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File: Event Tracker02/03/23
Re: Auto hide UI
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Just a suggestion: perhaps add a UI mode where addon UI will be displayed only when there are ticket availible for collection (so I remember to do event today) and when ticket number is 10 or more and event is still ongoing (close to the cap, need to spend)? When neither of those two conditions are met there seem to be not much point...
File: Votan's Minimap02/03/23
Error on PTS, Update 37
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Hi Votan, Still love your minimap. I'm getting this on the PTS with the latest update. It looks like it's related to the clock, which I really love having onscreen. I added some line breaks to the error output because it looked even harder to read when copied here, but everything's here. Thank you very much for this addon! Res...
File: Event Tracker01/26/23
Dragon tickets fixed; new version up
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Thanks for the comments, @M-Ree and @dlrgames! New version is up. For anyone who wants their UI correct for the rest of today, you can use the feature I added a couple versions ago:/evt doneto mark that you've finished all your tickets for the day. If you don't, it'll all be cleared at reset anyway, so it'll be fine. :) There's...
File: Event Tracker12/30/22
It's supposed to turn off the UI an...
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
It's supposed to turn off the UI and the warning messages between events - always has been that way, since I first wrote it. I don't know of any problems with that feature. Thanks for letting me know it wasn't working right for you last time - I'll check it after New Life! Also, please let me know if it misbehaves for you again af...
File: Event Tracker11/02/22
Re: EVT Done update?
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Just wondering if you got the "/evt done" option implemented? Asking because I sometimes do writs/events for my wife on my computer, so it would be nice to have a command available when tickets are done. P.S. Send feesh plx&ty I'll try to get that out for the next update, Nampy, as well as fixing the timing issue that croppe...
File: Event Tracker10/21/22
Re: Re: Xpbuff FIXED!
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
For future reference, any time anyone has any problems with autobuffing, it can be toggled off (and in fact, defaults to "off") using /xpbuff auto I remembered that option yesterday and tried to find it with "/evt ?", but it isn't listed there only in the addon description here. If it isn't to difficult, maybe you could add it...
File: Event Tracker10/20/22
A couple blank lines - will be fixed next version
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Hello, after login, or switching characters, the chat outputs 2 empty lines (German client). No error message. Testing this with only Event Tracker (English client), I couldn't see anything at all (because blank lines are blank). With pChat enabled also (or presumably if something else happens in chat before the blank lines appea...
File: Event Tracker10/20/22
Xpbuff FIXED!
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Hi, Sorry about the problems. I finally tracked down that elusive bug that's been plaguing the auto buff for so long, and eliminated it! For future reference, any time anyone has any problems with autobuffing, it can be toggled off (and in fact, defaults to "off") using /xpbuff auto Have a great Witches Festival, everyone!
File: Event Tracker10/19/22
Corrected version is up; thanks to commenters! <3
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
@tomstock and @kissdiamond: Thank you for letting me know about your issues, and thank you for using Event Tracker! I've gotten those errors taken care of, with assistance from StorybookTerror. (He is much better at modern programming than I am.) I'll have a new version out soon - will post here. Neither of those came up in my tes...
File: Votan's Minimap10/03/22
Fixing default map location
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
my map is in middle of the screen too - can't move it even though its unlocked A lot of people have had a hard time "grabbing" the top edge of the minimap to drag it to a new position. It's a little tricky, but it can be done, as long as you're using a mouse and not a gamepad. Here's a workaround for people who can't get the hang...
File: Votan's Minimap10/03/22
Wayshrine cost
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Hi Votan, I still love your minimap, and have recommended it to many people. It's very reliable. I decided to check the comments here to see if anyone had solved the PTS problem yet, or at least if you're aware of it. I can wait for a fix on that. I noticed the comments on wayshrine costs, though - I've been having this problem...
File: Essential Housing Tools09/01/22
Visitors have problems with Guest Book
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Hi, Some of my visitors have complained about the Guest Book. I think it used to be less annoying when it was just at the entrance, but now it follows people around until they sign it or dismiss it. Some people don't realize they CAN dismiss it, and signing it doesn't always work (I believe that's related to whether the app is...
File: Housing Hub09/01/22
Re: MALWARE WARNING! and "false positives"
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
EssentialHousingCommunityUpdate.exe is Malware! (Checked with Kaspersky and Malwarebytes) Also this site gets hacked repeatedly without anyone checking the files afterwards. Be more careful! I ran into this warning also, since I run Kaspersky on my computer, when I first installed the EHT community app several years ago,...
File: Event Tracker08/10/22
Kill Enemy Players board in IC, fixed for future
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Sorry I didn't get an update out for this one during the event, but I did fix it and test the fix just before the end, so it'll be fixed for next Mayhem. Been very busy irl the past couple weeks!
File: Event Tracker07/29/22
Re: Available Tickets
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Hello, when I switch chars, the tracker shows me that there are event tickets are available although I already have them all. Hello, Neverlands! It should be right for switching characters, unless you switch to a different computer, or your game has crashed. If your game crashed, the variables don't get saved. If you...
File: Event Tracker07/28/22
Fix posted
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Love the addon but I am getting repeated messages when I turn on XP buff auto. Yes I don't have the Pelinal Scroll on this char but the message is being repeated every second. This should probably be changed. Thank you. And I appreciate the work. This addon helps a lot. See image. https://imgur.com/a/yjFM9eA Sorry I didn't...
File: Map Pins06/04/22
High Isle lead fixed locations
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Hi Art1ink, I sent you a private message about these, but in case you didn't get it, here's the info that Remosito asked me to gather for you about the antiquity leads. I put these in after line 3377, "local Achievements={": u34_systreszone={--High Isle & Amenos ={--Antiquity leads provided by Kelinmiriel for remosito {.394,.39...
File: Display Leads - with Location Info05/28/22
Update 34 fix, and continuing support
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
@Neverlands - Until the author has time to update for new zones/mythics, you can make it work (without support for the new stuff) on the PTS by editing displayleads.lua starting at line 635, replace: ... Thank you, Phinix! You are great! <3 I hadn't been using Display Leads on PTS, since I don't do antiquities there now. But I'm...
File: Display Leads - with Location Info05/27/22
Just noticed that the undaunted ple...
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Just noticed that the undaunted pledges are off-sync in Display Leads (apparently since the Ascending Tide) Display Leads shows Undaunted Pledges? I never noticed that before. Where, if I may ask? (And, why?)
File: Event Tracker04/19/22
Fix is uploaded
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
This addon started freezing my game today. My game was freezing during loading screens (loading circle not spinning, ESO not responding in task manager), I decided to disable all addons and enable them one by one to find the culprit. After enabling Event Tracker I was able to move for around a second, then my game frozen completel...
File: Event Tracker03/29/22
Thanks for the quick fix Kelinmirel...
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Thanks for the quick fix Kelinmirel. Good to know. I don't know anything about fixing the code lines so wasn't going to touch that. Keep forgetting about I just need to uncheck. It was early for me this morning and reacted in haste and deleted it. Going to reinstall now. Thanks again. You're welcome! :) Thanks for using Event T...
File: Event Tracker03/26/22
Typo in this morning's update FIXED, sorry!
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Sorry about that! I really shouldn't do code when I'm very tired, even if it's an extremely simple change, which this was. All fixed now! Also, thank you to all of you who posted to let me know something was wrong! I greatly appreciate the feedback! You are the best! <3 Special thanks to M-Ree and Daniel, for telling other...
File: Rare Fish Tracker03/14/22
Character achievements?
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Will you be updating Rare Fish Tracker to try to keep up character-based achievements with it? It's such a great addon; it would be the best way for people to be able to continue to do "Master Angler" on more characters, even though no one else would see it or know. (My friend is still going to be fishing, and she enjoys going for th...
File: Character Zone Tracker03/13/22
Craglorn delve boss update
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Is it necessary to sign on to ALL of our characters again, or just the ones that have done Craglorn delves? (I have some characters that haven't done much, and I'm sure there are other people who are in the same boat.) For people with one account and 18 characters, that could take a while, but for those with multiple accounts, it...
File: Event Tracker02/15/22
Hi, first thanks for the addon. But...
Posted By: Kelinmiriel
Hi, first thanks for the addon. But recently I notice that the UI option to turn it off doesnt work. Ty for consideration to fix. I checked this. It's working fine for me. Type in chat: /evt ui If you want it to stay off, you can do /reloadui to save the setting immediately, or if you sign off the game, it should save the se...