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File: BetterUI :: Gamepad Interface Improvements02/05/20
This addon's use and harrowstorm viability
Posted By: spinningplates
Hi I currently use "Advanced Disable Controller" I love it! It hasn't been updated for quite a few patches now... just wondering if this does the same thing? Apologies I couldn't tell from the description. Also they are making the the gamepad UI unable to scale in Harrowstorm, will this still work despite this change? Man...
File: Advanced Disable Controller UI02/05/20
Harrowstorm viability
Posted By: spinningplates
Hi, Gina has announced on the forums that in the new DLC gamepad UI scaling will be disabled. Will this effect the function of this addon? I love this add on btw, keep up the good work :D This is the link to the discussion on the PTS forum https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/508989/custom-scaling-settings-...