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File: Bandits User Interface10/26/19
Endless Hail timer
Posted By: Kyzeragon
Endless Hail no longer needs to have 2 seconds cast time added for the timer since it's included in the tooltip now: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/591319352712626199/637815907531489301/unknown.png local _,progressionIndex=GetAbilityProgressionXPInfoFromAbilityId(38689) --Endless Hail for rank=0,2 do for morph=1,4 do...
File: RaidNotifier Updated09/14/19
A couple of us had RN addon crash p...
Posted By: Kyzeragon
A couple of us had RN addon crash popups in vCR+1 tonight at the same time with the current version. I couldn't dismiss the error enough times to get rid of it. I had to remove the addon to complete. This happened on main boss after defeating 2 side minis. Occurs when voltaic overload countdown ends: user:/AddOns/RaidNotifie...
File: CraftStore Dragonhold08/25/19
That feature was always intended as...
Posted By: Kyzeragon
That feature was always intended as a quick way of making some; few people need to make exactly everything they can of one item. I've changed it to 10. Thank you very much :D now if only I could uncook all these potatoes lmao https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468836797305061382/612200321803878401/unknown.png
File: WPamA (What Pledges at my Alts)08/25/19
Played time?
Posted By: Kyzeragon
Hi, have you considered adding a column (maybe in Miscellaneous) for amount of time played, like from /played command?
File: Bandits User Interface08/24/19
CP Presets
Posted By: Kyzeragon
Suggestion: could the CP presets be listed in alphabetical order? It would be a lot more organized that way.
File: Asylum Tracker06/10/19
Posted By: Kyzeragon
*Wonders who Gary is...* :D if HashString(AsylumTracker.displayName) == 1325046754 then targetName = "Gary" end
File: Essential Housing Tools06/03/19
Posted By: Kyzeragon
PSA: I believe /resetdummy is causing target skeletons to disappear, due to some error on ZOS' side. I lost my Precursor dummy last week, and it definitely wasn't in any of my inventories, submitted a ticket to ZOS. A friend had the Iron Atronach dummy disappear a few days ago, and she also uses /resetdummy. ZOS promptly replied t...
File: Bandits User Interface02/21/19
Error on non-player deaths
Posted By: Kyzeragon
This has been an issue for many versions but I always forgot to report it, get reminded every time there's an update that breaks my fix :P Reproducible every time adds are still up at a dolmen but the pinion gets closed, and in some other cases too. Adding a nil check for accname works fine. user:/AddOns/BanditsUserInterface/BUI_...
File: AlphaGear 201/20/19
Profiles rename bug
Posted By: Kyzeragon
I love the idea of the profiles! I can finally have multiple pages for stuff like healing vs dps. Some weird things happen when renaming profiles though... after renaming, clicking on the previous profiles all give the same profile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWiGleL10QM
File: Bandits User Interface12/24/18
Loving the new countdown timer. Exc...
Posted By: Kyzeragon
Loving the new countdown timer. Exception during interrupt though: user:/AddOns/BanditsUserInterface/BUI_OnScreen.lua:1217: operator / is not supported for string / number stack traceback: user:/AddOns/BanditsUserInterface/BUI_OnScreen.lua:1217: in function 'OnInterrupt'
File: Refinement Tracker10/23/18
Re: :(
Posted By: Kyzeragon
Haven't gotten around enough to test again with jc dust but was just doing a small amount of rubedite ore about 250... Got 2 tempers and only 1 of them was noticed by the addon. Love the idea of the addon but if it's not picking up all the materials gained then all the data it's saving is bad. Not sure if it's because I'm using...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter10/22/18
Refresh button malfunction
Posted By: Kyzeragon
The refresh button appears to add the materials needed for the item, rather than refreshing. Results of clicking multiple times: https://i.imgur.com/aocBFcZ.png
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter10/22/18
Auto-using writ loot
Posted By: Kyzeragon
I'm not sure if this is because I deleted variables when reinstalling (I didn't see a setting for it), but after I updated today I noticed that when auto-looting the writ reward containers, it also attempts to use the items like recipes and surveys - ended up learning a recipe on a non-crafter, and the survey map popped onto my scree...
File: Refinement Tracker10/22/18
Tried removing everything but this...
Posted By: Kyzeragon
Tried removing everything but this mod from my mods folder and this si what i get: Fixed, I was initializing a library wrongly, but it wasn't noticeable when other addons initialized it first probably. Can you make the window and icons bigger? I'll do this eventually. Will have to rewrite stuff because I had no idea about UI...
File: Refinement Tracker09/18/18
Re: Is there a quick personal code tweak I can make to enlarge the text/frame?
Posted By: Kyzeragon
I use a rather low GUI scale to help with my FOV so some addon text is a bit small w/o an in-addon setting. Can you just point me to the section(s) of code and I'll just make some personal edits? Thanks I'm not at my personal computer currently, but it's also not an easy change. Window scale is on my to-do list. It's current...
File: Lui Extended09/17/18
Group/Raid Frames
Posted By: Kyzeragon
The raid unit frames tooltip claims that "If custom group frames are unused, then this raid frame will also be used for small groups" but this doesn't seem to be the case currently, the logic isn't there. Was it disabled intentionally because of some problem? These edits seems to work so far though. UnitFrames.lua: line 2969...
File: Refinement Tracker09/17/18
Re: resetting the statistics to 0
Posted By: Kyzeragon
Can the results be reset so I can track how much I am getting from different sessions. I save my mats and am a stat nerd. Want to know how many I am getting for a 2k stack and then want to reset it before I start another 2k stack.... makes sense? Sure, I'll work on it later.
File: Refinement Tracker09/04/18
Fixed, sorry, first addon :D
Posted By: Kyzeragon
Fixed, sorry, first addon :D