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Cloudrest Portal Safe
Version: 0.6 Beta2
by: akasha167 [More]
New version 0.6 Beta2 is out ! Please check the change log and leave any comment !

This very simple add-on displays an alert on screen when a tank entered the portal in Cloudrest, and also displays another alert if the tank left (or died) in portal. This is intended to complete add-ons like Don't Portal Twice, by letting people know when it's safe to go through the portal.

This can also help random groups which don't always have a discord link to share. Or, even in organized group, some tanks simply can't call it on vocal because life is life.

The addon only works in veteran mode (please read notes).

  • display an on-screen alert when:
    • tank enters the portal (safe alert)
    • tank leaves the portal (unsafe alert)
    • tank dies in portal (unsafe alert)
  • configurable options:
    • alert position on screen
    • duration of the alert
    • font size and color
    • sound effect volume

  • Settings are account wide.
  • Because the alert is based on the portal debuff which only happens in veteran mode, the add-on only works in veteran Cloudrest. It was not intended to work in normal difficulty anyways.
  • Because I'm super new to LUA and ESO add-on coding, I studied the code of two other addons. Don't Portal Twice for the debuff detection, and AsylumTracker for the alert management.
  • The addon doesn't clash with other similar addons, like Don't Portal Twice. Both can be used at the same time

Known issues (so far):
  • When portal is done, the debuff is cleared on everyone who was in, it will cause a "portal unsafe" alert to pop up if a tank was still inside. If I can, I will try to combine infos, probably based on how many spears done and block the alert or send a "portal done" instead
  • An alert is supposed to warn if a second tank entered the portal. Sometime it works, sometimes it doesn't
  • When the tank dies in portal, the alert might say "tank left the portal" instead

Things I will probably implement in a close future, if the addon becomes useful for more people:
  • Settings option to choose the sound effect to play on the alert
  • Bounce or pulse, or fade animation for the alert (I have no Idea how to do that)
  • Localization, like french, italian, japanese, russian, if I can spot contributors
  • Display the name of the tank on the alert (why not)

Special thanks to @MaryshkaNova for her support and her help with alpha-testing.

Cheers to the volunteers who accompanied me in vCR and die there:
  • @MaryshkaNova
  • @BierBomber90
  • @Bj-orn
  • @MillAThEKillA
Version 0.6 Beta2 (2024/02/11)
  • Added localization support for future translated messages
  • Reset params button resets all parameters
  • Added Malevolent Core delivering detection, the very base the spear count (visible in logs)
  • Swapped group member detection, based on character names instead of character ID, which could register a same player multiple times in the same instance
  • Add-on now detects when the group structure has changed: eg. role change, new member joins the group, member leaves the group, ...

Version 0.5 Beta1 (2024/01/12)
  • Initial version
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