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File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)08/15/19
Re: New Issue
Posted By: KLISK
Now, question: where you write in the addon info "known incompatibilities" does that mean those two settings are incompatible when activated simultaneously or does it mean that each setting is on its own causing issues currently? I'd like to know if I have to disable BOTH or if just disabling one of those settings would be enough....
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)08/13/19
I know that it's currently suspende...
Posted By: KLISK
I know that it's currently suspended, but just want to let you know that it's not working correctly, at least for me, on the current patch. like, it's not getting correct item sometime, for example when I tried splitting stack of 200 soul gems with another stack of 14 soul gems, it just show the 14 stack instead of 200 stack an...
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)08/10/19
Re: UI crash when im login from another account
Posted By: KLISK
Too many anchors processed. Tail of anchor list: ZO_CraftBagList1Row58Highlight-> ZO_CraftBagList1Row58Status-> ZO_CraftBagList1Row58StatusTexture-> ZO_CraftBagList1Row58Button-> ZO_CraftBagList1Row58ButtonIcon See comments here
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)06/16/19
@ZoLatKam The problem is not even t...
Posted By: KLISK
@ZoLatKam The problem is not even the ZoS API, but the fact that ESO terribly slows down and lags in PVP, for me it is critical. I really like the game, but I do not intend to tolerate it!:mad: If ZoS is repaired, I will definitely come back!
File: QuickEmotes (work temporarily suspended)06/16/19
This I have an addon using that spo...
Posted By: KLISK
This I have an addon using that spot already is there going to be a way to change/move the placement here? Maybe even a keybind instead? Thanks! Is it really so hard to look in the settings?
File: GridList (work temporarily suspended)06/14/19
Re: To many acnhors
Posted By: KLISK
Hi there, is it possible that this addon is causing issues with other addons creating the error message to many anchors at login? It seems that way in my addon setup? Tx !! And just FYI GREAT addon :banana: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=2215#comments It happens if some controls get created or anchored a...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated (old Name: BETA)06/14/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Error Message
Posted By: KLISK
@Baertram Perhaps, but the error is only at the entrance to the world, in the future this error does not exist. Then this is an error of the ESO engine ...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated (old Name: BETA)06/14/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Error Message
Posted By: KLISK
No problem. Anchors are the edges of a control. It "anchors" to something so it will be in the right position. Like a marker texture anchors to the inventory row. Just FYI finally figured out who the culprit is: Gridlist :rolleyes: OH, cool. So using Gridlist and AF will show the anchor error after loading? Or anything else to do...
File: GridList (work temporarily suspended)06/07/19
@KLISK Ok, updated to 1.1.4 and go...
Posted By: KLISK
@KLISK Ok, updated to 1.1.4 and got outdated again... This time I have no clue what is going on... The gridlist.txt seems to be ok. Changing back to the old 1.1.3 still gives the outdated error even with the changed gridlist.txt... Maybe it has to do with the small update of ESO of the last days? The status of "outdated" in th...
File: QuickEmotes (work temporarily suspended)06/05/19
Great addon, for the gamepad users,...
Posted By: KLISK
Great addon, for the gamepad users, is there any way for the emote window to become focused and selectable by the gamepad controls? Currently, you have to press enter to bring up the mouse cursor and then select an emote. Thanks I'll see what i can do. But I promise nothing, I know little about the functions of the gamepad.
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)06/03/19
Hey, by any chance this is fixable?...
Posted By: KLISK
Hey, by any chance this is fixable? https://imgur.com/u2j5a2y When opening guild or friendlist these alliance/friend options seem to overlap with everything, and yes i know that it's probably because of UI scale and it's not supported but would highly appreciate if this could be "fixed" Contact the addon author who adds this item....
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)05/22/19
So sad to hear that you will probab...
Posted By: KLISK
So sad to hear that you will probably quit the game. I was kind of hoping for some nice improvments to the addon. For example the crown store section still needs tuning, but maybe that was because of Elsweyr patch, I didn't download the addon until yesterday. I love it tho! :) As you see on my picture, the Crown Store tabs is way too...
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)05/22/19
When a new release of your addons c...
Posted By: KLISK
When a new release of your addons compatible with the update 22? Пока не знаю, возможно сегодня. С выходом WoW Classic, мо...
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)05/17/19
Posted By: KLISK
Приветствую, спасибо автор за твой труд. Все замечатель ...
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)05/16/19
Hi, I'm having a problem with the g...
Posted By: KLISK
Hi, I'm having a problem with the gamepad mode. When I want to exit a menu (ex: inventory), a spell is launched (The exit menu button is the same as a spell), I do not have the problem when this addon is inactive. This addon is not designed to play with a gamepad. Moreover, I am pursuing a completely opposite goal.
File: Lazy Confirm05/12/19
I think you need to add a custom ti...
Posted By: KLISK
I think you need to add a custom timer for the confirmation button. This will prevent accidental pressing and at the same time perform its main function.
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)05/12/19
Re: Crown Store tabs seem to be missing.
Posted By: KLISK
@Jhenox Thank you for report. try v0.10.42 In fact, because of the incredibly wretched code of the ESO, there are such jambs.:mad: How does replacing the ZO_SimpleSceneFragment with the ZO_FadeSceneFragment fragment that I add to the inventory scene affect the CrownStore scene !? And such nonsense is found everywhere, it seems th...
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)05/10/19
The new code for compatibility with...
Posted By: KLISK
The new code for compatibility with CS doesn't work properly, at least with enchanter scene. what exactly is wrong? https://imgur.com/a/8Wv1xzw https://imgur.com/a/plTKJ6X Hmm ... strange, everything is hidden in me. Ok, I'll check what the problem is. Mate, the old code works fine (v. 0.10.3). That option causes problems fo...
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)05/07/19
v_0.10.34 https://i.imgur.com/7bz0...
Posted By: KLISK
v_0.10.34 https://i.imgur.com/7bz0Sby.jpg
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)05/06/19
Re: wishes
Posted By: KLISK
Sadly this does not work with ItemPreview by Shinni. you can still preview items from vendors, just not items in inventory. Settings>PP>Inventory Scene>Do not rotate the camera>OFF
File: GridList (work temporarily suspended)05/02/19
Re: Awesome
Posted By: KLISK
@zahari'dar Great comment, thanks.:)
File: MarkPledges (work temporarily suspended)05/01/19
This is a BUI problem. Look in the...
Posted By: KLISK
This is a BUI problem. Look in the comments, they wrote something to disable. Even with that option in BUI disabled, it still has this "Auto confirm" checkbox. Could you move those two icons a few pixels up, please? Ok
File: GridList (work temporarily suspended)04/30/19
Re: Beta version vs release version
Posted By: KLISK
Is this version replacing the release version so we should all switch? Or will the beta version be updated still and test new features before being released in this version? And will beta version always be at least on par with the release version? Previous version removed.
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)04/30/19
@Akopian Atrebates you can still...
Posted By: KLISK
@Akopian Atrebates you can still use CraftStore, just some items will not be hidden. Maybe later I'll think of something.
File: PerfectPixel (work temporarily suspended)04/29/19
Aren't they needed anymore, or did...
Posted By: KLISK
Aren't they needed anymore, or did they cause problems and you removed them to fix them? IGV - for me, it works very badly (in terms of performance). Compatibility was added only due to the absence of an alternative. CS - there are always some problems with him, it is not clear how the author hides the elements altogether.