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Lost Depths (8.1.5)
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LuiginoMP's Daily Quest Tool
Version: 1.2
by: luiginomp [More]
Dependency on LuiginoMPsDialogueSkipper.

All-in-one tool for handling daily quests: Skips dialogue for known Daily Quest Givers and automatically accepts quests. Tracks known quests to show whether they've been completed for the day - resets daily. Auto-learns quest givers and quests as the addon sees them for the first time (Future-proof; No need to wait for library updates when a new expansion comes out - just play to add them).

Type /lmpdailyquests in chat to find all commands.

Upcoming functionality: Announcing dailies in chat, auto-group invite, and auto-sharing.
Optimized code format - no user functionality changes

Command added to show all unfinished dailies.
Command added to show all finished dailies.
Fixed bug preventing Daily Writ quests from updating completion state properly.
Command added to share all daily quests in journal
Fixed quest completion bug that would occur if player completed a non-repeatable quest
Added dependency on LuiginoMPsDialogueSkipper (separate addon)
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Hi, please define the dependencies needed
LuiginoMP's Dialogue Skipper
at the addon description so one sees them within Minion and at the esoui website properly!
Thank you.

Edit - A hint:
Within your addon files yous hould check that your EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent is not done before your addon's event_add_on_loaded has taken place!

You load your adodn via file 00_LuiginoMPsDailyQuestTool.lua e.g. but the other files will register the events already as they are called, which happens before the 1st file's event_add_on_loaded has fired for your addon!
If the events you register somehow trigger before your addon was loaded properly youll get into trouble then, so better only register the events after that had happened.

e.g. set a global flag
LuiginoMPsDailyQuestTool.wasLoaded = true within your function LuiginoMPsDailyQuestTool:Initialize()
and in your other registered events check at the beginning

Lua Code:
  1. EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent(system.name, EVENT_CLIENT_INTERACT_RESULT, function(eventCode, result, interactTargetName)
  2.     if not LuiginoMPsDailyQuestTool.wasLoaded then return end
  3.     currentDialogueTarget = zo_strformat("<<1>>", interactTargetName)
  4. end)
  6. EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent(system.name, EVENT_CHATTER_END, function(eventCode)
  7.     if not LuiginoMPsDailyQuestTool.wasLoaded then return end
  8.     currentDialogueTarget = nil
  9. end)

Edit 2 - 2nd hint about constants
If you use API functions which return a defined value type you should not use the numbers directly but the constants for that tape.
if GetJournalQuestRepeatType(journalIndex) == 2 then

GetJournalQuestRepeatType returns, as the APi description txt files tells you, the QuestRepeatableType
--- @param journalQuestIndex luaindex
--- @return repeatType [QuestRepeatableType|#QuestRepeatableType]
function GetJournalQuestRepeatType(journalQuestIndex) end

So search in the API txt documentation for QuestRepeatableType and you'll find the constants:
h5. QuestRepeatableType

One of them is your value 2 then -> QUEST_REPEAT_DAILY = 2
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