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File: Quest Map02/09/19
Re: Re: Re: Vvardenfell Points
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Hi, thanks for collecting/uploading the data. I have time this weekend to look at it and update the add-on. Sorry for the delay, I'm still quite busy and haven't played ESO in a long time :/ I'm not quite ready, takes a little bit longer since I haven't updated it in a long time. I'll work on it this week and should be ready for t...
File: Zygor Guides ESO Leveling Guide (Community)12/31/18
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Hello, everyone! I've updated the Addon. You should see overall performance improvements especially related to the map. This is a big update, but by no means the final. Think of it as a big part 1. First of all please let me thank you for creating such a great guide in fact you have actually done way better than Zygor,finally no lag...
File: ESO-Database.com Export AddOn08/16/18
error on loading
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Hey first of all let me thank you for a great addon but since the most recent update i get the following error user:/AddOns/ESODBExport/ESODBExport.lua:9051: number expected for loop variables stack traceback: user:/AddOns/ESODBExport/ESODBExport.lua:9051: in function 'ExportLoreBookList' |caaaaaa categoryIndex = 2, _ =...
File: CookeryWiz07/21/18
Re: New Version
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Hi everyone, Thanks for you patience. The error with the addon was due to the Water Stained Psijic Recipe. The game API reports information about it that is invalid. I have worked around that and updated the recipe list. I do not have the above recipe so cannot really test that it is a-ok.. I am sure someone will let me know if...
File: FCM Quest Tracker06/10/18
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Thanks excellent happy gaming
File: FCM Quest Tracker06/10/18
cant move window
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Hey first of all let me thank you for a great addon,unfortunately there is no setting in the settings for moving the quest log around,quest window around ive looked in all the options but none seem to be there meaning the quest log is in the middle of the screen do you have a fix for this or how can it be moved thanks again for a gre...
File: Quest Map05/30/18
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Are there any other addons that do this? Would love to have an update for Summerset :) thanks! As of two months ago, this addon barely supported the Orsinum DLC. At that rate of updating, you wouldn't have seen Summerset support until sometime in 2021. This addon needs to be moved into the Discontinued and Outdated section until s...