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Scribes of Fate (8.3.5)
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Categories:Group, Guild & Friends, Bags, Bank, Inventory, Combat Mods, PvP, Utility Mods
RidinDirty - Mount - Teleport - Lock Armory - Taunted - Queue - Bank - Repair - Recharge - AP Telvar  Updated Today!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2023.06.04
by: sinnereso [More]
"They see me rollin... They be hatin... Neva gonna catch me RidinDirty"
  • RidinDirty is specifically aimed at but not limited to small groups, friends and significant others for events, dungeons, questing and pvp etc. The features within are targeted at enhancing that playstyles fun, comfort, efficiency and mobility in one easy to configure place and is of particular benefit to non eso+ subscribers.
  • High performance and lightweight.
  • Currently designed for english language only and keyboard mode.
  • Compatibility with other addons with overlapping features is not guaranteed.
  • DEPENDENCIES: LibAddonMenu - LibCustomMenu
  • COMPATIBILITY: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter - Daily Alchemy - Daily Provisioning - WritWorthy - Mass Deconstructor - JackOfAllTrades
  • Save & mount a group members multi rider mount using keybind. "Save for RidinDirty" context menu to save player.
  • Teleport to "saved player" in group or locally in zone from guilds and friends using keybind with selectable effects.
  • Teleport to primary home inside or outside using keybind with selectable effects in settings panel.
  • All teleports include a toggleable queue system when in combat and will initiate the teleport when combat ends.
  • Leaderboards, Emperor & Group windows follow your displayname preferences(character name or @name).
  • Auto bank / house deposit fills ONLY existing stacks. Options to stack foods, drinks, potions, poisons, soul gems and tools.
  • Auto gold deposit / withdraw from bank with slider to adjust reserve. Option for one hoarding character per account to not auto deposit.
  • Auto alliance point / telvar stone & reserve / writ voucher deposit into bank & display all bank currency balances in chat.
  • Keybinds for "Leave Group" & "ReloadUI" functions.
  • Settings panel to display & adjust features instantly. ReloadUI not required.
  • All additional feature modules can be individually turned off and disabled completely. ReloadUI not required.
  • Lock armory save build from settings panel so you dont accidentally save over builds.
  • Nameplate font boost increases nameplate font size from 20pt to 26pt for slightly easier reading.
  • Show taunted targets displays taunt time left on any non-player taunted target in the center of reticle.
  • Auto meticulous disassembly at crafting stations & assistants and returns original champion skill after.
  • Auto accept queues for dungeons, battlegrounds, cyrodiil & imperial city.
  • Auto repair all equipment at merchants & display costs in chat.
  • Auto recharge weapons with gems with adjustable threshold.
  • AP and telvar log to chat with adjustable minimum threshold.
*Special thanks to Baertram, Votan, EXoY and wookiefriseur for ALOT of help with many functions and features. Also CrazyDutchGuy and Garkin for some code from retired CDG Bank Stacker. Also Criscal and amuridee for some inspiration from TANK. Also Jarva & Masteroshi430 for providing code from Group User ID for the leaderboards and group displayname by preferences feature.
- Fix for ".lua:451: attempt to index a nil value".

- Removed temporary daily writ fix and applied a different fix the pro's believe will be more reliable.

- Added temporary fixed for IC Next Boss not reliably hiding timer window if you had it disabled.
- Added temporary fix for one and possibly more bugged enchanting daily writs that don't register like all other crafting writs. For banking compatibility.

- Added tooltips for gold reserve selections representing character QOL.

- Code optimizations.

- Added auto telver reserve "withdraw" ability if below reserve.
- Adjusted telvar reserve in options panel to display comma delimited numbers with descriptive tooltips.
- Adjusted travel home chat output to once again display inside or outside.
- Changed gold reserve slider to a dropdown list of choices with a snazzy coin to match the telvar reserve asthetics.

- Added telvar reserve. Reserves chosen amount on person for telvar X multiplier farming. Does not withdraw.

- Code optimizations.

- Refined auto meticulous compatibility with JackOfAllTrades by disabling ONLY if meticulous disassembly is enabled in JackOfAllTrades.

- FIXED auto meticulous "not enough champion points" error.
- Tweaked auto meticulous error handling and added an additional check to make sure you have enough points to slot meticulous disassembly.

- Added JackOfAllTrades compatibility. Temporarily disables auto meticulous when running JackOfAllTrades.

- Adjusted some auto meticulous code to help future proof against api changes.

- Finally got fully automatic auto meticulous working properly. Still in BETA though while I iron out any other unforseen bugs. Theres been 2 known issues I've been working on. (1) You can't swap cp an unknown rediculous amount of times in an unknown short period of time. (2) If you happen to crash while swapped there is no way I've found to know this even with a saved variable when you log back in because a crash doesn't save the variables.

- Added Mass Deconstructor compatibility simply by enabling auto meticulous to the enchanting tables which dont actually benefit from meticulous disassembly but Mass Deconstructor thinks it does so we go with that =p.
- Revamped auto meticulous events down to 2 from 6 that can now be fully turned off when feature disabled.
- Revamped auto meticulous to now activate at any related station or assistant and then deactivate 30secs later if not at a station or assistant. If you ARE still at a station or assistant then it will continue to check every 10secs until your done and then return your primary champion skill.
- Added (BETA) to the auto meticulous name so its clear that its still in testing.

- Fixed auto currency deposits not coloring the amounts correctly.
- Added auto withdraw gold when below reserve and enough gold in bank to do it.
- Added a 30 second mute to the Auto Meticulous Active message so it doesn't spam as much.
- Various tweaks to auto meticulous disassembly. Its still a work in progress. Disable if having issues for the moment.

- Reverted back to a previous version with the below fixes. *** YOU WILL NEED TO SELECT SWAP SKILL AGAIN IN ADDON SETTINGS *** I'll continue working on the fully automated Auto Meticulous slowly on the side.

- Fixed ALL auto currency deposits showing the telvar image. Sorry I just realized it was doing this. It was functioning correctly though just displaying the wrong currency image.
- Fixed Auto Meticulous Disassembly not enabling events imediately after enabling feature and added all champion point choices.
- Auto Meticulous is still BETA. Im fine tuning it still.

- Fix for "Compatibility test" message" doing writs.
-- Added Auto Meticulous Disassembly at crafting stations & assistants option. Swaps with selected champion skill(will add more choices if needed).

- Settings panel cosmetic adjustments.
- Enhanced auto bank deposit compatibility for ALL daily writ addons.

- Added an option to disable gold auto deposit for ONE main gold hoarding character per account.
- Increased maximum auto gold deposit reserve to 1,000,000 in 25k steps. Can still manually enter any amount you wish between 0 and 1mil.

- Added auto deposit gold(slider to adjust reserve 0 - 500k), auto deposit ap & auto deposit writ voucher banking options.
- Settings panel cosmetic adjustments.

- Added "Deposit ALL" options for auto bank deposit and auto house deposit features.

- Added poisons to the list of NOT auto stacked in bank or house storages.

- Minor settings panel visual tweaks and added tooltips to describe each feature in more detail.

2023.05.09 *New feature*
- Added House Storage Deposit option in settings for those that would find that useful.
- Updated RidinDirty naming in settings panel, keybinds and controls to just RidinDirty.

- Added banking compatibility with Daily Alchemy & Daily Provisioning addons. Appears to be some unusual inhouse withdrawl messages still between Daily Alchemy/Provisioning and Dolgubons Lazy Writ Crafter but unrelated to RidinDirty and functional regardless. I recommend disabling Daily Alchemy/Provisioning bank withdrawls if you have Dolgubon's(UNLESS YOU ARE ONLY USING HOUSE STORAGES FOR MATS). Daily Alchemy/Provisioning CAN grab from house storages but seems to grab from bank 1st instead of the housing container that was opened.

- Banking code optimizations.

- Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter 100% compatibility complete. Now ONLY disables RidinDirty banking functions during Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter banking operations.
- Removed attempted Personal Assistant compatibility. After thinking about it more I realized it was not needed. You decide what options to enable/disable.

2023.05.05 - MAJOR UPDATE
- Added compatibility with Personal Assistant. Disables any overlapping RidinDirty features with Personal Assistant enabled features.
- Added compatibility with Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter. Temporarily disables auto banking while lazy writ creator 'Withdraw writ items' is enabled and accessing assistant banker. To continue using RidinDirty banking features with assistants you will have to disable Lazy Writ Crafter 'Withdraw writ items' when you're done with it for the time being until I find a better "only doing writs" solution.

- Updated and shortened ALL text output logos from [RidinDirty] to [RD] to save chat line space and the eyes!
- Updated and condensed considerable code into reusable variables to save HD space and the environment!
- Updated keybind category name in controls.
- Updated remaining text output to be consistant everywhere.
- Beginning to look into compatability with other big addons like "Dolgubon's lazywrit creator" and more. Ive found some conflicts with auto banking functions. Will be some updates soon.

- Updated list of non-teleportable zones.
- Added currency icons to bank balances display when opening bank, AP/Telvar gains in pvp and repairs.

- In an effort to prevent effects firing off when you can't teleport to the saved player at their location, I've added a table for easy additions to a list of zones that can't be travelled to that I know of already. If you find any others please let me know in the feedback in settings panel or in game PC/NA @sinnereso.

- Lock armory save build revamped and working 100% now. It's highly efficient with no more delay timers and 0 event monitoring :)
- Cleaned up remaining unused code and notes from the creation of the armory lock.
- Fixed random unable to teleport to saved player bug caused by using zoneIndex instead of zoneID.
- Adding specific zones you can't teleport to manually since the game doesn't provide a proper way to check this in advance. So far have "Eyevea" and "The Earth Forge". Will be a slow process getting them all but please feel free to let me know of any via feedback.

- Optimized keybinding code.
- Organized Ouroboros hourglass animation code into a seperate function
- Added some additional checks when teleporting to saved player to make sure you CAN travel to them at they're location. This will save you mental energy not wasting effects!
- Added additional checks when teleporting home to make sure you CAN from YOUR current location.
- RE-Added Armory hide save build button as an experimental feature. I want it but am not happy with the implementation yet.

- Fixed a rare show taunted targets variable bug.

- Greatly optimized code and reduced addon size by approx 10% while retaining all its original juicy goodness!

- Adjusted travel home output and queue messages to all be the same format.

- Adjusted bank currency output and cleaned up any and all unused notes in code.

- API bump for PTS

- Removed the (G) (AP) (T) (WV) from bank balance display since they are color coded to make more room on 1 line for BiG monies!

- Code optimizations

- Organised features into clean clear sections for anyone creeping my code =p

- Code optimizations

- Enhanced Auto Bank Stacker & Auto Telvar Deposit functions to display current banked balances for gold(G), ap(AP), telvar(T) and writ vouchers(WV) when bank is opened or telvar auto deposited.
- Added proper number formatting for numbers greater than 999 like 1,000 instead of 1000 for banking, ap and telvar gains etc.
- Adjusted bank balance output spacing so there is always only one leading space.

- *NEW* Leaderboards, Emperor & Group windows now follow your displayname preference(char name or @name). This feature is a port from a retired addon "Group User ID" Masteroshi430 recently revived. This feature is still in beta as I'm uncertain how it may affect other addons that manipulate these lists. If you have any issues please report them.

- Fixed a bug where you attempt to teleport while effect is unavailable there would be no chat message stating where your teleporting to. For example after eating the event cake it would not permit momento use for some time after.

- TY for patience while I adjust all these output messages. Finally got them to a place I can live with thats informative but not super annoying or bloating addon with 500 different messages and checks for them. This should be final update for a while other than bugs.
- Updated text output for various mounting and teleporting functions when your unable to perform that function for various reasons.

- Code optimizations

- Slightly increased finvir's trinket and token of root sunder effect timings to feel more smooth. You will need to cycle through them and re-select for new timings to be set.
- Code optimizations

- Re-Added darkswarm talisman teleport effect.
- Adjusted teleport effect timings and logic.
- Adjusted name of travel home keybinding.
- Code optimizations.

- Re-Added token of root sunder and fetish of anger teleport effects.
- Added finvir's trinket teleport effect because it's cool too.
- Adjusted mounting message logic.

- *NEW* Taunted!! Displays if target is taunted and duration on the crosshair.
- Quick fix for taunted.

- Adjusted teleport effects to show in red in settings if collectible not unlocked yet.
- Adjusted mounting to detect and display if "saved player" hasn't been set to mount.
- Adjusted AP gain message when repairing to "Keep Repair:" instead of "Gained:".
- Attempting to detect if "saved player" is in campaign or battle ground when trying to teleport to them.

- Adjusted campaign auto accept timing again. Removed delay completely and testing a few days.
- Adjusted balance text output when gaining telvar to "Carried Balance:".
- Adjusted multi rider mounting logic to detect and notify if "saved player" is not in group or online.

- Adjusted auto queue timings. This is for cyro group queues. Im working on accepting both messages to remove them from screen fast even though it works regardless.
- Optimized telvar event monitoring to only be activated in IC not cyrodiil as well.

- Minor mounting text output adjustments

- FIXED a typo in the previous update causing and error after zoning. All fixed :)
- Added Telvar log to chat feature to AP log. Now does both! AP log and Telvar log merged into same option using same slider for minimum settings.

- Slight renaming to RidinDirty (Group & Events) as it is designed for events as well.

2023.03.29 [Addon COMPLETE]
- Addon complete! Just bug fixing going forward.
- Removed unused code and functions.
- Cleaned up internal commenting and prepped as final version.

- Fixed the Fix! TY Beartram! Settings menu callbacks now much more efficient and are only called for this addon instead of all addons silently.
- minor code cleanup and setup two minor manual toggles inside RidinDirty.lua for professionals to enable/disable the out of gems warning and the /ritualcasting effect during queued teleports etc. Added for those that either really like or really dislike the features.
- FIXED!! save player context menu error when settings panel hasn't been opened yet to create the controls. Now saves and updates properly anytime as a good menu should.

- Temporary FIX for save player error if you haven't opened addon settings panel. Somehow I never noticed this while working on the settings panel that if you hadn't opened it yet there was no control to edit to display the saved player. Im currently working on a proper fix but for the time being im skipping editing that field if it doesnt exist yet which eliminates the error if you try to save player BEFORE opening addon settings and everything does work properly.

- Adjusted travel home text output formatting to be inline with the other chat output messages.
- Added defaults for "saved player" and "teleport effects" for settings panel.
- optimized auto recharge code slightly

- Tweaked some effect timings and done I hope.
- Fixed auto recharge not charging.. sorry was my fault when messing with the warning idea.

- Added and removed low on soul gems warning. Tweaked out of soul gems warning to only display once but will display again everytime you zone to remind you.
- Moved backup recharge check from on_load to on_activate which should fire a little more often when loading, going through doors, zoning or any load screen to make sure weapons charged if they had been at 0 charges for an extended period of time. This scenario is unlikely but possible and I'm trying to make sure its covered.
- Tweaked campaign accept timings and effects.

2023.03.23 (Tomorrows Edition TODAY & Addon Complete)
- Adjusted Key binding names to reflect some of the recent changes.
- Added queue animation and /ritualcasting effect(if unlocked) when entering campaigns.

- Enhanced settings menu visually. Also minimum charge and minimum ap logged sliders now disable upon feature being turned off.
- Adjusted settings menu colors slightly.
- Updated addon images.
- Adjusted alliance AP gained sounds from capture, defence and in general.

- Removed mount player multi rider queue after combat. Was a cool feature but required coordination with them to stay in range for it to be useful and felt awkward.
- Added sounds to alliance keep capture and defense AP rewards.
- Added sounds for many of the previous on screen messages.
- Added sliders in settings menu to adjust the minimum weapon charge before charging and minimum AP to log in chat.*beta* still looking for any issues.

- Removed a considerable amount of on screen display messages as the default ESO ones in top right corner are enough and less annoying.
- Lowered minimum weapon charge setting and AP logged to chat. Only checks on charge use and load/reload so if you were out of gems for an extended period of time you may need to manually charge or reloadui once you get some. Weapon swap was a good option before 1bar builds but now not much use so I'm lookin at other options still to remedy this without it checking every time you do anything at all.
- Adjusted on screen message entering campaign.

- Attempting to fix a rare issue during heavy lag where cyrodiil auto queue didn't accept.
- Added onscreen msgs indicating when entering campaign.

- Final Settings panel tweak
- Tightened up settings panel
- Cleaned up effects toggle code

- Seperated Auto Bank Stacker and Auto Telvar Deposit into seperate options
- Fixed couple punctuation errors
- Added additional check before disabling on_player_activate between Font Boost and AP Log since they both require it, they now check that the other is off as well before disabling it.
- Fine tuned options panel as best I could with LibAddonMenu and now displays some other useful info.

- Poilished up some feature descriptions in option menu.
- Fixed saved player not updating in setting window without reloadui.
- REMOVED "SAVE PLAYER" keybinding as it was a redundant feature and saving random people was useless since you had to be at least in group with them to mount or teleport. This change makes LibCustomMenu now required.
- I suggest going into SETTINGS / ADD-ONS and at the bottom hit "clear unused keybinds" after updating. *BE WARNED* this will clear any currently unused keybinds including INACTIVE addons as well so enable all addons with keybinds that matter to you 1st to prevent that.

- REQUIRED DEPENDENCY: LibAddonMenu-2.0, LibCustomMenu.
- UPDATE: Still working on effect button.

2023.03.15 *** MAJOR UPDATE ***
- Fixed auto bank getting all excited and trying to stack from house chests.
- Fixed auto queue not accepting campaign queues.
- ADDED AP Log to chat feature.
- REMOVED all slash commands and upgraded to a real settings menu but came with a saved variable reset. All settings are now in the normal addon settings with the other addons. Still looking for bugs but haven't found any.
- Known issue: Saved Player info and teleport effects button currently dont update after changing without reloadui BUT are working properly, its just not updating the settings window.. Temporarily using an onscreen display message for the teleport effects.
- NEW REQUIRED DEPENCENDY: LibAddonMenu for the new settings menu.

- Permanantly removed chat window context menu feature as it was not needed.
- Code Optimizations. Increased both load and auto recharge performance.
- Still testing internally AP to Chat feature. Wanting to add it but not wanting to add any more /SLASH commands so I'm at a roadblock with it as it should be a toggleable feature but otherwise its working perfectly so far. I might merge it with autobank & telvar deposit feature but undecided.

- API bump to update37
- Fixed a chat output bug. Was missing 1 digit on a color table and it stole the letter C from my chat output so those that dont know you "an't teleport while mounted" can still play! =p
- Edited the variable initialization down to 1 line as per Beartrams suggestion which may improve load performance and upset the gods much less! =p
- Testing internally a new very basic AP gained to chat feature.

- Cleaned up chat messages and preparing for update 37.

- Added Guild, Group & Friends list "Save to RidinDirty" context menu option via OPTIONAL: LibCustomMenu. TY Votan for the LibCustomMenu upgrades :)
- Temporarily disabled the chat window context menu feature. Depending on your interface settings it may have been saving players character name instead of @NAME. Disabled until I find a workaround to convert them or prevent that.

- Fixed teleport attempting to use effects and teleport if you were mounted. Now warns you that you are mounted and obviously cannot teleport :)
- Added right click "Save to RidinDirty" chat window context menu to save player for teleport use and optional LibCustomMenu dependency to use it. Continuing to work on guild list, friends list and group list for a future update.

- Fixed chat output bug when teleporting home. If it hadn't been set yet it was reporting traveling "outside" rather than the game default of "inside" where it was actually going.

- Added additional weapon recharge check on load/reloadui. In the unlikely event your weapons reach 0 charges it will force a charge check otherwise it only triggers on charge use which could have had a scenario where it wouldn't recharge. For performance and due to the heavy attack build popularity im trying to avoid checking on weapon swaps etc.
- Added informative text when porting to home

- Fixed double recharge bug. All known bugs fixed.

- Fixed auto recharge bug. Is working again but trying repair twice with 2h. Fix that in another update.
- Added more descriptive text when porting to saved player ingroup stating the name and location your porting to so its inline with other messages.

- OK bugs all fixed and fully tested. Moving forward
- Completely revamped the teleport ability. NOW teleports to saved player ONLY if they're in group or to anyone else locally in your current zone from friends list or guilds if your saved player is not in your group. I found this to be the most useful setup and much less accidental ports where u dont want to be.
SUPER useful for events, questing, dragons, harrowstorms etc in group or even solo.
- Some message tweaks. Im still working on a consistent text feedback feel for it and its all complete. :)

- Reverted back to previous version for the moment.. Was several bugs i need time to work out.

- Completely revamped the teleport ability. NOW teleports to saved player as before ONLY if they're in group allowing you to play solo because now it can port to friends or guild members locally IN SAME ZONE to bring you to nearest wayshrine if your saved player IS NOT in group. Usefull for events, questing, dragons, harrowstorms etc. Still in beta phase watching for issues.

- Corrected some chat messages.

- Added auto bank stacking to auto deposit Telvar function.. It now does both! Fills stacks in bank of anything already in there other than foods, drinks, potions, soul gems, lockpicks and some pvp related items. Thank you CrazyDutchGuy and Garkin for some of the code from an old addon "CDG Bank Stacker" which appears to be freeware to make this possible.
- Added teleport effects and combat queue to teleport to player when they're NOT in group but ARE a friend.
- Fixed a chat output bug and teleport to friend not recognizing them as online.

- After much thought I have trimmed some of the effects as they didn't quite flow how I'd like and effects aren't the primary focus of this addon.
- Removed: Darkswarm Talisman, Token of Root Sunder and Fetish of Anger effects.
- Moved Ritual Casting effect to the travel/mount queue as an experiment if you have it unlocked. It may or may not stay there depending on how it feels.
- Performance improvements
- Added possibility of teleporting to "saved player" when they're not in group for convenience if they're your "friend" but without teleport effects. Its a group tool so traveling out of group drains all your magic! :)

- Switched to date format for version.
- Fixed porting from cyro/ic/battlegrounds, now checks if in those zones and doesn't run effects.
- Adjusted some text output coloring for effects toggle so "disabled" is red and you can tell when the cycle has begun to repeat visually.

- Added Gryphon feather talisman teleport effect. You must have the collectible unlocked to use them.
- Added Ritual Casting EMOTE teleport effect.
- Added Darkswarm Talisman teleport effect.
- Fixed all onscreen and chat messages to be consistent and hopefully final version :)
- slightly increased ouroboros hourglass rotation speed so we dont fall into a trance watching it =p

- Fixed a settings display bug that would output both "disabled" and "not set" lines if you hadn't set your teleport home setting.
- Adjusted more text output to be short, clean and to the point.

- Adjusted some text descriptions and colors, mainly [RidinDirty] to a lighter shade everywhere.

- Added additional recharge weapon check for "IsItemInSlot" to eliminate the possibility of trying to charge non-existent weapons!
- Code optimizations

- Major code cleanup so all variables are local and can't interfere with other addons.
- Fixed telvar auto deposits showing previous balance after depositing.

- Added sound to auto recharge weapon and removed text spam as its not critical to know when its done and also avoids any possibility of spam should all yur weapons be broken at the same time.

- Added auto recharge weapons and /ridindirty_recharge slash command to toggle it on and off. Its still in a BETA phase as it took me 3days to get it working and its untested with dual wield and a few other scenarios. It also may spam chat multiple times repairing multiple items at the same time which should be a very rare occurance that theyre all nearly broken. Report any issue if you encounter any ty :).

- Added auto telvar deposit setting to settings display. Completely forgot this previously.

- Added auto deposit telvar into bank and /ridindirty_telvar slash command to toggle it on and off.

- Code optimizations and cleanup.

- Added IC auto accept queue function to the auto queue.
- Added or tweaked battleground auto accept queue as an actual feature to the auto queue since it unintentionally was already mostly working.

- Added cyrodiil auto accept function to auto queue. Now when auto queue is enabled it will auto accept cyrodiil queue's as well. Im reaching a little past just a group function here but its a feature I personally wanted. Working on battleground as well soon.

- Added mount player auto queue for those semi-rare occasions when your stuck in combat and cant mount them while they're waiting for you.
- Onscreen and chat message cleanup so they all match up better for aesthetics.
- Code optimizations.

- Added teleport home auto queue like the teleport to player function during combat.
- Fixed auto repair spamming chat with repair costs when interacting with assistant that cannot repair.

- Added teleport auto queue ANIMATED ICON & LABEL and removed the onscreen text messages. Now you can truely know if it is activated or not at all times. Also added the ability to toggle it on and off while in combat just pressing the same button.. TY guys on ESOUI.COM for the assistance.
- Code optimizations.

- After much thought I've decided to go with ACCOUNT-WIDE settings so you can swap toons and have same settings already functioning. I apologize but this change will force a saved variable reset and you'll have to redo your settings but never again hopefully and MUCH less between alts :). I may likely do one more reset in the semi-distant future to make sure everyone is on a clean slate.

- Fixed FontBoost requiring a reloadui and now applies it instantly.
- Cosmetic adjustments and added an auto teleport onscreen activation message so you know when its fired off. Am currently wanting to change that to some kind of hourglass thing while its active once I figure out how to do it, but this helps let you know if its still active or not for now.
- Code optimizations mostly to disable registered events for disabled features.

- *NEW* Added Font Boost! Slightly increases the nameplate font size for easier reading. Can be enabled/disabled via /ridindirty_fontboost. Currently forcing a reloadui when changing setting. Working still on a more "instant" way still but this works for now.

- Added onscreen display for auto teleport functions instead of chatbox. *beta*
- Tweaked some chatbox to onscreen messages.

- Added auto teleport to player after combat if you attempt to teleport during combat.
- Minor cosmetic adjustments.

- Fixed "is player online" check for porting. ty Baertram and ExoY of esoui.com for the help.

- Added /ridindirty_home to toggle between teleporting home INSIDE or OUTSIDE - minor cosmetic adjustments.

- Corrected several bugs with teleport effects being called improperly.. removed playeronline check for the moment untill i can find a workaround to get it working right.

- Correcting some intermittent port home inside instead of outside bugs.

- Added token of root sunder effect for those wanting a more druidic feel, tweaked some text formatting and effect timings and updated API version.
- Code optimizations.

- Added teleport to primary home "outside" function for a quick travel option.

- Added dragon flight illusion to teleport effects.
- slightly increased delay on effects for slower connections to be safe.

- Added /ridindirty_status info for the teleport effects feature.

- Added additional teleport effect "Neramos' Lighting Stick" and /ridindirty_effects slash command to toggle between them and disable effects completely. *** Effects require having the momento unlocked otherwise bypasses and uses normal teleport ***
- Code optimizations.

- Added teleporting effects using the fetish of anger momento if you have it unlocked for a more eerie feeling :).
- Code optimizations.

- Corrected some auto queue code issues - Polish - Likely final version for a while.

- Added auto queue function for the group finder and /ridindirty_queue to toggle on and off.

- Removed repair cost spam from chat and renamed slash commands to /ridindirty_status to display saved player and auto repair status and /ridindirty_repair to toggle auto repair on and off.
- Code optimizations.

- Added auto-repairs at merchant with /ridindirty_repair_toggle on/off toggle.

- Added /ridindirtysaved slash command to display current saved player added chat display of who your actually saving during save operation.

- Major re-write again & polish but now includes a teleport to saved player(in group) function as well.
**Requires re-saving the player again to update the saved variables file and updating your keybinds**

- Code optimizations.

- Removed mounting chat text as it was too much spam. Saving will continue to notify in chat. Also added leave group and reloadui functions

1.4 - Nearly total rewrite and polish but now has 2 keybinds to set/mount user that is independant of character/server and is presistant through reload/relog! Thanks Baertram and wookiefriseur for the help!

- Code optimizations.

- Code optimizations.

- Code optimizations.

1.0 - Original
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bug on zone load

user:/AddOns/RidinDirty/RidinDirty.lua:451: attempt to index a nil value
|rstack traceback:
user:/AddOns/RidinDirty/RidinDirty.lua:451: in function 'RidinDirty.PlayerActivated'
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Unread 05/20/23, 10:48 AM  
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Auto Meticulous has some bugs. Gonna take some time to work out.
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Unread 05/05/23, 10:30 AM  
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Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter compatibility complete.
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Unread 04/01/23, 04:41 PM  
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Im getting reports some people are experiencing errors with the new LOOT BOOSTER.. I'm looking into it!

*** Happy April fools Day ***
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Unread 03/31/23, 09:15 PM  
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Fixed typo causing error after zoning from last update quick.
Last edited by sinnereso : 03/31/23 at 09:15 PM.
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Unread 03/26/23, 07:22 PM  
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error saving player issue

*EDIT* FIXED!! It will be in tomorrows update.

Ive detected an error saving player issue until you open the addon settings which im working on and will be fixed asap once i determine the cause.

Found the cause.. LibAddonMenu doesn't create the settings controls until you have opened the setting panel so I'm working on a way to fix that. Temporarily Ive bypassed editing the "Saved Player" field in settings untill the control has been created but I intend to get this fixed properly so it displays the correct @NAME there when you 1st open it.
Last edited by sinnereso : 03/27/23 at 04:51 PM.
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Unread 03/14/23, 12:07 PM  
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If it works properly I'd recommand it, yes. Filters are always faster and more performant than doing the filtering in the lua code by the callback function via if updateReason == x or bagId == y

Originally Posted by sinnereso
Originally Posted by Baertram
Another hint for your performance:

could i now trim it down to this since the filters are inplace?:

EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent("RidinDirty", EVENT_INVENTORY_SINGLE_SLOT_UPDATE, RidinDirty.InventoryUpdate)

function RidinDirty.InventoryUpdate()
	if not IsUnitDead("player") then
Im testing this now and appears to be working fine but would u recomend it?
I'm going with it for now.. if you think its bad i welcome imput but otherwise seems to be perfect.
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Unread 03/14/23, 09:20 AM  
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Originally Posted by Baertram
Another hint for your performance:

could i now trim it down to this since the filters are inplace?:

EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent("RidinDirty", EVENT_INVENTORY_SINGLE_SLOT_UPDATE, RidinDirty.InventoryUpdate)

function RidinDirty.InventoryUpdate()
	if not IsUnitDead("player") then
Im testing this now and appears to be working fine but would u recomend it?
I'm going with it for now.. if you think its bad i welcome imput but otherwise seems to be perfect.
Last edited by sinnereso : 03/14/23 at 12:04 PM.
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Unread 03/14/23, 08:50 AM  
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ty ill look into it. I was trying to keep the performance high by only checking on charge use which only happens every few seconds while in combat usually. Ill see what i can do with this.
Last edited by sinnereso : 03/14/23 at 08:50 AM.
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Unread 03/14/23, 08:09 AM  
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Another hint for your performance:
Events like these fire very often, for different kind of tasks.
e.g. some fire for the durability or item charge value -> your auto recharge check. But they also fire for stack split, item move, etc.

If you only want to have it fire for your addon for some of these cases use event filters to filter the events accordingly to your needs:
Possible update reasons are:

If you add an eventfilter make sure the name passed in as 1st parameter is the exactly same as used for your normal event, that you want to filter!

Lua Code:
  1. local myAddonEventNameInvSingleSlotUpdate = "myAddonNameEventInventorySingleSlotUpdate"
  2. EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent(myAddonEventNameInvSingleSlotUpdate, EVENT_INVENTORY_SINGLE_SLOT_UPDATE, function() ...... end)
  3. EVENT_MANAGER:FilterForEvent(myAddonEventNameInvSingleSlotUpdate, EVENT_INVENTORY_SINGLE_SLOT_UPDATE, REGISTER_FILTER_INVENTORY_UPDATE_REASON, updateReasonFromTheListLinkedAboveHereWhichYouWanToFilter_forExample_TheDurabilityUpdate_or_TheItemChargeValue)

You could also check for the bagID be BAG_WORN so no items in your inventory will be checked which currently are not equipped.

This will make your addon not listen (and the event for your addon not even fire) for the other non-filtered inventory update reasons.
And this will make your callback function used in the event no need to check for parameter inventoryUpdateReason anymore! As it's prefiltered in C code, before it even hits lua code, already. -> Big performance gain and very needed as ppl run multiple addons at the same time and each addon in combination with vanilla game code slows down the stuff a bit, more and more and more...
Last edited by Baertram : 03/14/23 at 08:12 AM.
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Unread 03/13/23, 10:40 AM  
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Well.. because im still weak on tables! I only recently figure out what and how this works

If i dont fully understand it then its not going in is my general rule

I expect overtime ill be cleaning stuff up as it makes sense to me because Im the one that has to track down any bugs.

This hasn't been forgotten though from the previous mention of it and is on my todo list.

**EDIT OK added it that way and appears to be working.. ill leave my original stuff commented out for the moment incase of any issues.

RidinDirty = {
	name = "RidinDirty",
	author = "Michael Cullen(@sinnereso)",
	version = "2023.3.13",
	svName = "RidinDirtyVars",
	svVersion = 2,
Last edited by sinnereso : 03/13/23 at 11:06 AM.
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Unread 03/12/23, 11:43 AM  
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	RidinDirty.savedVariables = ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide( RidinDirty.svName, RidinDirty.svVersion, nil, { savedPlayer = nil })
	RidinDirty.savedVariables = ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide( RidinDirty.svName, RidinDirty.svVersion, nil, { autoRepair = nil })
	RidinDirty.savedVariables = ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide( RidinDirty.svName, RidinDirty.svVersion, nil, { autoRecharge = nil })
	RidinDirty.savedVariables = ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide( RidinDirty.svName, RidinDirty.svVersion, nil, { autoBank = nil })
	RidinDirty.savedVariables = ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide( RidinDirty.svName, RidinDirty.svVersion, nil, { autoQueue = nil })
	RidinDirty.savedVariables = ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide( RidinDirty.svName, RidinDirty.svVersion, nil, { effectId = nil })
	RidinDirty.savedVariables = ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide( RidinDirty.svName, RidinDirty.svVersion, nil, { effectDelay = nil })
	RidinDirty.savedVariables = ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide( RidinDirty.svName, RidinDirty.svVersion, nil, { travelOutside = nil })
	RidinDirty.savedVariables = ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide( RidinDirty.svName, RidinDirty.svVersion, nil, { fontBoost = nil })
aehm WHY? You were already told weeks ago that this is bull****
Just call it ONCE with all that needed default values in 1 table:
RidinDirty.savedVariables = ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide( RidinDirty.svName, RidinDirty.svVersion, nil, { savedPlayer = nil, autoRepair= nil, ... })

And if the defalt values are all nil you do not even need to explicitly set them, just use
RidinDirty.savedVariables = ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide( RidinDirty.svName, RidinDirty.svVersion, nil, { } )
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Unread 03/12/23, 05:13 AM  
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I currently have chat window context menu disabled but guild, group and friends list working amazing with optional LibCustomMenu. TY Votan for the upgrades to it.

I may remove the chat window feature since you need to be in group, guild or friends to be able to travel to anyone and in group to mount them anyway making it a nearly useless feature saving total randoms from chat.

I've left the original save reticle target with keybind as a backup leaving LibCustomMenu as optional instead of required. Most wont be changing they're saved player often and likely are playing with significant other. For those that require more hardcore use, LibCustomMenu is available to take it next level
Last edited by sinnereso : 03/12/23 at 05:36 AM.
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Unread 02/28/23, 10:47 AM  
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Originally Posted by Baertram
Originally Posted by sinnereso
df("|c9900FF[RidinDirty]|r Teleport Effect: %s" effectEnabled)
The error messages appear cuz you forgot to add the , between %s" and effectEnabled, and got nothing to do with local or not local
Yes i found that but then realized i had 4 lines for the options anyway so just went with pure text. I'm not an expert on the arrays etc yet so i work with 4 lines for now
Last edited by sinnereso : 02/28/23 at 10:48 AM.
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