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Firesong (8.2.5)
Lost Depths (8.1.5)
High Isle (8.0.0)
Ascending Tide (7.3.5)
Deadlands (7.2.5)
Waking Flame (7.1.5)
Blackwood (7.0.5)
Greymoor (6.0.5)
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Nika Brave GuildHall
Version: 0.0.18
by: Verling [More]
Fast guid halls "My Home Domain" traveler addon.
Located in the "Stillwaters Retreat" by @Nikbrave

And a menu button to move around their homes.
For the first menu button to work, assign the house you need as the main one.
To do this, move to this house and press "F5" - "R" - "Settings" - "Make primary".
See the rest of the houses by name.

Аддон для быстрого перемещения в гильдхоллы "My Home Domain".
Расположенные в "Приют тихих вод" у @NikaBrave

И кнопка меню для перемещения по своим домам.
Для работы первой кнопки меню назначьте нужный вам дом основным.
Для этого переместитесь в этот доме и нажмите "F5" - "R" - "Настройки" - "Сделать основным".
Остальные дома смотрите по названиям.
0.0.18 Changed the list of houses to 2 buttons. fixed errors in the list of houses

0.0.17 fix version API 101036
Сhanged 2 button. it has become a menu button for moving around their homes.

0.0.16 fix version API 101034
remove "Cyrodilic Jungle House"

0.0.15 added "Cyrodilic Jungle House" and minor edits by language

0.0.14 fix version API 101034

0.0.13 fix version API 101033

0.0.12 Right alignment of the chat
Small logic changes for icons

0.0.10 update icons. New Year holiday

0.0.9 fix version API 101032

0.0.8 fix version API 101031

0.0.7 Update version API

0.0.6 Cosmetic changes to the descriptions and display in the list of addons

0.0.5 Minor fixes

0.0.4 Edit second icon "My Primary House"

0.0.3 Adding the 2nd icon "My Primary House"

0.0.2 Good begin. Аdding the first icon "Nika Brave"
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