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File: Alchemist (Continued by Koenari)07/07/19
Those wikis...
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All fixed in 166.5. Finally gave up on wikis and did everything with in-game info
File: Alchemist (Continued by Koenari)07/06/19
It's now on friendly terms with dra...
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It's now on friendly terms with dragon stuff :cool: Apparently you have to be very careful on what wiki you use since they are not all up to date :mad: The current version is based on http://benevolentbowd.ca/games/esotu/eso-alchemy-reagents-solvents-recipes/ And I tried to test everything in-game, but I'm relatively new to ESO so...
File: Alchemist (Continued by Koenari)07/05/19
Update is on the way
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heya Koenari I just got this when I installed your addon: Trait 'Breach' is NOT in our list of traits for reagent 'Beetle Scuttle'. Please leaeve a comment on esoui.com with this error. hth? First of all thank you very much for actually commenting. This actually helps a lot :) I've looked into it and I had missed some rena...