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File: Action Duration Reminder09/15/19
Warden's Subterranean Assault
Posted By: BoDiddles
Hi there! Love the addon. I'm having trouble with the Stam Warden's Subterranean Assault spell. With minimum display down below 3 seconds, I can see the 3 second countdown to the scarab explosion, but afterwards, the timer is stuck watching the Major Fracture it applies to the enemy target. I can't figure out the blacklisting command...
File: Alchemist (Continued by Koenari)07/06/19
Because the addon told me to
Posted By: BoDiddles
Trait 'Weapon Critical' is NOT in our list of traits for reagent 'Dragonthorn'. Please leaeve a comment on esoui.com with this error. stack traceback: : in function 'assert' user:/AddOns/Alchemist/Alchemist/Inventory.lua:403: in function 'Inventory:add_reagent' user:/AddOns/Alchemist/Alchemist/Inventory.lua:454: in function 'Inve...