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File: Bandits User Interface02/13/19
Yesterday my comp shutdown due to p...
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Yesterday my comp shutdown due to power outage, when I relogged all my Bandit settings were reset. To prevent this happening again which file(s) should I backup - is it the Saved Variables folder? Yes SavedVariables contains settings of all add-ons. How can I get boss bars on my screen at all time (e.g. in vCR on side bosses there...
File: Bandits User Interface02/11/19
Can you make it compatible with Bet...
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Can you make it compatible with Better UI Gamepad Interface This add-ons will never works together. Because both are BUI.
File: Map Pins02/10/19
Re: Time Rift problem
Posted By: Hoft
I have the problem that the Time Rift icons disappear after they have been closed for my first character but now they dont show up at all for any more characters. Try to delete: Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\SavedVariables\MapPins.lua
File: Bandits User Interface02/10/19
Re: Mini map with Controller
Posted By: Hoft
Would it be possible to allow the mini map to work when using the controller UI? No. GamepadPreferredMode ingame map functions are local. Impossible to reach them. Just disable or use one of the other heavy and low performance minimaps... Disease and Physical are spelled wrong in the combat statistics window Wow. Ty!
File: Bandits Gear Manager02/09/19
the capability to give a name to th...
Posted By: Hoft
the capability to give a name to the set combination. Theme was closed. I can't figure out how to get the ui to show up. "Gear" button near ability bar or Settings>Controls but after restarting the game, how come my skills won't get changed anymore? Skills can not be changed when you are in combat. May be you get "bg bug". Try t...
File: Bandits User Interface02/07/19
Re: Interaction Button Font Size
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Now the question is - how can I increase it? By disabling Bandits UI should I remain not updated? Untill Wrathstone. And. New curved frames are awsome. Just update and use new version. Cant find target status in reticle after update RiP by ZoS is it possible to disable this function You can select frames style w/o this functio...
File: Map Pins02/02/19
Re: Time Breaches
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I am unable to see Time Rifts/Breaches anymore. Try to delete: Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\SavedVariables\MapPins.lua when she opens the map and looks at Filters it only shows Points of Interest, Wayshrines, and Group Members Add-on is not installed/enabled or blocked by other add-on. Some more points for 'A Book and Its...
File: Bandits User Interface02/01/19
Re: Surprise attack Action timer bug in german
Posted By: Hoft
Surprise Attack does not have an action timer Surprise Attack have two effects: - Major Fracture 30 sec - Major Resistance 6 sec And it is spam ability, that used at least once in 6 sec. No timer is needed. This picture pls help Group dmg report available: in group, for fights > 10 sec, at least one group mate have Bandits User...
File: Map Pins01/30/19
Re: request feature
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request feature map pins for this achievements "Great Indrik hunt" shrubs are spawns randomly, as I know.
File: Bandits User Interface01/28/19
Для от...
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Для отправки группового дпс в чат , жму ПКМ на значке , в стl...
File: Bandits Gear Manager01/27/19
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смена оружия не происходит Не встречал потребности в п ...
File: Bandits Gear Manager01/27/19
Re: Questions / Suggestions
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How do we add a collectible costume to the gear setup? I feel like I am overlooking something. The only way I have been able to do this is by adding the current setup to a gear set but can not drag and drop from the collectibles portion of my UI to the gear manager. Yes. Only using "Insert current". ZoS collectibles does not support...
File: Bandits User Interface01/25/19
Is there a way to move the little d...
Posted By: Hoft
Is there a way to move the little dps panel that's normally off center up top? It doesn't seem selectable for me in the move screen. Toggle ingame cursor ("." by default), then drag minimeter where you want. some compatibility with group lib socket for seeing raid player mana/stamina bars would be very cool Share stats to other B...
File: Map Pins01/24/19
I installed this with minion and th...
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I installed this with minion and the chest marker is not updating to show where i found chests with filter selection. Any ideas? Infact no doubt there is something wrong with it as it doesnt even show the icon for the chest in the filter just the tick box a blank space and the name "treasure chests" same for lore books and treasu...
File: Bandits User Interface01/22/19
I'm having a hard time figuring out...
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I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get my Action Bar Settings>Combat>Action Bar>Always show Im having issues with the map Settings>Bandits UI>Minimap>Disable
File: Bandits User Interface01/19/19
Re: Buffs
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Is there anyway to change the font size for buffs? Will be fixed later My issue is that I use Zygor's Leveling Guide... Disable it or minimap
File: Bandits User Interface01/18/19
Re: Disable Controller Help
Posted By: Hoft
minimap doesnt work with the controller UI, causing it to sit full screen. Yes. Just disable it. Is there a way you could integrate Advanced Disable Controller UI with your addon? What's the point? Use it as stand alone.
File: Bandits User Interface01/15/19
Re: Config menu gone
Posted By: Hoft
VotansAchievementsOvw/LibStub/LibStub/LibStub.lua Try to temporary remove VotansAchievementsOvw
File: Map Pins01/14/19
Re: Minimaps and Map Pins
Posted By: Hoft
Any suggestions on a good minimap to go with Map Pins? Map Pins have additional pin resize functions to work with Bandits User Interface Minimap events. But it is not only minimap, - it is complex interface add-on.
File: Bandits User Interface01/14/19
Re: Minimap
Posted By: Hoft
I have run into issues with the minimap showing the whole zone in almost a postage stamp size Settings>Bandits UI>Minimap>Zoom options if I make the mistake of clicking on the minimap it pops out to the zone... at that point I can't get it back to the dungeon Try to press "m" twice (open, close map). This action redraws minimap an...
File: Map Pins01/13/19
Re: issue
Posted By: Hoft
the skyskards, lorebooks and treasure maps are not shown in the map or in the minimap addon, is that normal or how can i fix it? Frequently asked questions: >I do not see some pins on my map. Check Add-on path.
File: Bandits User Interface01/10/19
Could any of you help me with this?...
Posted By: Hoft
Could any of you help me with this? Try to disable other interface add-ons. It must be so cler to understand... подскажите пожалуйста в каком файле...
File: Bandits User Interface01/10/19
Re: Re: Re: Dragon Curved Frame
Posted By: Hoft
Custom theme color в первом пункте меню добавить ползунок прозрачност&#...
File: Bandits User Interface01/08/19
Re: Dragon Curved Frame
Posted By: Hoft
For me to get back the dragon curved frame v.3.202 Пожалуйста добавьте параметр видимость(прозl...
File: Bandits User Interface01/07/19
Re: Good - but not good enough.
Posted By: Hoft
Some vanilla textures not replaced in general, which makes it look odd when using a flat theme. Add-on replaces only HUD frames textures. Default Player frames don't show numbers (unless you use the vanilla settings to do so). Yes. Settings for default frames are in ingame settings. And it is logical. Also if an addon is modifyin...