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File: Combat Cloud (Discontinued)03/27/15
Re: Overlapping numbers
Posted By: Benek
Im constantly getting numbers overlapping each other, to the point that its totally unreadable. Is there a solution to this? Ive switched to scroll animation, in hopes that it would just scroll one value after the next, but it also overlaps them here too. A good example is if you have HoTs ticking on group members, and a DoT ti...
File: Combat Cloud (Discontinued)03/23/15
Hello, first of all thanks for t...
Posted By: Benek
Hello, first of all thanks for the great work already done :) I have a question whether is it possible to make separate frame for CC states (stuns etc.) right now they are within incoming/outgoing frames and I would like to be able to move'em somewhere else. Would be also goood if you could choose in which frame the incoming stuns...
File: Harven's All Experience Bars05/14/14
Looks good, gonna test it at home....
Posted By: Benek
Looks good, gonna test it at home. BTW I've been looking for an addon that will display alliance points bar on hud, if its with lvl and rank even better. Can you do smth like this ? I ask coz I suppose you can use what you already did to show different bar ? I think about smth similar to this one but for AP: http://www.esoui.com/...
File: Slightly Improvedô Experience Bar04/17/14
Can you make similar addon for Alliance Point bar + AP gain on screen
Posted By: Benek
Can you make similar addon for Alliance Points bar + AP gain on screen ? I think some pvpers would like it as currently only way to see AP on screen is to use FTC which is no go for me or use CLS to filter only AP thats what I do. I would love to see a bar similar to EXP in the other upper corner with AP :banana: