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File: CraftStore Elsweyr01/10/19
Your latest fix has broken the abil...
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Your latest fix has broken the ability to select a different character from the UI. Click on teh name of the "main", no popup to select a different one. UPDATE: fixed. Thank you!
File: Inventory Insight01/03/19
After I used the anchor icon to "do...
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After I used the anchor icon to "dock" the window then this moves the window to the left and it is clear of the guild store window. but as soon as i change the sell view from bag to craft bag for instance then the inventory window is again overlaying the item to be posted part of the guild store interface. It is as if the on screen...
File: CraftStore Elsweyr08/14/18
craftstore button
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Since Wolfhunter DLC dropped, I've been having issues with this addon. The interface wouldn't load at all no matter how often I reloaded the UI and then 6 hours later it would be there and work fine. I've made sure to update, etc. Fixed this by uninstalling and deleting saved variables But NOW the CraftStore icon ("button") w...