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File: Action Duration Reminder09/13/19
I've uploaded v3.3.2 in which two m...
Posted By: Lelldorano
I've uploaded v3.3.2 in which two mem-eating bugs have been fixed. But I'm not sure whether the FPS issue has been resolved because I still didn't encounter FPS problem. Thanks the performance issue with blood altar appears to have been fixed with this version.
File: Action Duration Reminder09/11/19
Posted By: Lelldorano
Tried the new update but still having performance issues, maybe not as bad ? Testing on overland dragons with a DK tank. Had to go back to 3.2.1 again.
File: Action Duration Reminder09/08/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: FPS Drops
Posted By: Lelldorano
What about 3.2.1? It is same with 3.1.30 except dependencies. 3.2.1 Works fine for me, anything after that though is very laggy and I don't know why. I can confirm that the latest version of ADR freezes the game very noticeably when casting abilities. Not every time, the freeze seems more pronounced when casting an ability whic...
File: Alchemist (Continued by Koenari)07/05/19
Posted By: Lelldorano
It would not work for me with or without Potion Maker on a character that hasn't done alchemy yet. The box said "No discoveries available". Then when closing and reopening the alchemy bench I got the error: 'Dragon's Bile' is not a valid reagent. stack traceback: : in function 'assert' user:/AddOns/Alchemist/Alchemist/Inventory...
File: Undaunted Daily03/06/19
Posted By: Lelldorano
Hi any chance of getting this updated for the new dlc rotation ? I do use WPamA but like this one too for the commands.
File: Mass Deconstructor02/26/19
Since the update this morning when...
Posted By: Lelldorano
Since the update this morning when I go to a crafting station, I dont' see the buttons at the bottom for mass refine and mass deconstruct. Have tried to uninstall and reinstall. Second this, is it working for anyone ?
File: Inventory Grid View02/14/19
Posted By: Lelldorano
Hi I was wondering if there is anything that can be done about the performance when using this addon. When opening my inventory or bank there is a big pause and scrolling with mouse wheel causes the fps to drop to single digits. Scrolling by grabbing the scroll bar is nearly impossible as it makes the whole game just freeze. I hav...