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File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter10/22/18
Re: Auto-using writ loot
Posted By: Viligumi
I'm not sure if this is because I deleted variables when reinstalling (I didn't see a setting for it), but after I updated today I noticed that when auto-looting the writ reward containers, it also attempts to use the items like recipes and surveys - ended up learning a recipe on a non-crafter, and the survey map popped onto my scree...
File: Scholar05/25/18
Will you be updating this wonderful...
Posted By: Viligumi
Will you be updating this wonderful addon to support jewelcrafting? The original Harven's or this one are the ones I always expect to see in any listing of "must have Eso addons". Eso will not be the same without it :(
File: Harven's Research Timers05/25/18
Summerset patch and jewelcrafting h...
Posted By: Viligumi
Summerset patch and jewelcrafting have messed up the timers. Any time a jewelcraft research is going on, random timers are removed. I really hope you still have time and will to check if this could be fixed. This mod just makes life in Eso so much more organized. Edit: It's come to my attention that the issue mentioned above proba...