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File: Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker11/25/18
Hey, first I have to say I love the...
Posted By: AgnarUrthadar
Hey, first I have to say I love the addon, but there's one thing I feel it's missing. Mainly ability to make auras look like cast bar, smaller icon text over the bar. Were you thinking of adding that ability? Or maybe it's been done somewhere and I'm unable to find it?
File: Urich's Hireling Timer06/26/18
Hey, is there possibility to add no...
Posted By: AgnarUrthadar
Hey, is there possibility to add notifications when I'm logged in on another character and it finishes countdown also one reminder when I login that just says the timers went out while I wasn't logged in? (think like CraftStore reminders/notifications)
File: Thief Tools06/05/18
So I've noticed a bug https://cdn...
Posted By: AgnarUrthadar
So I've noticed a bug https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/128900525801340928/453598965842313216/unknown.png Would be nice to have it fixed ;)
File: Untaunted01/01/17
Latest update
Posted By: AgnarUrthadar
Hello, in latest update I saw that there's feature that is missing from untaunted, it no longer shows mouse over enemy in untaunted UI. Is there a fix for it?