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File: Votan's Minimap05/15/19
LibAsync addons
Posted By: Thallassa
I'm also getting the conflict between the newest version of LibAsync and old versions. I think that the game thinks that LibAsync version 1.10 is older than version 1.08 and is loading the wrong version. Make sure to replace the LibAsync folder with the newest (Elsweyr) version in the following mods. Replacing the one in PotionMa...
File: AwesomeGuildStore02/28/19
@ezchunka & @zool: You seem to be u...
Posted By: Thallassa
@ezchunka & @zool: You seem to be using an old version of MasterMerchant. Try to update it and the error should go away. If not, it may be a different addon that is causing it. It is some sort of potions anytime. Like this: http://funkyimg.com/i/2RSjr.png Essence of Weapon Crit. But AGS works fine with some guild traders (n...
File: AwesomeGuildStore02/27/19
Ghost wax!
Posted By: Thallassa
So this is a weird bug... (on version 1997 of AGS and latest releases of MM and Shopping List). I am seeing listings that do not exist. I am not sure if it is AGS or MM or Shopping List. https://i.imgur.com/JwDt5nD.png None of the listings in this screenshot exist. When I try to buy them I get "could not find specified listin...
File: AwesomeGuildStore02/27/19
filters not refreshing correctly
Posted By: Thallassa
version Filters not refreshing correctly bug ETA It seems to me maybe that AGS doesn't request new items when I click on anything but rather when it feels like it on a regular basis, and that is what is leading to the behavior I am struggling with. I would prefer if it didn't look for new items every six seconds...
File: Crafted Potions02/25/19
Wrathstone Update Error
Posted By: Thallassa
Oddly enough this is the only addon I've found with an error! Error occurs with only this addon enabled. Go to new guild store UI, and try to search any item category that contains potions, such as "all items" or "consumables". The UI continues to function normally in other views such as inventory. Such a neat little addon I hope...
File: No, thank you!02/25/19
Zone Guide
Posted By: Thallassa
I'm happy to report that this addon is still working for me after the update. I enabled all my addons at once and did get some lua errors but none of them were tied to NTY and NTY features worked correctly. I will continue to test tonight (particularly as daily rewards pop up since that is a pain point). I know that development o...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter06/16/18
mimic stones
Posted By: Thallassa
I was excited to see that mimic stone support had been added to a recent update. Finally tried it out for the first time... everything queued up just fine and it calculated prices correctly but it wouldn't craft. No auto craft, switched off auto-craft and tried triggering it manually and that didn't work either. The motif I was tryin...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter05/28/18
crafting cost/price
Posted By: Thallassa
It would be really nice if this addon could pull the mat price (or cost) from Master Merchant. So you queue up items and then it includes in the mat requirements the total value of all the mats that are required. Currently I use tinydog's crafting calculator or this spreadsheet to calculate costs, but it's a bit unwieldy to put in al...
File: Inventory Insight12/17/17
Tracking furnishing in houses?
Posted By: Thallassa
I love this addon! It seems that everything is tracked except one thing - furnishings I have placed in my houses. I've been known to buy things that I already had, or lose track of what I've placed. I'd find it really valuable if IIfA could show my furnishings and which house they were in (after visiting the houses once of course...
File: Ledger12/17/17
clockwork city
Posted By: Thallassa
After seeing the comment below mine I was worried that I wouldn't be able to use this mod, but I just installed it and it is working fine for me so far on the latest patch. No errors. I will update if i notice any problems :)