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File: Master Merchant04/21/19
Re: Re: Error
Posted By: SingingDog
Thanks for the reply! I couldn't clean, because the error stopped the initial scan from completing, and did have the latest version, but it seems the directory structure had changed, maybe because I'd installed the older version directly, not through Minion. Anyway, I uninstalled and installed MM again, and it seems to be working jus...
File: Master Merchant04/17/19
Posted By: SingingDog
For two days, I've been receiving this error on loading: user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:3842: attempt to index a number value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:3842: in function 'loopfunc' |caaaaaa itemid = 69910, versionid = "50:15:4:18:0", versiondata = tbl, saleid = 0, sa...
File: AwesomeGuildStore01/23/19
assertion failed stack traceback:...
Posted By: SingingDog
assertion failed stack traceback: : in function 'assert' user:/AddOns/AwesomeGuildStore/StartUp.lua:137: in function 'IntegrityCheck' user:/AddOns/AwesomeGuildStore/StartUp.lua:229: in function 'callback' user:/AddOns/AwesomeGuildStore/StartUp.lua:32: in function '(anonymous)' |caaaaaa event = 65536, name = "AwesomeGuil...