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File: Circonians MyStatus10/18/21
really love this addon since it´s s...
Posted By: mrx2015
really love this addon since it´s so easy to change status. will it be updated ? i always get this annoying message when activated now: THIS LIBRARY IS OBSOLETE AND WILL BE DISABLED AT 2021-12! Normal addon users: Check your addons for the usage of 'LibLoadedAddons' (search the addon's txt file for '## DependsOn: LibLoadedAddons...
File: Time To Heal03/07/21
seems not being updated...Settings...
Posted By: mrx2015
seems not being updated...Settings won´t show up . not possible to change anything. Update would be nice since it´s an helpful addon. :)
File: SquishyFinder01/31/21
Posted By: mrx2015
sadly your addon needs LibStub which won´t be updated any longer. hope you find a good solution for that since the addon sounds pretty nice:p
File: SkyShards05/21/19
same problem. after today update it...
Posted By: mrx2015
same problem. after today update it always says LipMapPing and LipGPS missing BUT they are there. even with minion installation same error. Skyshards still missing those two dependencies. please update !
File: TBag Counter04/19/18
:mad: well.. worst and most useless...
Posted By: mrx2015
:mad: well.. worst and most useless addon ever. tbagging is NOT a sign of showing respect. not sure who made you think so . it has some sexual backgrounds and we really do NOT need that in ESO. do something usefull pld. thx and good luck with your maybe next addon.
File: Shissu's Guild Tools08/15/15
Gruppeneinladung nicht möglich
Posted By: mrx2015
Gruppeneinladung über Gildenliste geht nicht mehr. es erscheint jedesmal die Meldung " Es wurde kein Spieler mit dem Namen X gefunden" der name bezieht sich auf den Spielernamen , nicht auf den Acc. Namen. In der Fehlermeldung erscheint jedesmal der Spielername, nicht der Acc. Name ! Wir haben das mit mehreren Leuten versucht, überal...
File: Thurisaz Guild Info03/03/15
enormous stuttering
Posted By: mrx2015
newest version causes a lot of stuttering all the time. :o every 2 seconds the game hangs. absolutely not playable this way. german client. hope it will work with a later 1.6 version
File: Destinations01/22/15
no Activate key anymore
Posted By: mrx2015
activating key doesn´t work anymore. for example usaing a wayshrine. just stays grey and not possible to tp somewhere. . after changing back to older version everything is fine. german client