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File: No Interact07/12/21
4 people complained today about companions ...
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They hadn't heard of No Interact, so I let them know. They said you just saved Bastians life :D I heartily agree. I like the setup - nice and easy to get going, and that the settings are then common to all characters. I was afraid I would have to set it all up for each character. This was dead easy, and works just as I wanted it t...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter02/07/21
Guild Bank support for provisioning writs
Posted By: TrelliumTB
This add-on works well for the provisioning writs, when it auto-withdraws the items from the bank. We use a guild bank that is shared between members, and it contains the provisioning items. Could this be upgraded to withdraw the writ items from a guild bank rather than the personal bank? Thanks very much for this add-on!