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File: Lui Extended06/29/20
add-on is dead here too... everyth...
Posted By: lohworm
add-on is dead here too... everything seems OK in the folders and libs but it doesn't appear in settings... and no UI... user:/AddOns/LuiExtended/Initialize.lua:92: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/LuiExtended/Initialize.lua:92: in function 'OnAddonOnLoaded' Done that : - If you receive the error...
File: pChat11/06/17
Hello ! Some options (combined ?...
Posted By: lohworm
Hello ! Some options (combined ?) leads to the logout confirmation popup staying on screen, even after confirmation (by clicking 'yes' as using the 'E' confirmation key), leading to an apparent infinite logout (in fact, very very long process) If - save history on logout - save history on disconnect are both off, everything...
File: AI Research Grid08/19/17
lag spike on enemy's death
Posted By: lohworm
I was having an issue where I was getting a massive lag spike the moment any enemy died and figured out it was an addon that was causing it when I tried disabling all of my addons and the problem went away. Through process of elimination I figured out that this addon is causing all my problems. I've tried running all my addons e...
File: Binder (Updated)08/16/17
Has anyone else been having issues...
Posted By: lohworm
Has anyone else been having issues with the game crashing on char load when using binder's auto function? since tonight's patch : yes...infinite loading screen after character selection...
File: FCO ItemSaver06/30/16
Hello, Same problem here with Aw...
Posted By: lohworm
Hello, Same problem here with Awesome Guild Store and Skyshards. Solved with the same trick...
File: ESOTheater03/16/16
FR emotes are gone !
Posted By: lohworm
Hello ! French localisation file is actually filled with german translations !! ^^
File: FCO ItemSaver11/02/15
Oh, thanks for such a fast reply !...
Posted By: lohworm
Oh, thanks for such a fast reply ! :)
File: FCO ItemSaver11/02/15
Error with new patch (Orsinium)
Posted By: lohworm
Hello, Here is the error message : user:/AddOns/FCOItemSaver/libs/LibMainMenu-2.0/LibMainMenu-2.0.lua:12: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/FCOItemSaver/libs/LibMainMenu-2.0/LibMainMenu-2.0.lua:12: in function '(anonymous)' Any idea or advice ? Thanks, lohworm