocket - Opens the settings menu to allow editing of the default CP configurations

/cp [contentInitials] - Accesses the requested cp configuration and places it in your chatbox

/cpset [contentInitials] - Accesses the requested cp configuration and changes your red CP to match. By default the addon does not auto-confirm the CP change and manually confirming the change from the CP redistribution page is needed. A setting to enable auto-confirm is provided in PocketAdeptus settings menu. This only affects your red CP and will leave your green and blue CP as they were prior to running the command.

Valid Content Initials:

aa - Aetherian Archive
as - Asylum Sanctorium
cr - Cloudrest
dsa - Dragonstar Arena
hof - Halls of Fabrication
hrc - Hel Ra Citadel
ma - Maelstrom Arena
mol - Maw of Lorkhaj
so - Sanctum Ophidia
brp - Blackrose Prison
ss - Sunspire
ka - Kynes Aegis
gen - General
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