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File: Combat Reticle11/07/17
CW / CCW rotation
Posted By: UncleJosephS
Hi, Since the last major patch it seems that whenever a CW / CCW rotation is set for any object, it also triggers a transparency sine animation. What is odd, is that this is separate from the regular - manually set - transparency sine, so you can set it to have both of those up. Anyways, seems like a bug in CC / CCW rotation that c...
File: Binder (Updated)11/07/17
Has anyone else been having issues...
Posted By: UncleJosephS
Has anyone else been having issues with the game crashing on char load when using binder's auto function? since tonight's patch : yes...infinite loading screen after character selection... Yeah, same issue here. I have managed to identify the part that's causing the error - it's the /binder auto function. If it's off, the issue...