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File: Lost Treasure08/18/19
Try this: ... Cool, a couple...
Posted By: votan
Try this: ... Cool, a couple questions (not really familiar with LUA or ESO api): 1. why did my workaround matching on "rawName" work for French version but not German? 2. do you gain efficiency by removing one level of nested "for" loop in favour of preparing and using "treasures" lookup? 1. Did not check why. Maybe some...
File: Lost Treasure08/18/19
dont work for the german client and...
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dont work for the german client and version. Try this: if LT.dirtyPins then local treasures = nil local bagCache = SHARED_INVENTORY:GetOrCreateBagCache(BAG_BACKPACK) for slotIndex, itemData in pairs(bagCache) do if itemData.itemType == ITEMTYPE_TROPHY then treasures = treasures or {}...
File: Votan's Adaptive (Video-)Settings08/17/19
Re: compatible with
Posted By: votan
Hi, do this addson not compatible with "BanditUI Info Panel"? I enable them both but it seems like this adds get override by "BanditUI Info Panel". viewdistance not showing. https://ibb.co/DkrL4zw If you mean "Info Panel" from @Hoft: Exactly. The view distance conflicts with it. I offered an API to be able to add it to Info Pa...
File: Votan's Map Pin Colors08/16/19
Re: Group / Party Member Colors
Posted By: votan
We can change our (Player) color but is it possible to change the color of the Crown and Group members on the map as well? So many white icons getting lost in a sea of white icons. I was able to change them on the mini maps, just wondering about the larger map as well. Thanks for the consideration. You mean this: Votan's Group Pins?
File: MultiCraft - And All08/15/19
Re: Multicraft future…
Posted By: votan
Feel free to let me know what you think. Cheers, N'Tak' There are a few things, which came into my mind. the multicraft auto switches to maximum for refinement, and resets after execution. It may should remember the choosen value. For creation the multicraft value is shared accoss the big three stations. If you craft two sword...
File: Votan's Minimap08/14/19
I'm also crashing ESO every time I...
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I'm also crashing ESO every time I try to adjust the Mounted Zoom Scale. So it does seem to affect all, or at least several, settings. Is it version 1.6.2 or was it version 1.6.1?
File: Rare Fish Tracker08/12/19
Re: Bal Foyen Not working correctly?
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My tracker not working in Bal Foyen, nothing shows in the list to track? TIA QM Bal Foyen and Betnikh do not count for a long time already. 6 areas like AD, only.
File: Bait Counter08/10/19
Re: Incompatibilities
Posted By: votan
This addon doesn't work if any of the following addons are enabled: Countess Quester NTak Loot'n'Steal No Interact No, thank you! Would it be possible to make this addon compatible with all of them? Thanks. Yes, I check that.
File: LibEnchantingStation08/09/19
yay! Enchant Maker similar to Potio...
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yay! Enchant Maker similar to Potion, inc? hm? Ehm, no? Just the lib QuickEnchanter will need for the next update.
File: Votan's Fisherman08/08/19
Re: Question & Request?
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Hello, Votan! I hope you're doing well. I have a question and a request. Question: I can't turn the "Show/Hide Rare Fish Tracker" on under the Extras in the settings. Any idea why? Sorry if it's a dumb question. Do I have to have the "Rare Fish Tracker" addon you worked on with katkat42? I don't see anything on this addon's de...
File: Votan's Improved Quests08/04/19
Would it be possible to add an opti...
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Would it be possible to add an option to list intro/precursor quests for expansions/DLCs into its own category? This addon just used information from game API. No additional data. So: Currently not. Considering you don't want PMs: Correct :) wouldn't the concept of this addon also work for improved map filters? Currently I c...
File: Votan's Improved Locations08/02/19
Re: Version?
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Hi, Minion says "Unknown Version Supported"!? Regards, Snakefish try again, please.
File: Votan's Addon List08/01/19
tnx for the mod. but, i've see the...
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tnx for the mod. but, i've see there is an update in change log (1.6.3) but.. there isn't the file? i'm right? huh? Of course. :confused:
File: Votan's Keybinder08/01/19
Re: New characters no binds
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Hi. All my characters since Elsweyr don't have the keybinds set up. Even new keybinds don't bind. Can I fix it? https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/comment/5612159/#Comment_5612159 https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/comment/6240837
File: Circonians WaypointIt07/26/19
Is this unfixable? If the newest v...
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Is this unfixable? If the newest version of EHT and it's settings does not fix it. @Cardinal05 did change something for you.
File: Votan's Keybinder07/22/19
First off, thanks for all the work...
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First off, thanks for all the work with ESO add-ons. One of the many reasons I love the game is the hard work put in by its community. I use Minion to keep things up to date, but recently started getting the following message and wondered if someone might help. CreateControlFromVirtual failed. ControlName, ParentName, VirtualN...
File: Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)07/20/19
Re: Re: You seem to have stepped on some code.
Posted By: votan
When doing a daily crafting writ that calls for a poison to be made there are no choices returned for the requested item. If a potion is required the selection list is presented. I am guessing but it may be in the auto-select potion/poison piece of code. Still works great for everything else. Thanks for the effort to make out craf...
File: Votan's Settings Menu07/19/19
Re: Re: Re: Thank you votan!
Posted By: votan
votan, I am curious about LUA scripting. Any suggestions on where a newbie can read up about LUA and ESO addons? And, do you have a favorite development environment (IDE)? Cheers! https://wiki.esoui.com/SimpleNotebookTutorial/part1 https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info934-HelloWorld.html https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info20...
File: Votan's Settings Menu07/18/19
Re: Thank you votan!
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Your add-ons are great! Using so many of them I wasn't sure where to post a thank-you, so picked this one. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated by me (and many others judging from the download stats). Is there a way to send you a donation? Got to keep fed and hydrated as you work the magic LOL. Cheers and thanks again!...
File: Votan's Settings Menu07/18/19
I updated my addon I have a little...
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I updated my addon I have a little addon problem v addon info you have screensavers how to addon look, more precisely i am about number 2 Screenshots and i'm but i don't but my addon looks like this: see picture https://i.postimg.cc/bDrbdv10/Screenshot-20190717-211836.jpg so I don't know whether it is so flat or it is an addo...
File: SkyShards07/16/19
Re: Re: Re: Please Help
Posted By: votan
I have the addon and all other required addons installed in the correct folder but it still wont work and im not sure why What exactly is "not working"? Still disabled or no icons? Is there a filter for Skyshards in the map filter tab? There's nothing it's showing up as yellow in my add-ons in game and the skyshard show no notic...
File: Votan's Minimap07/14/19
Re: Border pins?
Posted By: votan
there is an other minimap addon which has that functionality but that addon kills performance You see. ;) No. :)
File: Votan's Minimap07/12/19
my minimap is showing in the middle...
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my minimap is showing in the middle of the screen :( what can I do? and how can I put to show the treasures? You drag-move the window with the title- and/or bottom-bar. If this is not possible: You can can not move the window in gamepad mode or you locked it in the settings. The minimap shows all pins the world map does. In orde...
File: SkyShards07/11/19
Re: Please Help
Posted By: votan
I have the addon and all other required addons installed in the correct folder but it still wont work and im not sure why What exactly is "not working"? Still disabled or no icons? Is there a filter for Skyshards in the map filter tab?
File: Circonians WaypointIt07/10/19
There seems to be some kind of clas...
Posted By: votan
There seems to be some kind of clash between Essential Housing Tools and Waypointit. Whenever I'm in one of my houses while in a group, I keep getting the message "waypoint set" repeated every few seconds. When a member of my group is also in house with me, this even causes brief pauses in the game (and I'm on a powerful c...