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Slip's OffTaunt
Version: 1.5.2
by: SlipperySoap [More]
This add-on allows the blocking of taunts for individual bosses and mobs.

It will not prevent hitbox issues, but if the target is under your reticle when pressing taunt it will block it.

In the settings, "On" means blocking taunt for that specific target.

The Override Timer is a configurable hold-to-fire timer that allows you to override a block. The override only works with Keyboard + Mouse controls for now. So hold the key to taunt until the override timer that you set has been exceeded, and then the taunt will fire upon release.

To add additional taunts to block and blocked entities you can edit data.lua file.

*This is @SlipperySoap's fork of the OffTaunt addon authored by @Jarva [EU]. Credit for putting together the foundation of the add-on go to @Jarva [EU].

  • LibAddonMenu-2.0
  • LibSkillBlocker

Blocked Entities
- Asylum Sanctorium
  • Saint Felms the Bold
  • Pneuma Projection
  • Saint Lothis the Pious
  • Imperfect Attendant
  • Saint Olms the Just
-Kyne's Aegis
  • Yandir the Butcher
  • Captain Vrol
  • Lord Falgravn
- Sunspire
  • Lokkestiiz
  • Frost Atronach
  • Storm Atronach
  • Yolnahkriin
  • Fire Atronach
  • Nahviintaas
  • Vigil Statue
  • Alkosh's Fate
  • Alkosh's Fury
  • Alkosh's Will
  • Alkosh's Ruin
- Cloudrest
  • Z'Maja
  • Shade of Galenwe
  • Shade of Siroria
  • Shade of Relequen
- Rockgrove
  • Oaxiltso
  • Havocrel Annihilator
  • Flame-Herald Bahsei
  • Flesh Abomination
  • Fire Behemoth
  • Xalvakka
- Dreadsail Reef
  • Reef Guardian
  • Coral Drift Bear
  • Coral Drift Senche
  • Tideborn Taleria
  • Sea Behemoth
- Sanity's Edge
  • Exarchanic Yaseyla
  • Contramagis Wamasu
  • Archwizard Twelvane
  • Chimera
  • Ascendant Gryphon
  • Ascendant Lion
  • Ascendant Wamasu
  • Ansuul the Tormentor
  • Essence Manifestation
- Lucent Citadel
  • Count Ryelaz
  • Gloomy Blackguard
  • Mirrormoor Bone Flayer
  • Zilyesset
  • Shardborn Lightweaver
  • Gloomy Infernium
  • Orphic Shattered Shard
  • Xoryn
Update [Version 1.5.1]:
@SlipperySoap: Added functionality for Lucent Citadel's Count Ryelaz and Zilyesset adds
Update [Version 1.5.0]:
@SlipperySoap: Added functionality for Lucent Citadel
Update [Version 1.4.0]:
@SlipperySoap: Added functionality for Sanity's Edge
Update [Version 1.3.0]:
@SlipperySoap: Added taunt blocking for the skills of: Runic Jolt, Runic Sunder, Runic Embrace
Update [Version 1.1.1]:
@SlipperySoap: Added Fiery Grip, Unrelenting Grip, and Silver Leash as blocked taunts. Increased the maximum override threshold to 5000ms from 1000ms.
Update [Version 1.1.0]:
@SlipperySoap: Added Frost Clench as a blocked taunt. Added functionality for these trials: Cloudrest, Rockgrove, and Dreadsail Reef. You'll have to disable the outdated version to use this updated version.
Note from @SlipperySoap: I noticed that this add-on hadn't been updated since March 15, 2021. I added the new features to my own OffTaunt addon and wanted to share them with other people. All credit for the overall add-on go to @Jarva [EU].
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Alright, will do. Thanks for letting me know.
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Hi, if you update the addon please write the changes to the Changelog tab so one is able to see them at a glance, and within Minion more easily.
Thanks for considering this.
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