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File: LibAsync07/24/20
What older ver. to get so the error won't pop ?
Posted By: Eagleheart
I'm about to install Votans Minimap & good that came to look at comments before installing LibAsync. @Desertforce do you know what ver. to install so error won't pop & where to find it ? Wish Good weekend to author & fans. Kindly: Fedaygin
File: Bandits User Interface07/23/20
Can't Decide.. :(
Posted By: Eagleheart
Saw vid earlier today about this & kinda leaning towards this cause of it having the diff. crosshair color depending on status & buffs duration tracker etc. Using Azurah Enhanced UI atm. & it keeps deactiving the unitframes at times after logout. Should replace it with this ? Kindly: ESO Subber & supporter since beta days & sharin...
File: Info Panel07/31/19
Can't see Panel with FPS, Latency & others.
Posted By: Eagleheart
I've edited what wanna see at Info Panel's settings, but Panel itself not showing up on screen. What to do ? I saw reply to similar post that must have Eso's own Fps enabled, but from where as i don't see it in settings.. Wish you good rest of the year & big thanks for this fine addon :) I don't use addons that simplify Char prog...