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File: Grim Focus Counter10/11/19
Thank you for this - it's a tiny, b...
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Thank you for this - it's a tiny, but very practical addon that's made Relentless Focus far more useful in my nightblade's rotation. Possible options for future - note that none of this is necessary, but some of it might be fun or useful: Show & hide the reticule when "Show" or "Hide" is clicked in Settings It would help to al...
File: Unknown Tracker (Motifs/Recipes/Furnishings/Stylepages/Runeboxes)08/02/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Chat Spam!
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I'm having a similar problem, involving Crown Crafting Motifs - I get error messages for one of my characters, who knows the following motifs: UnknownTracker: Motif no info 64544 UnknownTracker: Motif no info 64543 UnknownTracker: Motif no info 64548 If I can provide additional info, let me know. yw glad it worked ! Tha...