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File: NTak Loot'n'Steal05/22/20
bug i have 3 or more stolen item filters
Posted By: Daedreus
so for some reason recently(i dont remember when it started i think a few days ago) i started having more than one stolen item filter button in my inventory i first noticed it when i had 6 and its slowly gone down to 4 but i was wondering what would be causing this.
File: HarvestMap05/19/20
chests are set to always spawned
Posted By: Daedreus
I bet this has been reported many times but, chests no matter if its spawned or not will show as spawned with the only show spawned setting on.,
File: HarvestMap05/17/20
opening up main map causes error
Posted By: Daedreus
user:/AddOns/HarvestMap/Modules/HarvestMap/Pins/QuickPins.lua:149: operator * is not supported for nil * number stack traceback: user:/AddOns/HarvestMap/Modules/HarvestMap/Pins/QuickPins.lua:149: in function 'QP_MapPin:UpdateLocation' user:/AddOns/HarvestMap/Modules/HarvestMap/Pins/QuickPins.lua:169: in function 'QP_MapPin:SetLoca...