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File: Master Merchant11/10/19
Can't enable LibExecutionQueue
Posted By: theace0
I have a very weird issue where MM is working just fine on two of my three characters. On my main, for some reason, MM doesn't work and says that there are dependency issues - LibExecutionQueue isn't enabled. How do I fix this? I've enabled the addon for all characters from the addon menu in the character selection screen.
File: Lights of Meridia07/26/19
The Lights cannot be shown in Dunge...
Posted By: theace0
The Lights cannot be shown in Dungeon or Trial zones -- sadly, this is not my choice but rather a design decision made by ZeniMax. I was heartbroken when I found out about this. Do you know if there could be some sort of workarounds? I know nothing about addon coding. Do you know if it is possible to code an addon that would all...