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File: Dressing Room for Stonethorn06/11/20
Question about cross servers NA/EU
Posted By: graybear
Does this track different servers with characters of the same name. ie toon1 on NA and toon1 on EU does this keep their settings separate and change to the correct set based on name and server?
File: Unknown Tracker (Stylepages/Motifs/Recipes/Furnishings/Runeboxes/Gear)10/02/19
Thanks for this great addon. It wo...
Posted By: graybear
Thanks for this great addon. It works very well on everything except guild stores for me. The marking icon does not show in the guild store, the tool tip shows that the info is there, but no marking icon shows up on the item list. Ran with no other addons except the needed libs. same problem. ran with left, right and corner and...
File: Master Merchant08/27/19
my guild listing for items for sale
Posted By: graybear
Seems to be missing the price range indicator on my listing on items for sale, other than that it appears to be working fine for me. Any update on when the listing for items I am selling will have the price range indicator fixed?
File: Master Merchant03/28/19
consolidated guild sales & standing screen
Posted By: graybear
First off I want to thank you for a great add on, not sure if I would be playing the game without this, I definitely would not be trading without it. I can't seem to find the above mentioned screen anymore, I believe it is broken but I'm not sure as I did not see any mention of it in posts which I did screen before posting. Any...