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File: Destinations02/12/18
Re: Not working after update 17
Posted By: wacko1
I love this add-on. I'll be lost without it. Wondering if it will be updated to work with update 17? update 17 it still works but there isnt a single quest giver shown in morrowind or dailies in cwc, so a update would be nice
File: Ravalox' Quest Tracker02/12/18
i would like to ask for a feature t...
Posted By: wacko1
i would like to ask for a feature to be able hide certain quest in the tracker if this is even possible. like right click a quest in the quest journal and show/hide in quest tracker. and a update would be nice so it doesnt show out of date anymore ( ocd kicks in ;-) )
File: QuickSettings02/12/18
Dragon Bones DLC: user:/AddOns/Q...
Posted By: wacko1
Dragon Bones DLC: user:/AddOns/QuickSettings/QuickSettings.lua:51: table index is nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/QuickSettings/QuickSettings.lua:51: in function '(main chunk)' yes same problem hope its a fast and easy fix . great little addon