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Waking Flame (7.1.5)
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Notification Sound Bug Blocker
Version: 1.0.1
by: Dolgubon [More]
By now you've likely heard a random notification sound. This blocks it.
Version 1.0.1:

ZOS fixed the bug, so removed all the code from it. You can delete this addon now.
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08/29/21 06:36 PM

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Unread 09/13/21, 07:57 PM  
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Nice little patch, and since ZOS still hasn't got to this it is definitely a boon. Just noticed there are some extra files included... NotificationSoudBugBlocker.txt (duplicate of manifest only missing 'n' in 'sound' and package.bat. Not really a problem just thought I'd mention it.

Thanks for sparing my ears the aural spam.
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Unread 08/30/21, 10:32 AM  
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OMG Thank you so much! TO be honest I was going to go with what I saw in gitter, not knowing how it will work, but this will do just fine... oh man... thanks.
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Unread 08/30/21, 01:37 AM  
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Thanks Dolgubon!

Reason for the addon:
ZOs has added a notification sound if anyone in your guilds/friends list/group play a trial and the leaderboard changes.
There is a game setting which enables us to mute notifiactions about these leaderboard changes. But somehow the sound is played even though this setting is enabled (notifications are blocked, but sound is heard).

They are aware of it and will fix this

btw: FCO ChangeStuff got a setting where you are able to move all sounds (select from a list with their names and click them to preview the sound) to a disabled list (move from left to right). You are able to mute all kind of sounds with it, like the mail sound, notifications, opening books or ther menus and so on.
Last edited by Baertram : 08/30/21 at 01:37 AM.
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Unread 08/29/21, 07:16 PM  

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best addon ever!!! i will be able to play with sound again! ty ty ty lol
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