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File: Code's Combat Alerts10/28/19
Updated this today and ever since t...
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Updated this today and ever since the update, pchat is causing everything to show up as %s %s: %s. I went through all of my addons and it is specifically the combination of Code's Combat Alerts and Pchat. Everything works fine without Code's Combat Alerts enabled, but as soon as I do, I'm back to %s in chat. I've disabled Code's Comb...
File: Plunder Skull Timer (2019 Witches Festival)10/25/19
There is no timer required anymore....
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There is no timer required anymore. They all reset with the dailies. What would be ideal is a UI that just shows the ones remaining to get for the day. Presently, i'm only using this addon for the /pstdremora command. Which, is invaluable. I use it as a to-do list. Time is irrelevant really. Well, the log in version 1.4.1 te...
File: Code's Combat Alerts10/24/19
Ran Scalecaller Peak today; inferno...
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Ran Scalecaller Peak today; inferno hold alert still works, but there is no longer an alert for poison cones. Thanks. I'll look into it the next time I run vSCP. Though I don't know when that would be.
File: Code's Combat Alerts10/07/19
Does this addon work with any over-...
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Does this addon work with any over-world mobs or in regular dungeons? Just wondering, as I'm pretty low level and haven't seen it do anything yet. Wondering if it's mainly just for veteran dungeons or not? This addon is exclusively for mechanics found in dungeons, trials, and arenas.
File: Code's Combat Alerts08/05/19
I like the new graphical timers for...
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I like the new graphical timers for rolldoges and stuff... What is the exact meaning of the red line though? Afterwards is too late I assume? What does it signify on the dragons breathes in vSS? The start of the last tick? Would be great to have it show the timings for reliably dodging the last 2 ticks (without accidently taki...
File: Purge Tracker07/21/19
Re: not working in BlackRose prision
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does anyone know why it won't works in BRP anymore? Version 1.2.7 (2019/07/09) Disabled tracking in Blackrose Prison in response to feedback that the effects were generally not worth purging
File: Purge Tracker07/16/19
Re: Toggle Option
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Hi there! Thanks for this great addon :) If I can suggest something, could you add an option to enable/disable Purge Tracker from showing up in specific instances? For example, I never slot purge for Spindleclutch or CoS, or vSS for that matter. Though the UI isn't particularly large, it'd be one less thing to look at for fights wh...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter06/13/19
Suggestion for the stealing protect...
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Suggestion for the stealing protection: The stealing protection shouldn't be active if the player is currently in stealth, as 99% of the time, that means the player actually intends to steal something. GetUnitStealthState("player") And the 2 states that I would definitely whitelist: * STEALTH_STATE_HIDDEN - crouched and hid...
File: Code's Combat Alerts06/09/19
On Lokkestiiz in vSS, the #1 #2 #3...
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On Lokkestiiz in vSS, the #1 #2 #3 on frozen tomb bugs out after he flies. It shows the wrong number. Dont know if it happens in just veteran. Can only speak for HM. Dont exactly know if its combat alerts or raid notifier doing this alert. So I posted it here and over there. If this is happening after the first flight phase, th...
File: Code's Combat Alerts05/27/19
Is there a way to implement the sha...
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Is there a way to implement the shatter from MoL adds? I dont want to activate bandit's ui when Im in MoL :D Raid Notifier handles that.
File: Loot Log05/27/19
Re: Change Notifications Of Item Quality
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Any chance of you adding an option to change what quality of things the Loot Log notifies us of? I'd rather just blue/rare quality items and higher. It shows me a lot of greens, which I'd rather it didn't. For now, is there a way to change that setting in the LUA? The only green items that should be notified are set items. And se...
File: Smart Looter05/27/19
Re: Truely Hidden, Or Just Crouched?
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Does the addon take into consideration whether or not the player is "hidden" before auto-looting while stealthed? I want to clarify because people tend to use "stealthed" in different ways. Some say it as in "crouched and attempting to sneak" and others say it as "crouched and hidden". Although, the addon sounded pretty perfect u...
File: LibSets05/20/19
Oops, didn't notice you had replied...
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Oops, didn't notice you had replied. Yes, as Kyoma said, you can access saved variables directly. Alternatively, if you want to use the ZOS functions, you can use the final field of ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide which lets you specify an account name. For example, in my addon, I do the following, where I manually set the accou...
File: LibSets05/14/19
Why are the saved variables not sto...
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Why are the saved variables not stored machine-wide? It's storing a separate batch of data per server (NA/EU) and per account. Should only have to scan once and store once and have it work for all accounts/servers.
File: Code's Combat Alerts04/22/19
coming across some issues here. die...
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coming across some issues here. died many times because when the addon dings to notify me of taking aim, the arrow is already in the air halfway to my character simply no time to dodge. That sounds like a lag issue. also, plain and simply not notifying me of the poison in the vault of umbrage in vma. granted that hasnt caused me...
File: Smart Looter03/23/19
Re: Looted items worth zero gold
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Will this add-on prevent the looting of armor and weapons worth zero gold? Since gear is not stackable, they will never be auto-looted.
File: Keybinding: Miscellaneous Mementos03/23/19
Re: Keybinding for Revelry Pie ?
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Can you modify this to work with the Jester's Festival Revelry Pie, too? Or does it work with that already? :D That is not possible, because the pie is a consumable item and not a memento, and it is not possible for an addon to trigger the use of any consumable items (otherwise, it could, for example, use potions on cooldown). If...
File: Keybinding: Log Out03/22/19
Re: Which
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First, on the Addon Info tab, it seems to me that you need to clarify whether the keybind "logs out of the game" (ESC > Quit), or "logs out to character select" (ESC > Log Out). Or does the keybind return the player to the primary player-account log-in dialog screen, which is the first one displayed after the game client loads?...
File: Code's Combat Alerts03/15/19
Re: Savages and First Boss (Maw of Lorkhaj)
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I was just looking to inquire that your addon will also notify the tanks of shattered armor when applied by Dromathra savages as well as the first boss & not just the hulk? Thanks for all the work you do! Raid Notifier already handles those mechanics.
File: CraftStore Dragonhold03/12/19
Crafting skill rank appears to disp...
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Crafting skill rank appears to display correctly, but crafting skill level shows 01 for all skills The old version works fine (with the correct crafting levels) if you have Medic installed.
File: Urich's Skill Point Finder03/05/19
Thanks for the update. Minor bug: O...
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Thanks for the update. Minor bug: On lines 566/567, you have AD5 instead of GC for DoM's zone and AD3 instead of EP4 for Frostvault.
File: LibLazyCrafting02/24/19
The fact that libraries are install...
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The fact that libraries are installed separately now probably helps. This one isn't though. Apparently it is in the 2.5.16 you just released. ;)
File: Itemization Browser02/17/19
Re: request feature
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request feature allow multiple searches ie: falkreath+bloodroot will show sets from 2 dungeons etc Added in version 1.2.0: The "|" operator (logical or) can now be used for search This operator can be used for either the general search or the set bonus search. Would be nice to be able to type in a keyword for an effect....
File: RaidBuffs10/28/18
First, you can avoid the whole NA-v...
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First, you can avoid the whole NA-vs-EU hassle by storing the data using the character ID instead of character name (see GetCurrentCharacterId()). It's virtually impossible that someone would have two characters with the same ID on EU and NA. And it would mean that the settings will persist through character name changes. But as s...
File: Plunder Skull Timer (2019 Witches Festival)10/24/18
this addon counter dissapear if i r...
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this addon counter dissapear if i reloadui please fix It will disappear if you reload UI or if 15 minutes have passed without looting a skull. It will reappear the next time you loot a skull. This is intended.